Page Number Year G Party1 Party2 Memo
AA151 178 1729 1 Lister Swainson John Lister,Settle,mercer to Thomas Swainson, Settle,Mansion House,Thorntree etc.closes in Giggleswick, Mabel Lister, John Lister and messuage etc. Newhouse and Horton, Mabel Lister
AA288 367 1729 2 Pooley Pooley Richard Pooley Senior alias Marshall, Ray, to Richard Pooley alias dowbiggin, Wray, half part messuage Paley Green etc.
AA354 464 1729 1 Settle Lund Thomas Settle,Wakefield,Clerk and Anne Carr, Swainstead to John Lund, West Halton, Long Preston re Oxley Wath alias Wham plus Houses etc., comon on Farr Moores, John Lund
AA634 826 1729 2 Bradley Atkinson John and Anne Bradley, Little Bank and Richard Bradley Cappleside to Robert Atkinson, Sawley Grainge re Prestons Ings, Little Building, Kelds etc. Thomas Bradley, Thomas Sowry, Richard Ellershaw, Robert and Miles Coat, Oliver Bradley, John Coat
AC197 278 1750 1 Settle Banks Thomas Settle to Banks re messuages Swainstead and Sheepwash. First Jpeg missing
AC599 802 1750   Carr Lister Croft closes - Jpeg missing
AD249 325 1750 2 Nowell   Will, Charles Nowell re Beck Hall Giggleswick messuages Rimington, Gaisgill, Cappleside and houses in Giggleswick
AD252 330 1750 1 Tyson Carr William Tyson, Giggleswick, Cordwainer, Nicholas Tyson, Cordwainer, George Robinson, Tanner and Thomas Carr, Settle re 3 houses with shops, Giggleswick and Bull Ing, Agnes Stackhouse, John Kendall
AF060 083 1752 3 Brayshaw Bewley Jane Brayshaw, Richard Brayshaw, Alice Frankland,Close House, Robert Bewley,York, Thomas Brayshaw, Henry and Agnes (nee Moor) King, Austwick, William Paley,Clerk re Newfield,Phisgitholme etc.,Daliker (Lowmoor Lane) plus houses in Giggleswick, John Jerman, Thomas Procter, Richard (Dobson)
AH126 165 1753 2 Carr Carr Roger Carr, Holbeck, Leeds, Butcher to Thomas Carr, Giggleswick re messuage etc., Goosebuts, High Moss
AH634 840 1754 1 Nowell Paley Jane Nowell, Robert Charles Nowell, Clerk, Rector, Bolton by Bowland to William Paley, Clerk re Cloven Stones and Ley Riggs, Richard Jaques, James Jackson, Alexander Hardacre, Thomas Clapham, William Carr, Butcher
AH635 841 1754 2 King Harrison Henry King, Austwick, Emannuel King, Nicholas Tyson, Cordwainer, Hester Harrison, Little Bank re messuage etc.
AH639 851 1754 2 Tempest Clapham Arthur Tempest, Tossett, Monistory Sawley to Thomas Clapham, Stackhouse re Redding Close, Hugh Stackhouse, Long Ley and Rising, Ms. Claphamson, Lords Wood, footway Giggleswick to Stackhouse
AH640 852 1754 2 Hubbersley Overend Robert Hubbersley, Underbarrow,Westmorland to Peter Wilson Overend re messuage Beck Hall etc., Eshton,Upper Sandholme,Crooks,Croft Bank, Jane Nowell,Charles Nowell,Henry Nowell, Clerk Rector Bolton by Bowland, Preston Croft, Lower Sandholme,Cappleriggs,William Dawson,Langcliffe re Rooms close, Robert Airton, Jane Airton
AH641 853 1754 1 Overend Davy Peter Wilson Overend,Settle,Jane Nowell,Charles Nowell,Henry Nowell,Rector,Bolton by Bowland,Clerk to Davie Davy, Whitley head, Kildwick, Anthony Lister,Clerk,Elizabeth Nowell,Sarah Nowell,William Nowell,Elizabeth Lister re Crooks,Roomes close,Thomas Hall
AH642 854 1754 1 Hubbersley Clapham Robert Hubbersley,Underbarrow,Westmorland,Jane Nowell,Charles Nowell,Henry Nowell,Rector Bolton by Bowland,Clerk,William Nowell,Anthony Lister,Clerk,Elizabeth and Sarah Nowell to Thomas Clapham, Stackhouse re Cappleriggs
AM023 033 1756 2 Harris Ibbetson Sir Henry Ibbetson,Leeds,Levett Harris,Barwick,Clerk and Charles Harris re Catterall Hall,Rectory,Parsonage,Glebe lands and Tythes
AM330 453 1756 1 Lister Thompson Mary Lister,Settle, Nicholas and Mabel Coulthurst, Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, Thomas and Mary Salisbury, Settle to John Thompson, Escrick,Clerk re right to nominate vicar, Anthony Lister
AN423 569 1757 1 Coor Wilson Matthew Coor,Blacksmith to Margaret Wilson,Settle re mansion in Giggleswick and Smithy etc. Alexander Hardacre
AN504 681 1757 1 Paley Paley William Paley,Innholder to William Paley,Clerk, John Paley,Settle,Grocer and Thomas Smith,Colne,Mason re messuage (inn)
AN507 684 1757 1 Lister Clapham Anthony Lister to Thomas lapham, Stackhouse re close, Bell Hill, farm, Thomas Clapham, Wearing folds
AO370 471 1756   Nowell Morley Eshton Croft Bank, Grayson,s croft Jpeg missing
AP326 417 1758 2 Nowell Carr Jane Nowell, Charles Nowell, Henry Nowell,Rector Bolton by Bowland,Clerk, James Nowell, Peter Wilson Overend,Settle to Thomas Carr,Settle re Upper and Lower Sandholme
AP371 477 1758 1 Watkinson Bradley Catherine Watkinson,Lancaster, Matthew Watkinson,Blacksmith, James Hird,Lancaster,Mercer, Edward Smart,Sadler, James Middleton,Tallow Chandler to William Bradley re Long Raynes (Long Rands), Dado Butts, Landrigg
AP370 476 1758 2 Watkinson Frankland Catherine Watkinson,Lancaster, Matthew Watkinson,Blacksmith, James Hird,Lancaster,Mercer, Edward Smart,Sadler, James Middleton,Tallow Chandler to Richard Frankland,Close House re Newfield (Paleys), Thomas Clapham,Cappleriggs, William Bradley
AP373 481 1758 2 Morley Nowell Josias Morley to Henry Nowell,Bolton by Bowland,Clerk re Eshton, William Bradley, Croft Bank, Jane Nowell, Preston(Graysons Croft)
AP374 482 1758 2 Watkinson Burrows Catherine Watkinson,Lancaster, Matthew Watkinson,Blacksmith, James Hird,Lancaster,Mercer, Edward Smart,Sadler, James Middleton,Tallow Chandler to William Barrows re messuage Thomas Young, James Hartley, Paleys Barn, Over and Lower Craven Banks, William Bradley
AP573 721 1758 2 Harris Balme Rev.Levett Harris,deyne,Manchester,Clerk, to Abraham Balme,Bradford re messuage Caterall Hall etc. and Rectory/Parsonage,Glebe lands,Tythes and other messuages,lands
AQ596 802 1759 1 Carr Hodgson Thomas Carr,Settle to Sara Hodgson, Bradford re Upper & Lower Lands
AR113 157 1758 1 Proctor Tyson Thomas Procter,Trenhouse,Malham Moor, Hugh Hall,Settle,Tanner, Robert and Hester Brown,Lumb, John Harrison to Nicholas Tyson,Cordwainer re messuage etc.
AR127 175 1758 1 Lister   Will. Anthony Lister, messuage near church, Miss Elizabeth dawson, Broadhead,Gt.Raynes,Starves and Coppice plus messuage etc. in Settle,Adroalton,Ardsley,Allerton and Overend plus advowson,vicarage
AR596 802 1759 1 Carr Hodgson Thomas Carr,Settle to Sarah Hodgson,Bradford re Upper & Lower Sandholme
AT121 158 1760 2 Dunn Balme Zachariah Dunn,Burlington to Abraham Balme,Bradford, Rev. Levitt Harris,Prestwick,Clerk re Catterall Hall etc. Rectory,Parsonage,Glebe lands,Tythes plus other messuages etc.
AT122 159 1760 2 Ibbotson Balme Sir Henry Ibbetson,Leeds to Abraham Balme,Bradford, Rev. Levitt Harris,Priestwick,Clerk re messuage, Susanna Harris, Charles Harris, John Fenwick,Barrowhall (John Wilson) Nicholas Fenwick,Barrowhall, Robert Fenwick,Lincolns Inn, George Foxcroft,Thornton in Lonsdale
AT123 160 1760 1 Balme Carr Abraham Balme,Bradford, Levitt Harris,Dean,Priestwick,Clerk, Charles Harris to James Carr,Halifax re Newclose (crummackcroft) William Bradley, Joseph Banks, Robert Fawcett, John Armistead, William Atkinson, William Birkbeck, John Wetherhead
AT124 161 1760 2 Balme Carr Abraham Balme,Bradford, Levitt Harris,Deane,Priestwick,Clerk, Charles Harris to Thomas Carr,Paley Green re Tarn Brows (Hunthwaite Leys & Tarnhead) Giggleswick Scarr, Thomas Salisbury plus messuage etc. Hunthwaite(Huntworth) etc. plus closes, William Carr plus seats parish church
AT125 162 1760 2 Balme Salisbury Abraham Balme,Braford, Edward Salisbury,Lancaster,merchant, Levitt Harris,Prestwick Deyne,Clerk, Thomas Salisbury,Settle re Kealrow, Spring Woods (Spring Brows) Thomas Carr, Giggleswick & Brayshaw Scarr, Lawrence Wharfe
AT126 163 1760 1 Robinson Huntington George Robinson,Tanner, Mary Chamberlaine,Settle to James Huntington,Slaidburn re mansion house etc., Clappersgate plus new erected houses etc. Tanyards, pitts etc.
AT129 168 1760 2 Balme Atkinson Abraham Balme,Bradford to Isabel & Alice Atkinson,Little Bank, Levett Harris,Priestwick Deyne re Tythe croft, Cocket Moss, Far Fallbeck, & others plus messuage Swabeck etc. plus more closes, William Butterfield, John Place, and seats Gigglesick church
AT130 169 1760 1 Balme Bradley Abraham Balme,Bradford, Levitt Harris,Prestwick Deyne,Clerk to William Bradley re Dallicarrs
AT130 170 1760 2 Balme Paley Abraham Balme,Bradford, Levitt Harris, Priestwick Deyne, Clerk, to William Paley,Clerk re messuage Well House & crofts etc. plus messuage Fawthorpe(Wagdens House) plus closes, Nowell Thackwood with Housestead, Robert Fawcett, John Brennand, Oxscarr, Thomas Clapham, Lawrence Wharfe, John Clapham plus seats parish church
AT164 219 1760 2 Harris Balme Rev. Levitt Harris,Prestwick,Clerk to Abraham Balme,Bradford, John Eagle re Catterall Hall plus houses etc. & Rectory, Glebe lands, Tythes
AT327 447 1760   Heber Alcock Residences, some next to the church - Jpeg missing
AT623 811 1761 2 Salisbury Swainson Edward Salisbury,Lancaster,merchant to Christopher Swainson,Goosnargh,Clerk, William Foster, Armistead, Anthony Lister, Thomas Salisbury,Settle re Kelcow Spring Wood, Mr. Thomas Carr
AT641 843 1761 2 Bradley Bradley William Bradley,Lawkland,Innholder to Robert Bradley,Browside,Clapham re Rouster Closes (Rowstroth) John Stephen Ingleby, Butterfield Gap, Thomas Clapham, Richard Foster, John Carr,Israel
AT710 940 1761 3 Alcock Waite Henry Alcock,Skipton, Alexander Hardacre to Richard Waite, K.Malhamdale,Clerk re messuage, Matthias Weatherhead & Matthew Pollard dwelt plus mesuage Anthony Weatherhead & close, plus cottage west end church, barn & fields adjoining highway/ Brakenbers North, more closes & housestead of John Kellet plus Gregsons House & messuage Christopher Picard, Settle
AU488 622 1761 2 Gray Marsden Henry Gray,York,Grocer & merchant, Thomas Clapham,Stackhouse to Thomas Marsden,Wigglesworth, Henry Marsden,K.Moorside,Cooper re Joseph field, Mr. John Gathorne
AU489 623 1761 1 Clapham Carr Thomas Clapham,Stackhouse, ThomasMarsden,Wigglesworth,Cordwainer, Henry Marsden,K.Moorside,Cooper to Thomas Carr,Paley Green re Joseph field
AU490 626 1761 2 Martin Carr Thomas Martin,Halifax,merchant to Thomas Carr,Paley Green re Oxpasture
AU491 627 1761 1 Martin Stackhouse Thomas Martin,Halifax,merchant to Anthony Stackhouse,Stainforth re Scarr Close, John Bradley
AU492 629 1761 1 Paley Paley William Paley,Clerk, John Paley,Settle,Grocer, Thomas Smith,Colne,Carpenter to William Paley,Schoolmaster re messuage in occupation of William Paley
AU492 630 1761 1 Burton Brayshaw George Burton, Thomas Green,Salter to Richard Brayshaw re east end messuage of George Burton plus barn & croft
AU679 868 1762 1 Alcock Clapham Henry Alcock,Skipton, Thomas Hall,Settle,Hosier, Richard Foster,Settle,Hosier, Richard Foster,Settle,mercer, Henry Waddington, Crownest,Clapham, Thomas Carr late Settle,Bankrupt & Thomas Carr,Stackhouse, Thomas Clapham, William Preston,Woodhouse,York, Christopher Clapham,Settle re Longlands & Bowerley,Langcliffe
AW110 137 1762 2 Launder Hodgson Cornelius Launder,Nottingham, Rev. Abel Collin Launder,Rector Clifton,Nottingham,Clerk, Rev. Levett Harris,Prestwick,Clerk heir of Charles Harris to John Hodgson,Birks,Bradford merchant re Parsonage of Giggleswick plus Glebe lands etc. and Tythe Barn (Rowlaith) plus lands, Edward Grayson & Richard Grayson Elder
AW200 249 1762 1 Hodgson Carr Sarah Hodgson,Bradford to James Carr,Halifax re Upper & Lower Sand Holm
AW447 582 1762 2 Foster Swainson Richard Foster, Thomas Hall,Settle, Thomas Carr,Settle (Money Scrivener,Dealer in Cattle & Chapman) to Christopher Swainson,Goosnargh,Lancaster,Clerk & William Foster,Armistead Executors Anthony Lister re Tempest Croft adjacent
AW576 765 1762 2 Paley Whaley William Paley,Clerk to Lydia Whaley re Fawcette Croft (Paleys Close) Nowells Thackwood plus Houstestead, John Brennand
AW577 766 1762 1 Waite Whaley Richard Waite,K.Malhamdale,Clerk, Alexander Hardacre to Lydia Whaley re Thatched Dwellinghouse, Mary Weatherhead plus orchard adjacent to Fish Pond
AW608 822 1762 2 Ibbotson Balme Sir James Ibbetson,Leeds to Abraham Balme,Bowling, John Eagle,Bradford; Thomas Lee, Jeremiah Dixon,Leeds, Richard Markham, merchant, John Dawson,Morley Executors Sr Henry Ibbetson, Rev. Levett,Harris,Prestwick,Clerk re Rectory of Giggleswick plus Glebe lands etc. & Catterall Hall with Whitehouse,Stable etc. & Drying Kiln,croft, Tythe Barn & many barns/closes,the Tarn a stable & seats in parish church
AW610 823 1762 2 Lee Balme Thomas Lee,Leeds, Jeremiah Dixon, Richard Markham,merchant & John Dawson,Morley,Executors Sir Henry Ibbetson,Leeds, Rev. Levett Harris ,Prestwick,Clerk to Abraham Balme,Bowling & John Eagle re Rectory of Giggleswick & Glebe lands etc. plus Catterall Hall & Whitehouse etc. Tythe Barn & many closes,The Tarn, plus stable & seats parish church
AX292 354 1762   Harris Place White House in poss John Place Jpeg missing
AX294 357 1762 2 Balme Clapham Abraham Balme,Bradford & John Eagle to Thomas Clapham,Stackhouse & Thomas Carr,Paley Green, William Foster,Armistead, William Hall,Settle,mercer, Thomas Salisbury, Josias Morley, Robert Banks,Stainforth, William Paley,Clerk, Richard Redmayne,Stainforth, Rev. Levett Harris,Prestwick Deyne,Clerk, Haworth Preston,Settle, George Paley re Rectory of Giggleswick,Glebe Lands,Tythes plus Tythe Barn etc. Thomas Brayshaw, one croft, William Paley, drying Hill (sic)
AX489 596 1763 2 Harris Eagle Rev.Levett Harris,Prestwick,Clerk, Abraham Balme,Bradford to John Eagle,Bradford re messuage Catterall Hall etc. plus Holloway Croft, Newhouse Croft & barn, Craven Banks,the Tarn & other closes plus stable and Tythes etc.
AX666 835 1763 1 Balme Brayshaw Abraham Balme,Braford & John Eagle,Bradford, Levett Harris,Prestwick,Clerk to Richard Brayshaw re Stripes adjacent Longlands (Mr.Thomas Clapham) & Hemplands
AX667 837 1763 3 Hind Wood James Hind,Lancaster,mercer, Edward Snart,Lancaster,Sadler re will Matthew Watkinson,Lancaster,mercer to Henry Wood,Hill Top,Wiglesworth re messuage Gildersleets plus barn, Occupation Robert Knight & lands in Giggleswick & Settle, Tythes, Catherine & Thomas Watkinson & Ann Middleton
AY511 663 1763 2 Carr Brayshaw Thomas Carr to Richard Brayshaw re barn in Brayshaw's fold etc.
AY513 667 1763 2 Carr Place Thomas Carr,Stackhouse, Richard Foster,Settle,mercer, Thomas Hall,Settle,Hosier, Henry Waddington,Crow Nest, Alexander Hardacre, James Carr,Halifax, to John Place,Settle,Butcher re Sandholmes Close & estate Thomas Carr,Settle(Money Scirvener dealer & Chapman bankrupt dec'd) & Morris Birkbeck,Settle,merchant
BA176 235 1764 1 Brown last will Will of William Brown,Stackhouse to Henry Lund,Malham, half part messuage etc. in Bentham & to John Lund,Malham & Thomas Brayshaw, messuage Stackhouse etc. plus mess/lands in Settle & Rathmell
BA219 308 1764 2 Nowell Smith Henry Nowell,Bolton,Clerk to Christopher Smith,Clithero Castle re Eshton close, William Bradley, Croft Bank, Jane Nowell & Prestons (Graysons croft) estate of Charles Nowell plus barn & Three Carrs land, Rathmell William Holgate
BB192 264 1729 1 Bradley Harris John Bradley,Little Bank to Charles Harris re under Cockett close Cragg & Paley closes
BB443 593 1730   Claphamson Lister The Bell - Jpeg missing
BB498 677 1730 1 Atkinson Lister John Atkinson to Mabel Lister re messuage at Rommehouses,barns & many closes, Richard Bradley, James Atkinson plus fourth part messuage Sandford Brow
BB551 739 1730 1 Fawcett Lister Robert Fawcett,Elder & Anthony & Robert Fawett,younger to Matthew Watkinson,Blacksmith & John Lister,Settle mercer re mansion Paley Close etc. plus closes & fulling mill
BD292 315 1766 2 Davey Wade William Davy,Whittley Mead,Kildwick & Joseph Davy,Lacock, Mary Davy to Thomas Wade,Steeton re Crookes, Thomas Hall, John Wilman plus Rooms close
BE570 781 1766 2 Atkinson Tyson Isabel & Alice Atkinson,little Bank to Nicholas Tyson re messuage Little bank in Rathmell & Giggleswick plus messuage Swallbeck, John Butterfield
BF606 905 1767 2 Eagle Morley John Eagle & Levitt Harris,Prestwick,Clerk to Josias Morley, Release Sara Harrison,Bedale re messuage Catterall Hall plus various closes,barns,the Tarn plus stable Thomas Brayshaw & Tithes
BH459 604 1768 2 Waite Hardacre Richard Waite,KirkbyMalhamdale,Clerk to Alexander Hardacre re messuage Mathias Wetherhead & Mathew Pollard dwelt plus messuage Christopher Hancock dwelt, Brackenber close & cottage, west end church, Thomas Walker dwelt, barn Henry Turner plus lands Henry & Mary Lupton, & other lands in Townfields plus Housestead John Kellet & close adjacent Beggards Bridge beck & Gregsons House
BI540 749 1769 3 Peacock Redmayne Thomas Peacock,Settle,Grocer to Richard Redmayne,Stainforth re property K.Malhamdale but also grazing Winskill Stones,Langcliffe,Caleb Bentham plus messuage etc. of James Gifford & Thomas Hutton,Giggleswick & messuage Giggleswick William Caley & one other plus crofts, Martin Knowles etc.
BK101 138 1769 1 Towler Carr Henry Towler,Elder,Wham to Thomas Carr,Paley Green re messuage Longrigg, George Jackson, right of widow,shop plus well close, Hancock, Moss, Little Nook & Farrhouse
BK680 953 1770 2 Redmayn Redmayne Thomas Redmayne,Stainforth to Richard Redmayne,Stainforth re messuage Roomehouses, Richard Preston inhabits plus barns,closes etc.
BM262 331 1770 1 Richardson Telford John Richardson,Settle,mercer to John Telford,York & Christopher Fell,Surgeon under will John Allen re messuage Paley Green etc. plus closes, cattlegates Thomas Dawson
BM738 939 1771 2 Banks Banks Mary Banks,Settle relict William Banks,Green to Robert Banks,Stainforth re rents & annuities due to Mary
BM739 941 1771 1 Preston Jenkinson Thomas Preston,Scosthrop,K.Malhamdale to Robert Jenkinson,Settle,Innholder re messuage etc. Church End, Joseph Horner, tenant
BM739 942 1771 2 Preston Lister Thomas Preston,Scosthrop,K.Malhamdale to Anthony Lister re close Kirk Acre adjoining Back Lane(now Turnpiked),school yard & Leeming lands
BN738 953 1772 2 Wilson Faithwaite George Wilson,Bullocks,Gisburn to Thomas Winder Faithwaite,Littledale re messuage at Brackenber,crofts etc. Lawrence Fearnside & rents Brackenber House,closes, Mr.William Husband, closes Anthony Carr, Richard Frankland, Thomas Braysahw, William Wildman & Isabel Atkinson
BN739 955 1772 2 Green King John Green,New Inn,Horton,Blacksmith & William Banks,Paley Green to Henry King,Clapham re cottage etc. Paley Green & closes Grass Garth & Poor close
BT080 118 1773 2 Nowell Paley Jane Nowell & Henry Nowell,Rector Bolton by Bolland to William Paley, Clerk re Bannerhead closes
BT357 463 1774 1 Richardson Carr John Richardson,Settle,Mercer to John Carr,Gt.Horksley,Clerk re messuages etc. in will of George Carr
BU575 733 1774   Demayne Tyson Dwelling house called Church End - Jpeg missing
BY702 1016 1777 1 Taylor Cock Jane Taylor (nee Ayrton) to George Cock re messuage Robert Ayrton dwelt plus barns,crofts & other messuages
BZ042 060 1776 1 Settle Barrow Rev.Robert Settle,Lowestoft,Clerk, William & Jane (nee Settle) Bayre,Royden & Catherine & Margaret Settle,Swainstead to William Barrow & Nicholas Tyson,Cordwainer re messuage the Slated Parlour, stables etc. & crofts, Elizabeth Walker,James Gifford, Robert Taylor & Thomas Coor,farmers
CA147 203 1777 4 Lord Mansfield Sir Adby Lord Mansfield to Anthony Adby,Essex re Dissolved Bolton Priory Estate - Manors including Giggleswick etc.
CA430 598 1777 1 Carr   Will Thomas Carr re messuage,lands etc in Gigg
CB668 903 1778   Bradley Holden Routster closes - Jpeg missing
CC065 090 1730 1 Weatherhead Clapham Matthias Weatherhead,Butcher to Agnes Clapham,Stackhouse re Langlands close & Mortage of 110 In trust for her son Thomas
CC533 711 1731 1 Fawcett Harris Robert & Anthony Farcett to Charles Harris re fulling mill etc. plus house, barn,stable etc. & Paley & Nowell Tackwood closes
CD363 514 1778 2 Picard Pickering Christopher & Jane Picard,Settle to Roger Pickering,Ripon re messuage Beck Hall etc. Lane Croft Bank plus crofts & seats in church
CD364 515 1778 1 Picard Preston Christopher Picard,Settle & Thomas Picard,London,Linen Draper to Roger Pickering,Rylstone & Thomas Preston,Ripon re Croft Bank plus barn
CD365 518 1778 2 Coor Birkbeck Thomas Coor,Blacksmith to William Birkbeck,Settle,merchant, William Lawson, Nicholas Tyson,Cordwainer & Robert Carr,Little bank re messuage & smithy plus household goods, stock in trade etc.
CD373 533 1778 2 Birkbeck Atkinson William Birkbeck,Settle,merchant, William Lawson, Nicholas Tyson,Cordwainer & Robert Carr,Little bank, Margaret Wilson,Settle & Thomas Coor to Isabel & Alice Atkinson,Little bank re house, Thomas Coor dwells plus smithy
CD446 616 1778 2 Spencer Hardacre William Spencer,Alithwaite & Thomas Peacock,Settle to Alexander Hardacre re house etc. & cottage plus croft,Josias Lawson & re Indenture Richard Redmayne & others
CD746 987 1779 1 Gathorne Frankland Mary Gathorne (heir of Richard Brayshaw) to Richard Frankland,Close House re Newfield, Brayshaw Scarr, Thomas Batty tenant plus tithes
CE728 907 1779 3 Redmayne Hesleden Richard Redmayne,Stainforth to William Hesleden re messuage Room Houses, Richard Preston tenant farmer plus barns etc. & many closes, Thomas Redman plus closes Settle & houses/closes Easington &tenements John Hall,Easington, & house East Malham etc. & closes, Thomas Hird dwelt now John Atkinson & pasture & beasts Hanlith & many others in K.Malhamdale
CH19 34 1780 8 Cookson King Margaret Cookson,Wakefield to Edward King,Middlesex & Henry Waddington,Crow Nest re half part extensive farm & lands Cleatopp, Barrell Sykes,Capelside,Rathmell & other areas of Giggleswick plus Bentham,Clapham,Wakefield & large parts of West Yorkshire
CH253 305 1780 1 Bacon   Will of Craven Bacon, Stainforth re houses, barns etc.
CH258 313 1780 1 Barrons Moore William Barrow & Nicholas Tyson,Cordwainer to John Moore,Schoolmaster re messuage, Slated Parlour, barn,stables,crofts & ref. to Indenture, various people
CI566 836 1781 1 Carr Brayshaw Agnes Carr to Thomas Brayshaw,Tallow Chandler, also William Carr,Butcher, Edward & Mary Bailey,Tosside re croft Goose buts
CL458 624 1782 1 Brayshaw Johnson Isabel Brayshaw,York to John Johnson,York,grocer re half part messuage late Thomas Brayshaws, Cranerigg, Robert Watkinson & closes plus others at Tipperthwaite
CM531 770 1783 1 Place Clapham John Place,Settle,Butcher to Rev. John Clapham,Stackhouse,Clerk re messuage White House plus barns,stable,crofts etc. & Ref. to Indenture various people
CP188 289 1783 1 King Lister Edward King,Middlesex & William Frogatt,Middlsex, Charles OLeara,Ireland & Henrietta Cookson,Wakefield to Anthony Lister re Raines/Bridge End (Overend close) Rev. John Thompson tenant plus Tithes
CP190 292 1784 1 Blackburn Slinger Thomas Blackburn,Settle,Grocer & George Robinson to John Slinger,Sherwood House,Tanner re house George Robinson plus new houses,tanyards,crofts under Craven Bank & Cappersgate plus houses etc. formerly John Armisteads,Settle,hosier
CP201 307 1784 2 Slinger Slinger John Slinger,Sherwood House,Tanner to Francis Slinger,Kettlesbecck,Clapham re house of George Robinson & new houses,tanyards etc. plus crofts Craven Bank & Clappersgate
CP207 314 1784   Brown Layton Jpeg missing
CS126 173 1786 1 Lund Clapham Elizabeth Lund,Wham & Joseph Willis,K. Lonsdale to Thomas Clapham re messuage at Wham (Oxley waite) & closes, Stephen Hargraves tenant
CS341 515 1786 1 Clapham Carr Thomas Clapham, Stephen Hargraves,Wearing Fold, Richard Armitstead,Settle & Thomas Armitstead,Halton to Thomas Carr,Paley Green re messuage at Wham (Oxley Warth) plus closes & messuage of estate of Elizabeth Lund
CT317 411 1786 1 Johnson Heselden John Johnson,York,merchant & Edward Briggs,York, John & Eleanor Shaw,York,Cordwainer, John Atkinson,Birmingham, Nathaniel & Alice Peiron,Scarborough & Isabella Atkinson,York to William Hesleden,Horton re messuage & barns etc. Rome, several closes & other messuages of John Shaw
CT403 527 1787 1 Bradley Clapham Christopher Bradley,Lancaster executor William Bradley, John & Mary Bradley to Thomas Clapham, William Clapham,Stackhouse & John Peart,Settle re messuage Hartshead,barns etc. Jane Bradley dwelt plus messuage & barn Armistead dwelt & many closes
CU30 41 1786 1 King Clapham Henry King,Austwick & William Banks,Paley Green to Thomas Clapham re cottage etc. Paley Green & Grass Garth
CU440 577 1787 2 Bradley Bradley Mary Bradley,Settle, John & William Bradley deceased, Christopher Bradley,Lancaster Innholder, Thomas Clapham, William Clapham,Stackhouse & John Peart,Settle to Jane Bradley re messuage Hartshead plus Brewhouse etc. malt kiln & Fiddlecase field plus others & Tithes
CU460 606 1787 1 Bradley Paley Mary Bradley,Settle, John & William Bradley deceased, Christopher Bradley,Lancaster Innholder, Thomas Clapham, William Clapham, Stackhouse & John Peart,Settle to Thomas Paley,Langcliffe re house,Elizabeth Armitstead tenant, barn & 2 new dwellings
CU460 607 1787 2 Bradley Frankland Mary Bradley,Settle, John & William Bradley deceased, Christopher Bradley,Lancaster,Innholder, Thomas Clapham, William Clapham,Stackhouse & John Peart,Settle to John Frankland,Close House re Landriggs & barn enclosed from Lower Town Field & Tithes
CU461 608 1787 1 Bradley Preston Mary Bradley,Settle, John & William Bradley deceased, Christopher Bradley,Lancaster Innholder, Thomas Clapham, William Clapham,Stackhouse & John Peart,Settle to William Preston,Paley Green re Rigge & Huntwith closes Giggleswick/Lawkland & Tithes
CU465 615 1787 1 Pickering Backhouse Roger & Jenny Pickering & Rev. Thomas Butler,Rector Bentham to Thomas Backhouse,Lancaster re messuage Beck Hall,Stable etc. plus closes & pews in church & rest of estate purchased Christopher Picard & Prestons croft
CW138 176 1787 2 Slinger Carr John Slinger to William Carr,Stackhouse, Francis Slinger,Kettlesbeck & William Proctor,Horton,Innholder re George Robinsons house plus newly erected houses,Tanyards etc. & Craven Bank crofts
CW641 808 1788 1 Richardson Preston Margaret Richardson,Settle, Martin Richardson,Clithero Castle, John Richardson deceased Settle to William Preston,Paley Green re messuage etc. Upper Paley Green, John Dawson tenant, Backfield & pasturing plus other closes & Tithes
CW642 810 1788 2 Paythorne Backhouse Mary Gathorne & Richard Brayshaw deceased to Thomas Backhouse re Stripes close plus Tithes
CY689 825 1789 1 Gathorne Brown Mary Gathorne & Richard Brayshaw deceased to Edmund Brown,Rilston re Brayshaw Scarr, Lime Kiln etc. & Sheep Scarr, Anthony Lister, William Preston & Rev. Thomas Wilson Morley plus Giggleswick Tarn rights
CZ482 568 1789 2 Brayshaw Bradley Thomas Brayshaw,Tallow Chandler, William Lawson & Abraham Sutcliffe,Settle,Doctor of Physic executor Mary Gathorne to Elizabeth Bradley,Brownrise re messuage of Mary Gathorne & one house near Newhouse etc. plus barn & Tithes
CZ484 571 1789 2 Mausdley Wood Thomas Maudsley,Rome to Henry Wood,Gildersleets re Tofts,Watticars plus barns etc. Sandhaw,Over Moss, Lawrence Fearnside tenant plus seat in church adjacent Mr. Dawson,Langcliffe Hall
CZ485 572 1789 1 Maudsley Barker Thomas Maudsley,Rome to John Barker,Eldroth re messuage Crainrigge plus closes Tipperthwaite, Lawrence Fearnside tenant now Paul Helm & William Husband deceased
D130 238 1711 1 Lawson Harrison Thomas Lawson to Charles Harris re messuage & barn etc. Rowlands Brow, Satrons & Sunns
DC366 481 1790 1 Brown Wilkinson Edmund Brown,Rilston to George Wilkinson,Easington re Brayshaw Scarr & Nearer Giggleswick Scarr plus lime-kiln etc.
DC410 547 1790 1 Carr Slinger William Carr,Stackhouse & William Procter,Horton,Innholder to John Slinger & Francis Slinger,Kettlesbeck re messuage of George Robinson & newly erected houses, Tanyards & crofts
DC412 551 1790 1 Carr Backhouse Agnes Carr to Thomas Backhouse re closes beside highway Giggleswick to Rathmell, Richard Walker tenant & Tithes
DD589 795 1731 1 Armistead Bradley John Armitstead,Settle,shopkeeper,James Atkinson,Roomhouses, William Birkbeck, John Weatherhead & George Atkinson to William Bradley,Innkeeper re Ings Close
DD590 797 1731 1 Armistead Bradley John Armitstead,Settle,shopkeeper to William Bradley,Innkeeper re Beggarwarth adjacent Town Beck & highway plus Layriggs
DD591 799 1731 1 Armistead Harris John & Bridget Armitstead,Settle to Charles Harris re Fellings adjacent highway plus Catterall Laith Butts,barn & new erected buildings, John Atkinson & Henry Coor tenants
DD655 886 1732 2 Armistead Hargreaves John Armitstead,Settle,Hosier, Richard Thornton,Horton to John Hargreaves K.Stainforth re Buckoave lately enclosed adjacent to highway
DD656 887 1732 1 Tyson Thornton William Tyson,Cordwainer to Richard Thornton,Horton,Schoolmaster re messuage, barn etc.
DD726 983 1732 2 Atkinson Moore James Atkinson,Roome Houses to John Moore,Tunstall, Thomas Carr,Settle, Adam Squire,Airton, Thomas Foster,Rilstone, William Birkbeck,Settle,shopkeeper & John Tunstall,Starbotton re Biggersway recently enclosed & other closes
DE193 268 1790 2 Morley Braysaw Thomas Wilson Morley,Leyburn,Clerk to Thomas Brayshaw,Tallow Chandler re Long Close, Brackenber, John Kendal tenant & Tithes
DF746 934 1791 1 Moor Burrow Margaret Moor (John Moor deceased,schoolmaster) to Robert Burrow,Newbiggin, George Gregg,Lupton & Obadiah Burrow,Burton re messuage Slater parlour,stables etc. & 2 crofts, in deed William Barrow,Nicholas Tyson,Cordwainer & John Moore
DM256 305 1793 1 Birkbeck Silverwood William Birkbeck,Settle,merchant, William Lawson,Sheffield & John Birkbeck,Settle,merchant to Robert Silverwood re messuage Church end etc. Jospeh ..... tenant & John Procter
DM256 396 1793   Birkbeck   devisees of will of Nich Tyson Gigg cordwainer - Jpeg missing
DO407 523 1794 1 Silverwood Waller Robert Silverwood,mason to John Waller re messuage Church end etc. Joseph ...... then John Procter tenants
DT419 510 1796 1 Sutcliffe Bolland William Sutcliffe,Settle,Surgeon & Christopher Falshaw,Litton (executors William Barrow,shopkeeper) to William Bolland re Craven Banks & Paleys barn
DT566 730 1797   Wilkinson Brown Brayshaw scarr, now inclosed from nearer part Gigg Scarr - Jpeg missing
DT591 771 1797   Peart Tennant mess where Richard Armistead lived now Wildman - Jpeg missing
DW232 288 1797   Armistead Creditors mess in Gigg where Richard Armistead lives - Jpeg missing
E199 289 1712 2 Briggs Briggs Margaret Briggs (William Briggs,Rathmell,Clerk) to Henry Briggs,Huggan Ing, re messuage & barn etc. near Brackenbar also demolished house (Coates), Suter & Langrigg plus seats in church
EC99 167 1799 2 Lister Waller Anthony Lister, Elder & Younger to John Waller,Innholder re messuage Thorntree, William Pollard & William Taylor tenants
EE93 137 1732 1 Ayrton Nowell Robert & Jane Ayrton to Charles Nowell re Roome Close
EE726 1066 1733 1 Atkinson Foster James Atkinson, Roomehouses to John Foster, Armitstead re Longrigg
EH83 94 1800 2 Taylor Slinger Robert Taylor,Cotton Manufacturer, Agnes Taylor, John Taylor,Cotton Manufacturer to Francis Slinger re cotton mill, dams etc. plus machinery & parcell of ground
EH331 389 1801 1 Moore Howson Margaret Moore (widow John Moore,Schoolmaster), Stephen Moore,Lancaster,Mercer & Draper, William Carr,Stackhouse to Francis Howson,Barrel Sykes re messuage & Slated parlour, barn etc. & crofts
EH332 391 1801 2 Lund Preston John Lund,Stackhouse, Thomas Brayshaw,Tallow Chandler, Richard Paley,Leeds, William Daniel,York,Grocer, James Kitching,York,Glover, James Wilson,Kilburn & John Johnson to William Preston,Paley Green re Tipperthwaite barn & closes, Stephen Dawson tenant
EH695 858 1801 2 Atkinson Clapham John Atkinson,Ellars in Fariton, Margaret Moore, William Carr,Stackhouse & Francis Howson,Barrel Sykes, Rev. John Clapham,Clerk & John Will(dman)Settle to William Clapham, Stackhouse re house and Slated parlour,barn & cottage etc. Margaret Moore & Thomas Howson tenants
EP5 7 1803 2 Harrison Carr John Harrison,Oxford, George Bainbridge,London, George Brooks,London, John Mauley,London to Catterson Paley,Settle,Shopkeeper & William Carr,Stackhouse re messuage (Indenture between Thomas Procter,Painter & Gilbert Harrison)
ER349 471 1804 1 Lister Carr Anthony Lister & Rev. Anthony Lister,Clerk to William Carr, Stackhouse re 2 Beatsgates on Ox pasture plus Tithes
ER350 474 1804 1 Swale School Governors David Swale,Settle,William Sutcliffe,Apothecary & Mary Preston,Settle to Giggleswick School Governors re messuage Cragg Hall & Higson
ER656 829 1805 2 Greenwood Bolton Margaret Greenwood,Slaidburn (relict John Greenwood)James Greenwood,Skinner & Thomas Clapham,Gargrave,farmer to John Bolton,Colne,Attorney at Law re messuage above Harts Head(now 2 dwellings) Marjery Sugden & John Moorby tenants & lands etc.
ES148 223 1804 2 Wilson Morley Sutcliff Thomas Wilson Morley,Leyburn,Clerk, John Sarkey,Settle, Edmund Armitstead,Settle,Cotton merchant to William Sutcliffe,Settle,Surgeon & Apothecary re messuage Catteral Sale, buildings,closes etc. & messuage Rowland Ingram dwells, barn,stable etc. plus half Mill croft, John Kendall & Rowland Ingram tenants plus Tithes
EU391 497 1806 1 Armistead Ramsden Edmund Armitstead,Settle,cotton merchant, William Sutcliffe,Settle,Surgeon & Apothecary to Robert Ramsden,Halifax,Cordmaker re messuage Rowland Ingram dwelt with barns,stables etc. plus half Mill croft & Tithes
EX390 484 1806 2 Preston Foster Willaim Preston,Paley Green, Anthony Lister,Belle Hill, Jane Backhouse, William Carr,Stackhouse, John Hartley,Settle, Thomas Kirkley,Innkeeper, Thomas Maudsley,Rome, William Procter,Close House, William Wildman, John Bradley,Eldroth, Henry Wood,Gildersleets & Robert Towers,Eldroth to John Foster,Armitstead re uninclosed Thieves Moss
EY169 202 1806 1 Clapham Paley William Clapham,Stackhouse, Rev. John Clapham,Clerk, John Peart,Settle (Executors William Paley,Durham) to Mary & Elizabeth Paley re messuage Harts Head, buildings etc. Jane Bradley tenant plus Fiddle Case Field etc. & Tithes
FA367 505 1807 2 Charnley Abbotson John Charnley,Settle, John Jackson, Lancaster,merchant & William Sutcliffe,Settle,Apothecary to Janet Abbotson, release of Robert Lawson,Halifax,Cordmaker & others re land & messuage Edmund Armitstead dwelt plus buildings etc. & Tithes
FB103 130 1807 1 Sutcliffe Redmayne William Sutcliffe,Settle,Apothecary & Christopher Falshaw,Buckden (William Barrows deceased shopkeeper) to Giles Redmayne,Cotton merchant re messuage etc. John Taylor, Betty Wilson, John Warring & William Taylor tenants
FF116 161 1733 1 Tyson Serjeantson William Tyson,Cordwainer to John Serjeantson, Gallaber re Bateman Close
FF609 851 1734 1 Taylor Paley Roger Taylor,Rotstorth,Linen Weaver to Henry Paley,Innkeeper re rent of messuage etc. & Kirk Aire
FF609 853 1734 2 Brown Watkinson Robert Brown,Hebden, Thomas Brown, Lawkland & Ann Brown,Thornton to Matthew Watkinson re Cringleholme & Brown Jugg, Thomas Settle tenant
FF610 854 1734 1 Paley Lister Henry Paley,Innkeeper to Mabel Lister re messuage,barn etc. & Kirk Acre
FF611 855 1734 1 Atkinson Redmayne James Atkinson,Roomhouses to Thomas Redmayne,Langcliffe,Butcher re messuage Roomehouses, barn etc. & many closes
FH146 169 1809 2 Sutcliff Holgate William Sutcliffe,Settle,Apothecary to Thomas Holgate,Newhouse & Matthew Coor,Little Bank (Executors Alice Atkinson,Little Bank & Isabel Atkinson) re Tythe Croft, barn & Cocket Moss & other closes, Christopher Lancaster & Betty Fearnswick tenants plus Swawbeck House,barns etc. closes & church pews
FH146 170 1809 1 Holgate Coor Robert Holgate,Newhouse to Matthew Coor,Little Bank re Tythe croft ....2n.d Jpeg missing
FL516 590 1810 2 Sutcliffe Redmayne William Sutcliffe,Settle,Apothecary, John Green Paley,Bradford, Rev. Thomas Paley,Lincoln,Clerk & Robert Paley,Hallifax (Executors Thomas Paley,Langcliffe) John Swale,Kendall to Giles Redmayne,Settle,Cotton merchant re Sixth part water corn mill, now cotton mill, wheels etc.
FP405 430 1811 2 Peart Wood John Hart,Settle & William Sutcliffe,Settle,Surgeon to Henry Wood re Cocket Moss, John Peart purchased of Richard Shackleton, plus closes
FP406 431 1811 1 Peart Maudsley John Peart,Settle & William Sutcliffe,Settle,Surgeon to Thomas Maudsley,Rome re Lower & Higher Long Banks.
FP407 432 1811 1 Peart Towler John Peart,Settle & William Sutcliffe,Settle,Surgeon to William & George Towler, Sheepwash re dubbs
FY223 271 1812 1 Claphamson Hardacre Claphamson, John Peart,Settle, William Paley,Middlesex, Rev. Fergus & Jane Graham,Cumberland, William Priestly,Halifax & sev. more persons to Alexander Hardacre re Howell Farm, Gildersome plus various closes, Rev. Holden tenant. No pic of page one
FY224 272 1813 1 Lawson Hardacre William Lawson to Alexander Hardacre,Hellifield re Honey Mire No pic of page two
G428 528 1714 3 Ferrand Butler Benjamin Ferrand,St.Ives, Haworth Currer,Kildwick & Edward Ferrand,Harden to Robert Butler,Bradford re messuages & barns in Gutteridge, Gisburn,Horton,Draughton,Keighley,Horsforth,Cowling & Embsay plus water corn mills Settle & Giggleswick
GA90 108 1813 2 Clapham Barker Rev. John Clapham,Clerk & John Peart,Settle (Executors William Paley) to Robert Barker,Eldroth re Bannerhead, William Towler tenant
GA647 772 1814 1 Kidd Redmayne John Kidd,Austwick,Cordwainer to Marmaduke Redmayne,Cordwainer re messuage, shop etc. plus seats in church
GA648 775 1814 2 Hartley Preston John Hartley,Settle & William Sutcliff,Surgeon to William Preston,Paley Green re Ashton Close, John Kendal tenant & tithes
GB58 59 1814 1 Brayshaw Wildman Thomas Brayshaw,Lancaster,Ironmonger to William Wildman, Close House (Steerman?) re Rodskill
GB58 60 1814 1 Hardacre Clapham Alexander Hardacre,Hellifield to Rev. John Clapham,Clerk re Little Town Field
GD304 332 1814 1 Brayshaw Wildman Thomas Brayshaw,Lancaster & John Tennant,Riddings to William Wildman,Close House re Brackenberside & tithes
GD305 333 1814 1 Brayshaw Woods Thomas Brayshaw,Lancaster,Ironmonger to Henry Woods re Stangerholme, Robert Holden tenant
GD306 334 1814 1 Brayshaw Procter Thomas Brayshaw,Lancaster,Ironmonger & John Tennant,Riddings to William Procter,Close House re Newfield, William Wildman tenant
GE128 131 1815 1 Sutcliff Clapham William Sutcliff,Settle,Surgeon & Apothecary & John Peart (Trustees William Wildman) to Rev. John Clapham,Clerk (executor William Clapham) Joseph Dobson re messuage & turf house etc. plus closes
GE129 132 1815 1 Carr Foster Rev. Thomas Carr,Master of Arts,Trinity, William Carr,Stackhouse, John Carr,Durham & Ellen Carr to John Foster, Armitstead re Bannerheads
GE309 339 1815 2 Sutcliff Alcock William Sutcliffe,Settle,Surgeon, John Peart (Executor John Wilman) Morris Birkbeck,Guilford, William Tate,Settle,Cabinet Maker, John Hartley,Settle & John Procter,Riddings to Henry Alcock,Skipton re lands plus barn etc. Thomas Ellison late tenant
GE311 341 1815 1 Sutcliffe Hall William Sutcliffe,Settle,Surgeon, John Peart, John Procter,Riddings to John Bailey Hall,Skipton re Longlands,Sandholme etc. with barns, Thomas Ellison late tenant
GF14 17 1814 2 Lister Parker Robert Lister,Carpenter & Ellen to Thomas Parker,Carpenter re messuage opposite cross, etc. John Sidgwick tenant
GF279 318 1815 1 Carr Proctor Rev. Thomas Carr,Master Arts,Trinity, William Carr,Stackhouse,John Carr,Durham,Ellen Carr,Stackhouse,John Parker,Riddings to William Parker,Close House re Birdshaw & meadow, Robert Dawson tenant
GF638 699 1816 2 Lister Hartley Rev.Anthony Lister,Vicar Gargrave & Mary to John Hartley,Settle re part Advowson of Vicarage plus messuage, west end church, Richard Hall owned (Ivy Court) plus buildings,closes & lands Settle.Also many lands Stackhouse & adjacent to highway Gigglesick to Clapham & messuage/lands Croft Close plus tithes & seats in church
GG1 1 1734 2 Ellershaw   Will Richard Ellershaw, Margaret wife to inherit messuage Giggleswick & then son John. John also messuage Settle plus pasture Hensides,Langcliffe
GG79 104 1734 1 Lund Butler John Lund,Oxley Warth to John Butler,Clitheroe re land Warth Mill (Wham) plus house etc. & turbary near Resting Stone
GH67 78 1815 2 Lister Clapham Rev. Anthony Lister,Vicar Gargrave & Mary to Rev. John Clapham,Vicar re various closes & messuage, Bell Hill with stables etc. plus Vicarage lands, Tipperthwaite messuage & closes & messuages & farms John Waller & others tenants of, plus tithes & pews in church
GH74 86 1815 1 Clapham Waller Rev. John Clapham,Clerk to John Waller, Innkeeper re Tysons Croft, Nicholas Tyson
GO6 4 1817 2 Redmayne Birkbeck Giles & Robert Redmayne,Settle,Mercers to John Birkbeck,Settle,Banker, John Hurst,Manchester,Cotton merchant & William Clayton,Langcliffe Place,Cotton merchant re messuages,mills & lands in both Settle & Giggleswick
GO717 679 1817 1 Sutcliffe Birkbeck William Sutcliffe,Settle to William & John Birkbeck,Settle, William Alcock,Skipton, John Peart,Settle & others re messuages John & William Taylor, Alice Marsden & Elizabeth Watson tenants.
GY190 193 1818 1 Lister Granain Robert Lister,Joiner & Ellen to Robert Granain,Horton re messuage
GY195 202 1818 2 Hardacre Stackhouse Alexander Hardacre,Hellifield to William Stackhouse re messuage, stable Elizabeth Fearnside owned
H74 99 1714 2 Bateman Harris Stephen Bateman,London to Charles Harris,Middlesex re parsonage, glebe lands, tythes & great barn
H76 102 1714 2 Banks Harris Joseph Banks,Nottingham to Chares Harris re messuage (the Hall) above mill, Henry Banks tenant plus lands including the Scarr
H77 103 1714 1 Banks Harris Joseph Banks,Nottingham to Charles Harris re messuages & closes plus Great Barn & messuage at the well etc. plus more closes
H134 167 1715 1 Armistead Armitstead John Armitstead to John Armitstead,Settle, William Atkinson,Little Bank,James Atkinson,Roomhouses, William Birkbeck,Settle & John Weatherhead,Settle re Ings, Crumma,Longrayns & Dada Butts
H505 626 1716 2 Skirrow Weatherhead John Skirrow,Settle,Grocer & William Skirrow,Clapham,Grocer to Christopher Weatherhead, K.Stainforth re properties in Settle,shops,smithy etc. & cottage in Giggleswick,Cragg Hall, John Barrows lives plus many closes
H609 767 1717 1 Claphamson Claphamson John Claphamson,Headingley,Clerk to Henry & Isabell Claphamson re messuage called Bell,(rooms mentioned) plus closes inc. The Mains
HA512 520 1819 3 Sutcliff Hartley William Sutcliffe,Settle,Surgeon, Giles Redmayne,Mercer, John Charnley & John Jackson,Merchant,Lancaster (estate Edmund Armitstead,bankrupt) to John Hartley,Settle re land & Kiln House & part Giggleswick Mill plus Mill Croft, drying kiln & Tithes
HG39 40 1820 1 Foster Carr Jane & John Foster,Armitstead & John Hartley,Settle (execeutors John Foster) to William Carr,Stackhouse & Rev. John Carr,Durham re Bannerhead
HL564 490 1829   Foster Birkbeck late estate of Johh Foster - no pic
HL576 501 1829   Hartley Clayton Tithes in Gigg - no pic
IC160 167 1824 3 Proctor Pullein John Procter,Riddings to James Pullein,Chester re Longlands & others, William Procter tenant in Giggleswick & lands in Settle, messuage & closes Skipton & Langber
IE720 677 1825 1 Clapham Foster John Clapham to Thomas Foster,Clapham re rents of messuages & closes
IE721 678 1825 1 Clapham Stackhouse Rev. John Clapham,Clerk to Anthony Stackhouse,Stainforth re rents of messuages & closes in Settle & Giggleswick
IE724 681 1825 2 Clapham Peart Rev. John Clapham,Clerk to John Peart,Settle,Banker re rents of messuages/closes Settle & Giggleswick
IE725 682 1825 2 Clapham Birkbeck Rev.John Clapham,Clerk to John Birkbeck,Anley House,Banker re rents of messuages/closes Settle & Giggleswick
IF495 444 1825 4 Devonshire Clapham Duke Devonshire,Middlesex to Rev. John Clapham,Clerk re rents of messuages/closes Giggleswick,Rathmell & Settle. Complete list of all tenants names & acreages
IQ194 181 1826 2 Clapham Carr John Clapham to William Carr,Stackhouse re rents of half part Bannerheads & Kilnsticks
IQ195 182 1826 1 Clapham Carr Rev. John Clapham,Clerk to Rev. John Carr,Durham re Ox Scar & half part Bannerheads & Kilnsticks
JE726 683 1825 2 Clapham Sutcliffe Rev. John Clapham,Clerk to William Sutcliffe,Settle re rents of messuages/closes in Settle & Giggleswick
JQ189 176 1826 2 Clapham Proctor Rev.John Clapham,Clerk to John Procter, Long Preston re messuage Fieldgate etc. plus closes, Thomas Parker tenant
JU98 84 1826 2 Briggs Ingleby Thomas Briggs,Chatburn,Cotton manufacturer & John Taylor,Cotton manufacturer to Ellen Abbotson Ingleby,Austwick re messuage etc. plus cotton mill
JW698 629 1827 2 Taylor Greenwood John Taylor,Wharfe,manufacturer & Ellen Ingleby,Austwick to John Greenwood,Keighley & Jonas Whitaker,Otley both cotton spinners re messuage,barn etc. & cofts Robert Ayrton dwelt plus cotton mill
K288 405 1716 1 Lawson Dawson Thomas Lawson to William Dawson,Langcliffe Hall re house etc. plus closes
K431 593 1716 2 Lawson Baynes Thomas Lawson to Isabell Bayns re Hunnymire,Stangram & Broadhead & three nooke Capp
KC200 190 1828 1 Clapham Bolland Rev.John Clapham,Clerk to Agnes Bolland re messuage,coach house etc. & 2 cottages John Pollard & Stephen Parker dwell plus crofts
KH246 186 1828 2 Proctor Proctor John Procter,Skibden,Grazier & Richard Procter,Burnsall to Robert Procter & Richard Chippendale,Skipton re messuage,lands in Blakebank,Hetton,Bordley,Malham,Giggleswick,Langber,Settle,Burnsall, Malhamdale,Ilkley & Skipton
KL564 490 1829 2 Foster Birkbeck Jane & John Foster,Armitstead & John Hartley,Settle to John Birkbeck,Settle,Banker re messuages/lands in Giggleswick, Lawkland & Feizor
KL565 491 1829 2 Foster Birkbeck John & Jane Foster,Armitstead to William Birkbeck,Settle,Banker re messuage Armitstead & other messuages/lands in Lawkland,Giggleswick & Clapham
KL575 499 1829 1 Clapham Hartley Rev.John Clapham,Clerk to John Hartley,Settle re messuages/lands at water corn mills in Settle & Giggleswick
KM441 357 1829 1 Jackson Maudsley Thomas Jackson,Wharfe, Alice Jackson,Wharfe (executors Robert Jackson) to Thomas Maudsley,Feizor re dubs at Rathmell plus tofts/barn in Giggleswick Thomas Green last tenant
KW283 276 1830 1 Proctor Parker William Procter,Close House to Stephen Parker,Carpenter re scar close beside Turnpike road
KW285 278 1830 1 Clapham Maudsley Rev.John Clapham,Clerk to Thomas Maudsley, Rome re rents of messuages/lands
L211 277 1717 1 Newhouse Wigglesworth Jonathan Newhouse,Freemason & Margaret Newhouse,Wham (executors Henry Newhouse) to Thomas Wigglesworth,Wham re messuage Brawsha plus barn etc. & Kidstick, Bawsha & half part Wath
L211 278 1717 1 Newhouse Lister Jonathan Newhouse,Freemason & Margaret Newhouse,Wham (executors Henry Newhouse) to Anthony Lister re messuage & workhouse/shop plus Craven Bank & other closes
LA356 315 1831 2 Tate Harger Several assignees of estate William Tate,Settle,cabinet maker, joiner ,bankrupt & several bankers plus Richard Croardill,Gisburn to Joseph Harger,Settle,Innkeeper re messuage Joiners Arms,Settle William King tenant plus Brawshaw ground in Giggleswick
LC605 541 1832 1 Burbridge Clapham John Burbidge,Northampton, Thomas Miller,Kettering to Rev. John Clapham,Clerk re messuage (William Lawson deceased) plus closes, rents & tithes William Wildman tenant
LG321 347 1832 1 Clapham Redmayne John Clapham,cotton weaver & victualler to Thomas Redmayne,Stainforth re 2 converted houses now 5, Alice Bland, Richard Heaton, John ..... tenants
LJ241 230 1832 1 Clapham Sanderson Rev. John Clapham,Clerk to Agnes Sanderson re messuage of William Lawson deceased (minus various lands William Robinson & John Clapham recently fenced off) plus Rallin Brow William Wildman & John King tenants
LJ241 231 1832 2 Armistead Clapham Mary Armitstead,Clapham to Rev. John Clapham,Clerk re Rouster Close, John Leech tenant plus Butterfield Gap & tithes
LJ243 233 1832 1 Clapham Proctor Rev. John Clapham,Clerk to William Procter,Close House re rents of messuages/lands
LK626 574 1833 2 Clapham Garstang Rev. John Clapham,Clerk to Robert Garstang,Innkeeper re messuages/closes in Settle & Giggleswick, reserved rents plus Ings & Dallicar plus tithes
LK660 589 1833 1 Dawson Clapham Mary Long Dawson & Elizabeth Hutton Dawson,Marshfield to Rev. John Clapham,Clerk re Crummacroft & New close, John Clapham tenant
LL476 642 1738 1 Carr Lister William Carr & Grace, Langcliffe to Anthony Lister re messuage the Bell etc. plus closes including the Mains
LM71 20 1833 2 Clapham Metcalfe Jane Dobson (executrix Joseph Dobson) Rev. John Clapham,Clerk to John Metcalfe,Little Stainforth & Robert Atkinson,Settle,Innkeeper re messuage & turf house plus lands etc.
LS621 624 1834 2 Backhouse The Poor John Backhouse,Lancaster,Rev. Richard Wilbraham Ford,Gloucester,Clerk, Jane Backhouse & many more persons to the Poor of the Townships of Sette,Giggleswick,Langcliffe,Stainforth,Rathmell,LongPreston & Wigglesworth re Lower Orchard, now marked out, John Clapham tenant.
LS625 627 1834 1 Clapham Parker Rev.John Clapham,Clerk, John Hartley,Catteral Hall (Guardian of Poor) John Handsley,Grain House(Church warden) Thomas Lawson,Stackhouse & George Redmayne(Guardian of Poor) to Cuthbert Parker & John Parker Settle re 5 messuages opposite the Cross, & right of access over yard plus pews in church
LS626 628 1834 1 Clapham Wildman Rev.John Clapham,Clerk, John Hartley,Catteral Hall(Guardian of Poor) John Handlsey,Grain House(Church warden) Thomas Lawson,Stackhouse & George Redmayne(Guardian of Poor) to William Wildman & Matthias Aildman,Settle,Cordwainer re 5 messuages south of Vickers Croft
LS630 633 1834 1 Proctor Proctor John Procter,Settle,Cotton spinner to Thomas Procter,Cotton spinner re messuages/lands, tithes etc. of John Procter
LW198 142 1834 1 Clapham Proctor John Clapham,Clerk, John Maudsley,Grainhouse, Thomas Lawson,Stackhouse,farmer & George Redmayne,Cordwainer to William Procter,Close House, John Procter, L.Preston, John Procter,Settle,Grocer re 5 messuages in Back yard plus right of access across yard
LZ279 263 1834 3 Clapham Backhouse Rev. John Clapham.Clerk, Thomas Clapham, John Backhouse,Lancaster .... Richard Wilbraham Ford,Gloucester re Dog Kenell croft & others plus tithes
M2 2 1717 1 Claphamson Claphamson John Claphamson,Headingley,Clerk to Henry Claphamson re Brown Town Close
M305 420 1718 2 Claphamson Claphamson Henry Claphamson to John Claphamson,Headingley,Clerk (heir of Henry) re messuage the Bell etc. plus one cottage & closes including The Mains & Lords Wood
MC6 7 1835 2 Backhouse Clapham John Backhouse,Lancaster, Rev. Richard Wilbraham Ford,Gloucester, Jane Bartholomew, Francis Edward Witts & Margaret to John Clapham re Stripes
MD463 454 1835 2 Hartley Preston John Hartley,Settle & Mary Hartley to John Preston,Meerbeck re Skirkarr & several messuages plus closes in L.Preston
MM454 623 1739 1 Lister Husband Maybella Lister, John Atkinson,Roomhouses & George Atkinson to William Husband,Grainhouse & Christopher Hunter,Newton re Cockitt & other closes plus barn & stable
O164 251 1719 3 Medhurst Armistead William Medhurst,Leeds,merchant to Anna Armestead,Leeds(heiress Thomas Armestead Apothecary) Edward Richmond,Dalton, Tobias Lambert,Leeds re Ings & Guy Ings, Richard Bradley tenant plus many closes & barns including rents of houses(some in Langcliffe) a half part messuage & other messuages/warehouses etc. in Leeds & Giggleswick
O396 617 1719 1 Wearing Lister Matthew Wearing,Over Bentham, Robert Watkinson,Crainerigg & Thomas Lawson to Anthony Lister,Fairhill re Tipperthwaite plus closes
OG413 277 1842 1 Ingleby Birkbeck Ellen Abbotson Ingleby,Austwick, John Taylor,cotton manufacturer,Thomas Taylor & Robert Twiston to Thomas Birkbeck & William Robinson,Settle,Bankers re messuages etc. in Thames Street plus adjacent closes
ON372 343 1843 2 Birkbeck Thornber John Tatham,Settle,Grocer,William Atkinson,K.Malham,John Birkbeck, Anley House,Henry Alcock,Skipton,Thomas Birkbeck,Stackhouse, Thomas Tatham,Lancaster & wife,Elizabeth Stansfield,Lothersdale to John Thornber,Settle,cotton manufacturer & Ellen Thornber re messuage etc.& closes including Swabeck House, William Leach tenant
OO436 635 1740 1 Lister Lister Anthony & Jane Lister, Anthony Lister's son,Clerk to John Lister,Settle,mercer & Thomas Clapham,Stackhouse re 7 closes & barn
OT723 702 1844 2 Alcock Netherwood Henry Alcock,Skipton,Banker,John Birkbeck,William Nicholson Alcock to Christopher Netherwood,Keighley & William Netherwood,Skipton re messuages etc.
P646 836 1720 2 Claphamson Wiglesworth Henry Claphamson & John Claphamson,Headingley,Clerk to William Wiglesworth,Lancaster re Brown Town close & messuage the Bell plus closes including Lords Wood
P729 932 1721 1 Medhurst Brayshaw William Medhurst,Leeds,merchant to Richard Brayshaw re Low Moore,Spenn & Buttimire plus barn -John Armitstead Master Free Grammar School owned
P730 933 1721 1 Medhurst Frankland William Medhurst,Leeds,merchant to William Frankland,Close House re Short Wattikers purchased of Henry Wiglesworth,L.Preston by John Armitstead Master Free Grammar School owned.
P730 934 1721 1 Medhurst Airton William Medhurst,Leeds,merchant & Anna to Robert Airton re Ing Close,Richard Bradley tenant plus half part messuage Parsons, Robert Airton, Charles Browning,Mrs.Spark & Charles Steward tenants plus barns,closes etc. & one stone lime kiln plus Bull Ing. 2nd.PIC missing
PP612 896 1742 2 Brayshaw Foster Richard Brayshay to John Foster, Thomas Clapham,Stackhouse & Thomas Foster,Brackenbottom re his messuage,stable,turf house etc. plus many closes,seats in church & rents of closes
R228 324 1722 2 Grayson Harris Tabilla Grayson,London,James & Richard Grayson & others including William Dawson,Langcliffe to Charles Harris re Rectory, tithes, glebe lands, rents plus Great Barn, Edward Grayson late tenant
RR303 397 1743 2 Dawson Nowell William Dawson,Langcliffe to Charles Nowell,Gisburn re Beck Hall, barn etc. plus various closes & barns
RR307 401 1743 2 Nowell Welsh Charles Nowell to Anna Welsh,Leek re messuage Beck Hall, stable etc. plus various closes & barns
RR372 484 1743 1 Foster Brayshaw John Foster,Armitstead,Thomas Clapham,Stackhouse & Thomas Foster,Brackenbottom to Richard Brayshaw re messuage of Richard, stable & messuage Newhouses plus closes/barns & rents
S264 365 1723 2 Briggs Chine Henry Briggs Snr. Huggan Ings,Gisburn to Edward Chine,Rathmell re messuage (Nicholas Hargreaves dwelt) barn etc. plus croft & closes & demolished house (Coates) with closes & seats in church
S266 367 1723 2 Chine Whaley Edward & Margaret Chine,Rathmell to George Whaley re messuage (Nicholas Hargreaves dwelt) barn etc. plus croft/closes & demolished house (Coates) with closes & seats in church
SS451 604 1744 2 Clapham Clapham Thomas Clapham,Stackhouse to Christopher Clapham,Settle & Charles Nowell re Lay riggs
SS452 605 1744 1 Lister Lister John Lister,Settle,mercer to Anthony Lister re messuage Thorntree etc. plus closes & barn
T27 33 1723 1 Brown Watkinson Henry Brown,Newhall to Matthew Watkinson,Blacksmith re Ings Close, William Armitstead owned
T99 134 1723 1 Banks Leigh John Banks,Paley Green to Elizabeth Leigh,Lawkland re sheep gates etc. on Scalebarr,Settle & Pindar mire,Skirfendale,Tofts & Bradley Croft in Giggleswick
T264 358 1724 2 Wigglesworth Lister William Wigglesworth,Lancaster to Mabell Lister re Bowne Town Close & messuage the Bell plus other closes
T266 361 1724 1 Claphamson Lister (Isa) John Claphamson.Headingley,Clerk to Mabell Lister re the Bell etc. plus various closes including Lords Wood
T551 740 1724 1 Banks Jackson John Banks,Upper Paley Green to Thomas Jackson,Lakeland & Thomas Wilkinson re cottage etc. at Paley Green plus closes
TT386 496 1744 1 Brayshaw Hardacre Richard Brayshaw to Alexander Hardacre,Hellifield re Stangram & Gatteramland
UU171 232 1746 2 Welsh Marton Ann Welch,Leck & Charles Nowell to Edward Marton, Lancaster re Beck Hall & barn etc. & various closes & barns
UU561 762 1747 1 Carr Carr Thomas Carr to Roger Carr re messuage of Thomas Carr with barns/closes
W367 466 1725 1 Fawcett Harris Robert Fawcett,Clothier to Charles Harris re Craven Banks
W523 674 1725 1 Lawson Tyson Thomas Lawson to William Tyson,Briggflatts,Cordwainer re messuage Elizabeth Robinson dwells plus barn & croft
WW8 12 1745 1 Brayshaw Brayshaw Rochard Brayshaw to Thomas Brayshaw re half part of Newfield Close
WW482 657 1746 1 Robinson Harrison George & Ellin Robinson,Slaidburn & Francis & Jennet Clerk, Tallside, Clothier to Thomas Harrison re messuage Pythorns,plus buildings,closes etc. in Wiglesworth & messuage Paley Green & closes John Scambler tenant
WW483 659 1746 2 Harrison Brayshaw Thomas Harrison,Wiglesworth to Thomas Brayshaw re messuage Lower Paley Green & various closes, Jennet,Richard & William Tower tenants
WW592 815 1746 2 Wharfe King Lawrence Wharfe,Stainforth(Richard Thorton,Horton,Schoolmaster) & William Tyson,Cordwainer to Emanuel King,Austwick re messuage William Tyson dwells plus barn etc.
WW593 817 1746 1 Wharfe Sedgwick Lawrence Wharfe,Stainforth & William Tyson,Cordwainer to Stephen Sedgwick,Churchwarden,Horton & Rev. James Sedgwick (Overseer of Poor,Horton) re Bateman
WW691 951 1746 2 Marton Hubbersty Edward Marton,Lancaster & Charles Nowell to Robert Hubbersty,Under Barrow re messuage Beck Hall, barn etc. & various closes, Charles Nowell tenant plus other closes & rents
Y24 30 1727 1 Armitstead Lister John Armitstead,Settle to Mabel Lister re Broad Butts adjacent Giggleswick/Rathmell route plus Croft & Chatterall Laith Butts & barn
Y667 878 1728 1 Nicholson Lister Christopher Nicholson,Wearing Folds to Mabel Lister & Anthony Lister re messuage,Wearingfolds plus other houses,barns,closes etc.
Y667 879 1728 2 Airton Clapham Robert Airton to Agnes Clapham,Stackhouse re half part messuage,Parsons, barn,closes etc. & stone lime kiln plus half part rent re messuage & close etc. Henry Paley owns & Bull Ing
YY395 479 1748 2 Sedwick Burton Stephen Sedgwick,Ashes & James Sedgwick,Clerk,Horton to Thomas Burton,Newhouses,Anthony Redmain,Rawe,Churchwardens, Roger Chapman,Selside & Thomas Green,Lilley Green overseers of Poor, William Tyson,Cordwainer & William Bradley,K.Stainforth re Batemans