Charity Commission Registration Number: 504029

Gift Aid Declaration

Please fill in your name and address, print it out, sign it and return it to the Treasurer:
Mr Giles Bowring, Lawkland Hall, Austwick LA2 8AT

I (Enter Full Name)


Post Code

Wish the North Craven Heritage Trust to treat all donations I make from the date of this declaration until I notify otherwise as Gift Aid donations.

I confirm that I am a taxpayer.



I note that I should tell the North Craven Heritage Trust if in any tax year I do not pay an amount of tax that at least equals the tax reclaimable on these donations.

Please detach

Further notes
The benefit of Gift Aid to NCHT is that we are able to re-claim the tax (at basic rate) paid by the member on the value of his/her subscription. The member MUST be a taxpayer for them to be able to sign a Gift Aid form.

As far as the member is concerned their individual tax position remains unaltered unless they pay tax at something higher than the basic rate, in which case they actually receive a credit on their tax assessment (i.e. they are better off) for the difference between the basic rate and the rate at which they have to pay tax. The self-assessment tax return, which we all do these days, has a section, which asks for details of any Gift Aid made during the year, and the individual tax payment needs to list his/her subscription to the NCHT in that section, if they have signed up on a Gift Aid form for us.


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