Health and Safety Advice on Outdoor Events

Health and safety notes

The North Craven Heritage Trust is duty bound to ensure that leaders are adequately briefed on their responsibilities and are competent to lead a walk or other outdoor event involving walking out of immediate reach of buildings where assistance and members' cars are easily accessible. If the leader is not an NCHT member, he/she will be pre-briefed and supported on the walk/event by the NCHT Events Organiser or another nominated NCHT member, who will be responsible for points 1-7 below. Each leader has to comply with Health and Safety legislation and good practice.

The NCHT has responsibilities but so do the persons joining an outdoor event, who should be properly clothed, declare any potential health or fitness problem and make clear to the leader any consequent emergency action that might be required. The leader has a right to request that a person does not take part in a walk/event if the risk of a medical emergency is deemed to be too high. Any person in doubt about this issue should contact the leader beforehand.

The NCHT requires that:

  1. The leader carries out a risk assessment (for risk assessment form please click here) for each outing, perhaps best achieved by carrying out a recce no more than a few days prior to the walk.
  2. The leader must brief the party at the outset on the intended route, distance, the amount of steep or rough ground, and any potential hazards.
  3. The leader must inform the party what clothing and equipment is deemed appropriate for that outing and must make a spot decision as to whether an ill-equipped person should be allowed to take part in the walk. If the leader accepts such a person he/she is thereby accepting responsibility and liability.
  4. The leader must ascertain if any member of the party has any medical condition likely to have a negative impact on that person's ability to complete the walk. The leader has to make the necessary decision.
  5. The leader must have a system in place to remove from the party those who are deemed unfit or incapable of completing the walk, possibly by having an early stop for a rest.
  6. The leader should have access to a mobile phone and appropriate first-aid kit which is regularly checked.
  7. The leader collects the visitors' fee (normally £2) to cover insurance and passes this to the NCHT Treasurer.


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