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ContentsAuthorPage no.
Front Cover Picture  
Valediction Michael Slater 1
Chairman’s Report John Asher 1
Editorial Michael Pearson 1
Reginald John Farrer: some reflections on the centenary of his death David Crutchley 2
Bridge End Mill, Settle Michael Slater 4
Reminiscences of Frank Peel — (letter to P. Hudson, June 2000)   8
A young man at Brassingtons, Settle. John Reid 8
Sutcliffe House and The Bell Inn, Giggleswick Andrew Davidson 10
The reading habits of female members of the Langcliffe Village Institute Library, 1900-1908 Brogan Sadler 14
Thomas Redmayne of Taitlands Catherine Vaughan-Williams 18
Brian the bachelor Brian Shorrock 21
Book Review: ‘Report on the dating of traditional farm buildings
    around Ingleborough’ by Alison Armstrong and David Johnson
Who was Richard Clapham (1791-1856)? Michael Pearson 24
Women and children in the Ancient Parish of Giggleswick — 1558 to 1598 Michael Slater 25
Giggleswick and religious change during the Reformation Nicholas J. Verrill 31
Historical Mystery Michael Pearson 33
Book Review: ‘A Portrait of Ingleborough’ by Hilary Fenten   33
Bill Mitchell Memorial Walk
Saturday 6 July 2019 − Leader David S. Johnson
John Asher 34
Wildflowers at Colt Park — 22nd May, 2019 Judith Allinson 35
Book Review: ‘Discover your woods. Trees in the Dales’ by David Joy   38
Summer Outing — Asby: Westmorland’s Limestone Country   39


ContentsAuthorPage no.
Front Cover Picture  
Editorial Michael Slater1
Chairman’s Report John Asher1
NCHT 50th Anniversary celebration  2
Dr E Margaret Buckle, Dales poet and teacher at Settle Girls’ High School Kathleen Kinder4
Grain House, Giggleswick Emmeline Garnett8
A medieval stone?  10
Robbery and retribution: the true story of James Metcalfe and his transportation to Australia Mary Slater11
Kirkby Malham Church Historic Buildings Fund Grant  12
Arthur Raistrick and the Pig Yard Club excavation of Sewell Cave 1933-34 Tony Stephens13
The Wills of Women in 16th century North Craven Charlotte Moody16
Bits and Pieces  20
The Settle-Carlisle Railway: the Naming of Ribblehead Station 1876/7 by Rev Edward Harrison Woodall Martin Pearson21
The Settle market charters Thomas Lord and Michael Slater24
Zion Independent Congregational Chapel in Upper Settle Anne Read28
The Mystery of the St Alkelda Stained Glass Panel Kathleen Kinder32
The Green, Langcliffe: making sense of an enigmatic building David Johnson34
Summer Outing: Along the A59 Leader David S. Johnson39
Lawkland Hall Wood at Bluebell Time Leader Giles Bowring40


ContentsAuthorPage no.
Front Cover  
Editorial Maureen Ellis and Michael Slater1
Chairman’s Report 2018 Journal John Asher1
Obituary Harold Foxcroft 1929-2017 Audrey Foxcroft, Anne Read and Maureen Ellis2
The NCHT webserver Mike Slater2
The collection, digital imaging and digital conservation of local historical documents Michael Slater 3
Milk Kitting Mary Taylor5
More fact than fantasy: a literary glimpse into Giggleswick's past Mary Slater7
Death and Disease in North Craven 1610 - 1820 Michael Pearson10
An 18th Century Shopkeeper - the account book of William Carr of Settle Sheila M Gordon15
Agnes Burrow: Limestone Scaurs near Settle Mary Slater17
Mystery Datestone  17
Water under Settle Graham Ball and Michael Slater18
The Buckhaw Brow Underpass  20
Raisegale, Ingleton Fells: in search of a lost farmstead David S Johnson21
Stephen Park within Gisburn Forest -- was it a pre-sixteenth century deer-park of the Hamerton family? Graham Cooper and Helen Wallbank (Slaidburn Archive)29
Mear Beck Farmhouse, near Settle Anthony Bradley34
Eel Ark Hill George Redmonds and David Shore34
Summer Outing: More pele towers in the Penrith area 7 July 2017 — Leader David S. Johnson36


ContentsAuthorPage no.
Front Cover  
Editorial Maureen Ellis and Michael Slater 1
Chairman’s Report John Asher 1
In search of Prior Moon’s birthplace Tony Stephens 2
Marshfield House, Parents' National Educational Union (PNEU) Preparatory School in Settle   5
Surgeons, Apothecaries and Man-midwives - Settle medics from the 17th to the 20th century Mary and Michael Slater 8
Patterns of Bequest among the 'Middling Sort' in the parish of Giggleswick: 1600-1750 Claudia Minett 12
Burrow - The History behind the Headstones Mary Slater 18
John Tatham of Settle, Quaker Botanist John Beckett 20
A Yorkshire Farmer's Wife Tells Us Her Story Mrs Shepherd 22
William Taylor's Trade Token, 1668   23
A Life of Letters Brian Shorrock 24
The Settle and District Conservative Club House Company Ltd. Graham Cross and Michael Slater 25
Knight Stainforth Packhorse Bridge   29
An Anglian landscape: Reef Knolls and Düns George Redmonds and David Shore 30
Oxenber: The History of an Ancient Woodland Michael Pearson 33
More about Settle Gas Works and Stumps Mike Howarth 38
The Portable Antiquities Scheme in North and East Yorkshire: 2016 Round-Up Rebecca Griffiths 40
The Summer Outing 2016 — Lanercost Priory and Naworth CastleDavid S.Johnson 45
Slaidburn Village and Archive Kevin Illingworth 46
Visit to The Grange Garden   46
Limestone Quarrying in North Craven David S.Johnson 47
NCHT Mince Pie Walk Michael Southworth 48


ContentsAuthorPage no.
Editorial Maureen Ellis and Michael Slater 1
Chairman's Report John Asher 1
The Horton Wills Project: A study of wills in the period 1418 to 1603 Horton History group 3
To the Baltic and Beyond: the Remarkable Descendants of John Armitstead of Austwick Mary Slater 6
The Farrer Family Ken Pearce 7
Aspects of Life in Giggleswick and Horton Parishes during the Eighteenth Century Sheila Gordon 12
New evidence reveals Eighteenth century Craven drovers summer pasturing their cattle on the Lincolnshire fens Tony Stephens 16
Haver and Stirks: Farming in Austwick from 1550 to 1750 Michael Pearson 20
The Settle Coal Gas supply, retorts and stumps Michael Slater 24
North Craven and the Pilgrimage of Grace 1536 -7 : the view from Giggleswick Kathleen Kinder 26
The Foster, Poor Close and Poor's Allotment Charity Ben McKenzie 29
Cocket and Swaw Beck, Giggleswick C. Roger Moss and Michael Slater 30
A Stained Glass Whodunnit Anthony B Boylan 34
The Summer outing 2015 — Lancashire Gems Leader — David S. Johnson — 11 June 2015 36
The Ingleborough Terraces − a walk back in time Leader − Chris Bonsall − 20 May 2015 37
Malham Field Studies Centre: Walk around reserve Leader — David Tayler — 30 June 2015 38
The Settle Town and Country Walk 15 August 2015 39
Visit to Settle Town Hall and talk on Conscientious Objectors Jeremy Taylor and John Asher —' 13 December 2015 40
Obituary Miss Hilary Green (1918 - 2015)   41
Obituary W. (Bill) R. Mitchell, MBE, Hon. D. Litt. (1928 - 2015)   42
Obituary Phyllis Houlton (1921-2015)   43


ContentsAuthorPage no.
Editorial Maureen Ellis and Michael Slater 1
Chairman’s Report John Asher 1
Highlights from our publishing past   2
Sacred Landmarks and Landscapes in North Craven:
St Alkelda re-visited, holy wells and south-side side crosses
Kathleen Kinder 3
Pimlico House, GisburnKevin Illingworth 8
Chapel-le-Dale and Scales: a case study in social and demographic history David S. Johnson 9
The shop now known as Castleberg Outdoors, Cheapside, Settle Chris and Graham Ball 14
A Settle Draper’s Shop in 1686 Mary Slater 16
Your Change, Goodwife: Trade Tokens in the seventeenth Century Barry Forster and Anne Read 20
Court Baron Records and the Enclosure of Austwick Michael Pearson 21
The Scribe, The Poet and The Artist Elizabeth Shorrock 25
Datestones on old buildings in Craven, Bowland and Upper Wharfedale Michael Slater and Mary Slater 26
Eldroth Hall Roy G. K. Gudgeon 29
Dr Bertram Lambert and the Box Respirator:
A Settle man’s part in The Great War
Jeanne Carr 32
Mapping the Lordship of Bowland William Bowland 35
Sheep of the Fells Mary Taylor 37
The Summer outing 2014
Either side of Ripon
Leader - David S. Johnson — 12 June 2014 40
Eighteenth-Century Roads West of Settle Leader - Robert Clarke — 7 August 2014 41
Dry Rigg Quarry Leader - Michael Southworth — 3 September 2014 42
Mince Pie walk: Up and Down the Ribble Leader - Michael Slater — 14 December 2014 43
Guidelines for submission of articles for the North Craven Heritage Trust Journal The Editor 44


ContentsAuthorPage no.
Front Cover    
Editorial Maureen Ellis and Michael Slater 1
Chairman’s Report Michael Southworth 1
Obituary — Stan Lawrence Maureen Ellis 2
Rev. John Robinson and Alphonsine Sarah Jarry Charities Michael J. Slater 3
Winters Brian Shorrock 4
Vernacular architecture, Gisburn Kevin Illingworth 5
The Italian Ladies in Settle Michael Slater 8
Flodden armour   12
The History of Scottish Country Dancing in North West Craven Mary Taylor 14
Long Preston’s tithe holders Tony Stephens 15
Off-roading in a Trampa Jill Sykes 22
A Settle and Carlisle railway Navvy Hut Mark Rand 22
Where there’s a will . . . Mary Slater 26
Austwick Hall: A history of the gardens Eric Culley and Michael Pearson 28
The mystery of the map of Ingleborough made by Richard Newby, 1619 Jill Sykes 33
The Summer Outing 2013 — A Day around Penrith 13 June 2013 — Leader - David S. Johnson 34
Visit to Whelprigg House, near Kirkby Lonsdale 1 May 2013 - Michael Slater 36
Keasden Moor Wild Flower Walk 20 June 2013 — Leader - Judith Allinson 37
Low Bentham and Tatham - vernacular architecture 14 July 2013 — Leader - Kevin Illingworth 38
Bordley Walk 4 September 2013 — Leader - Alison Armstrong 39
Mince Pie Walk 1 December 2013 — Leader - Alan King 40


ContentsAuthorPage no.
Front Cover    
Editorial Maureen Ellis and Michael Slater 1
Chairman’s Report Michael Southworth 1
Lifeboats - In Settle? T. Harold Foxcroft 2
Austwick Hall: The Economics of a Yorkshire Dales Estate Michael Pearson 6
The Langcliffe Paper Mill Fire, 1940 MJS and EMS 10
Growing up in Hellifield: wartime and beyond Brian Shorrock 12
Virginia Woolf and her connections with Giggleswick School Barbara Gent 13
The Ribblesdale Coiners Mary Slater 17
Longridge — A Victorian New Town Hilary Walklett 20
Far Moor Bridge Roger Moore 23
Tracing the rural roads of the late eighteenth century: Eldroth and its surroundings as depicted by Thomas Jefferys Robert Clarke 25
Butter-making on the farm Mary Taylor 29
Thomas Nuttall, Ribblesdale’s Forgotten Botanist, Ornithologist and Explorer Gill Jones 30
Summer Outing - ‘Barney Bound’ - Kirby Hill and Barnard Castle - 14 June 2013 David Johnson 30

A medieval house in Kettlewell - 25 April 2013 Alison Armstrong 31
Vernacular architecture, Gisburn - 1 July 2013 Kevin Illingworth 33
Flora and Archaeology — Langcliffe and Attermire - 18 July 2013 Dr Mike Canaway 33
Mince Pie walk - 2 December 2013 John Fox 34
Jim Nelson (1918-2013) — Obituary 35


ContentsAuthorPage no.
Front Cover    
Editorial Maureen Ellis and Mike Slater 1
Chairman’s Report Michael Southworth 1
Legacies to support the work of the Trust North Craven Heritage Trust (Charity No. 504029) 2
The Bentham Calculating Machine Mary Slater 2
A Joyful Noise Unto The Lord - the story of Clapham’s bells Ken Pearce 4
A guide to Settle in the early 1900s Barbara Johnson 8
Account of Ingleborough, a remarkable mountain Pastor 10
Nappa Manor Farm George and Myfanwy Bargh 12
A young man in Hellifield in the 1940s Brian Shorrock 14
Wigglesworth Methodist Chapel Diana Kaneps 16
Hipping-Stones alias Stepping Stones Maureen Ellis 17
Traditional Farm Buildings in Upper Ribblesdale: a field survey David S. Johnson 20
The Christmas Quiz December 2011 The Writing on the Wall 24
Navvies and the local community Eleanor Fisher 26
The Family Pig Mary Taylor 29
The Summer Outing to Appleby 2011 Jill Sykes and Ken Pearce 31

Keasden Flower Walk — 11 May 2011Leader: Judith Allinson 32
The vernacular architecture of Winewall — 27 July 2011Leader: Kevin Illingworth 33
Natural history heritage walk — 17 August 2011Leader: Mike Canaway 34
Geology heritage walk in Crummackdale — 4 September 2011Leader: Michael Southworth 34
Lawkland Hall Estate — 11 December 2011Leader:Giles Bowring 35
Picnic-in-the-Park — Friday 1 July 2011 Michael Southworth 35
Guidelines for submission of articles for the North Craven Heritage Trust Journal   36
Austwick - A historical walk round the village Sylvia Harrop 36
Captain Thomas Paulden Reg Postlethwaite 36


ContentsAuthorPage no.
Editorial Maureen Ellis and Michael Slater1
Chairman's Report Michael Southworth 1
Obituary Dr John A. Chapman 1922 - 20102
Be careful where you tread John Hunter2
The Winskill Farms - 400 years of history Thomas C. Lord and Michael Slater7
Life of a railwayman Derek V. Soames11
The Giggleswick Wills Project Sheila Gordon, Mary Slater and Michael Slater12
Marriage, Divorce and Bigamy - The Bindloss Affair Sheila Gordon17
St. Helen's Well: near Friarshead, between Eshton and Winterburn Diana Kaneps21
Two items of local interest in the Leeds Museums and Galleries Mary Slater23
Hay Making and Machinery Mary Taylor 24
Craven farms Dr Margaret Buckle26
Charles Kingsley, Christian Socialist Malham Moor, and Tom The Chimney Sweep
Brontë Bedford-Payne
Life at Bowerley, in Langcliffe, in the 1940s and 1950s Roger Walton and Susan Brookes31
Summer Outing 2010 Jill Sykes33
Know your area walk — Ingleton — 13 July 2010Leader - Robert Dyson35

Westhouse — 7 February 2010Leaders - Heather and David Jemson37
Snippets from Clapham and Newby’s history — 7 March 2010Leader - Ken Pearce37
Langcliffe Manor pastures — 2 May 2010Leaders - Mary and Mike Slater38
Summit of Burn Moor — 13 June 2010Leader - Bill Hinde39
Curious rock features on Penyghent — 5 September 2010 Leader - Mike Slater39
Cows and Coneys — 3 October 2010Leader - Sheila Gordon40
Gargrave and Leeds-Liverpool Canal — 5 December 2010Leader John Fox40
Guidelines for submission of articles for the North Craven Heritage Trust Journal 41
Austwick - A historical walk round the village Sylvia Harrop41


ContentsAuthorPage no.
Editorial Maureen Ellis and Michael Slater 1
Chairman's Report Michael Southworth 1
Obituary: Arthur Ralph Ransome Lupton (1924 - 2009) — Aka ‘Arthur’ T.H.Foxcroft 2
Obituary: Bryan Braithwaite-Exley (1927-2009) Sylvia Harrop 2
The changing fortunes of charities in the ancient parish of Giggleswick Michael J. Slater 3
The Earl of Cumberland’s survey of North Craven of 1579 Tony Stephens 6
An Ascent of Ingleborough in 1818 William Pearson 12
The Foulscales Stone Diana Kaneps 15
The history of Victoria Hall John and Helen Reid 16
Trig Points Richard Ellis 17
Ingleborough Hall Ken Pearce 19
The Enigma of Miss Nancy Mason of Clapham, Eighteenth Century Mathematician Extraordinaire Sylvia Harrop 20
Early Quakerism in Malhamdale and the Origins of Airton Friends Meeting House Laurel Phillipson 23
Schoolboy tales Brian Shorrock 26
Floras Maureen Ellis 27
Names of Ribblesdale Caves Helen Sergeant 30
Summer Outing 2009 — The Richmond Area — 2 July 2009 Leader - David S. Johnson
Reporter - Ken Pearce
Know Your Area Walk — Austwick (continued) — 6 August 2008 Leader - Sylvia Harrop 32

Bentham’s Heritage — 1 February 2009 Leader - Ken Waters 33
Not the Waterfalls Walk — 5 April 2009 Leaders - Olwyn and Keith Bolger 33
Archaeology of Feizor Thwaite — 7 June 2009 Leaders - Sheila Gordon, Mary and Mike Slater 33
The Birks — 6 September 2009 Leader - Maureen Ellis 34
Both Sides of the Aire — 4 October 2009 Leaders - Rosemary and Robin Bundy 34
From Austwick to Clapham via Norber — 1 November 2009 Leader - Michael Southworth 35
Hoffmann Kiln and River Bank walk — 6 December 2009 Leader - John Fox 36


ContentsAuthorPage no.
Editorial 2009 Maureen Ellis and Michael Slater 1
Chairman’s Report Sylvia Harrop 1
Mrs. Ethne Bannister Sylvia Harrop 2
Stainforth Wills: a study of kinship Jenny Dodd 2
A Volunteer in the Yorkshire Dales National Park Roger Henson 7
The cow jumped over the moon Long Preston Heritage Group 9
A Millennium of Farming at Lower Winskill Thomas C. Lord 10
A Brewer's Auction Mart Challenge “I'll build it if you'll run it!” Keith Hartley 13
John Birkbeck (1817-1890) and John Birkbeck (1842-1892), mountaineers Michael Slater 16
Underbridges In Craven Sheila Gordon 18
Curious rock features on Penyghent Helen Sergeant 21
Samuel Watson (c1618-1708) of Knight Stainforth Hall, Quaker. Jean Asher 22
A Grass For Every Month In North Craven Judith Allinson 27
Austwick and The Hall — 6 June 2007 Leader - Sylvia Harrop 30
Kirkby Malham — 17 July 2008 Leaders - Robin and Rosemary Bundy
and Kevin Illingworth
Summer Outing 2008 — Around Ripon — 3 July 2008 Leader - David S. Johnson
Raporteur - John Asher

Feizor Frolic — 3 February 2008 Leader - Sheila Gordon 34
Stockdale — 2 March 2008 Leaders - Mary and Mike Slater 34
Clapham, Norber & Austwick — 6 April 2008 Leader - Ken Pearce 34
The geology and history of Crummack Dale — 1 June 2008 Leader - David S. Johnson 35
Airton to Bell Busk Circular — 7 September 2008 Leader - Jan Rhodes 36
Rathmell - The Ribble Way — 5 October 2008 Leaders - Elaine and Bernard Shepherd 36


ContentsAuthorPage no.
Editorial Maureen Ellis and Michael Slater 1
Chairman’s Report Sylvia Harrop 1
The Historic Churches Fund Michael Southworth 2
North Craven Maureen Ellis and Michael Slater 2
The Twisletons of Craven and elsewhere Revd. Dr. John Fiennes Twisleton 3
St Alkelda Michael Slater 6
Another curious case of Thomas Hurtley Robin Bundy 7
A life at High Trenhouse on Malham Moor Kathleen Slinger (née Coates) 9
Joseph Norman Frankland (1904-95): a tribute   10
A Pretty Kiddle of Fish Mary Slater 11
The Birtwhistles of Craven and Galloway;
“the greatest graziers and dealers in the Kingdom”?
Tony Stephens 13
The History of Winter Floods Robert Starling 17
From Indentured Apprentice to Respected Citizen: the Story of Craven Bacon and Linen Weaving in Stainforth David S. Johnson 18
The first printers in Settle John Collins 20
The Knowles Charity Rita Hudson 22
History in Settle John Fox, Phil and Rita Hudson 24
From Heaven to Fame: tombstone memorials Canon John G. Hunter 25
Giggleswick’s Church Bell Heritage David S. Parry 29
In High Glee! Sheila Gordon, Mary Slater and Pat Smith 32
Summer Outing 2007 — Either side of the Swale — 5 July 2007 Leader - David S. Johnson 35
Whelpstone Crag Area — 4 February 2007 Leaders - Bernard and Elaine R. Shepherd 36
Long Preston — 1 April 2007 Leaders - Sandra Fox and Jan Rhodes 36
Craven Ridge — 6 May 2007 Leaders - Audrey and Harold Foxcroft 36
Austwick — 3 June 2007 Leader - Michael Southworth 37
Chapel-le-Dale — 5 August 2007 Leader - Jan Rhodes 37
Great Close and Middle House area — 2 September 2007 Leader - David S. Johnson 38
Clapham and Clapdale — 7 October 2007 Leader - Ken Pearce 38
Helwith Bridge and Studfold — 4 November 2007 Leaders - Mary and Mike Slater 39
Stainforth (Mince Pie Walk) — 2 December 2007 Leaders - Hilary and David Holdsworth 39
Know your area walk
Hellifield and the Railway
— 8 August 2007
Leaders - Derek Soames and Bill Mitchell 40


Page no.
Editorial Maureen Ellis and Michael Slater 1
Chairman’s Report Sylvia Harrop 1
Arthur Lupton - Vice President   2
Acquisition of documents by the North Craven Heritage Trust David S. Johnson 2
Maintenance grants for the historic churches and chapels of North Craven   2
Aestheticism and Athleticism: The Changing Depictions, Pursuits and Visitors in North Craven, 1750-1900 Kay Exton 3
A Peep into the Past Elizabeth Shorrock 9
The curious case of Thomas Hurtley Bill Mitchell 10
Keasden School, Hammon Head and the Education Act 1870 Maureen Ellis 11
Roman Villa at Gargrave Elizabeth Hartley and Maureen Ellis 12
The early clergy of Giggleswick Church Michael Slater 14
Hellifield Peel Karen and Francis Shaw 18
Families, farms and fields: Cowside in Langcliffe, 1591 to 1754 Sheila Gordon, Mary Slater and Michael Slater 25
Flagstone in North Ribblesdale Bill Mitchell 29
Moving Boundaries Sheila Gordon and Rita Hudson 31
The Clog Song Rob Clarke 33
Summer Outing : Peel / pele towers of the Penrith area — 6 June 2006 Leader - David S. Johnson 34

              The Talks Programme

Early Maps and Mapmakers - Part 2

Mills have left their mark on the Dales


Reported by Bill Mitchell

Reported by Bill Mitchell




              The Walks Programme


Early Dry Stone Walls — 5 February 2006

Rylstone -Hetton-Flasby-Rylstone — 5 March 2006

Wigglesworth, Cappleside and The Ribble Way — 2 April 2006

View over limestone country from Eldroth — 4 June 2006

The Reginald Farrer Trail — 3 September 2006

Around Hellifield — 1 October 2006

Stackhouse — 5 November 2006



Tom Lord

Dorothy Hemsworth

Alan Aspden

Maureen and Richard Nicholas

Keith Bolger

John & Sandra Fox

Mary and Mike Slater










The restoration of the tower clock of St Alkelda’s Church, Giggleswick   40

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Page no.
Editorial Maureen Ellis and Michael Slater 1
Chairman’s Report Sylvia Harrop 1
Masons’ marks on Cow Bridge Diana Kaneps 2
The cotton mill at Low Westhouse Geoff Brown 3
The Resting Stone (SD 756 615) Diana Kaneps 4
Settle Steam John Middlemiss 5
Keasden Moor Pond Maureen Ellis 6
Have Spoon, Will Travel Roger Mitchell 7
Richard Frankland Academy Memorial   8
The Founding of the Craven Herald, 1850-1875 Reported by W R Mitchell 9
Keasden sign post Colin Price and Maureen Ellis 9
Hand-me-Downs Anthea Bickley 10
Burton in Lonsdale in the late medieval period Tony Stephens and Susan Gregory 13
Memories of a Dales Life Tom Spencer 17
Settle Mechanics’ Institute 1831-1887 Sylvia Harrop 18
Recollections of Thomas Archibald Murray (As told to Elizabeth Shorrock) 23
The Witch of Clapham? Helen Sergeant 26
Rods, Poles and Perches Michael Slater and Ian Saunders 27

              The Walks Programme

SUMMER OUTING: The Hodder and Calder valleys — 6 July 2005


Austwick and Lawkland — 6 February 2005

Masongill — 6 March 2005

A walk around Airton — 3 April 2005

Grass Wood — 1 May 2005

Mearbeck — 12 June 2005

Keasden — 2 October 2005

Lawkland Hall Estate — 6 November 2005


David Johnson


Michael Southworth

Heather Jemson

Dorothy Hemsworth

Elizabeth Shorrock

Sue Taylor

Maureen Ellis

Giles Bowring











Know your area walk - Tosside — 9 June 2005

Know your area walk - Langcliffe — 4 August 2005

Know your area walk - Lodge Lane — 4 September 2005

Richard Schofield

Mike Slater

John Fox





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Page no.
Front Cover    
Editorial Maureen Ellis and Michael Slater 1
The logo Mike Slater 1
Chairman’s Report Sylvia Harrop 1
Bill Mitchell, NCHT President Sylvia Harrop 2
Members’ Update: The Aims and Objectives of the Trust Maureen Ellis and Mike Slater 2
The North Craven Historical Research Group Rita Hudson 3
Dancing Bears Jim Nelson and Maureen Ellis 3
The Resting Stone Sheila Gordon and Rita Hudson 4
The Discovery of Victoria Cave Tom C. Lord 5
The Horner family - photographers in Settle Michael J. Slater 7
Brunton House and its Owners 1754 to 1933 David Harrop 10
The renovation of the Folly’s North Wing Mark Rand 14
Settle and John Lettsom Alan King 17
The Changing Face of Settle John Chapman 19
Settle’s Royal Connection Helen Sergeant 22
Bygone Businesses in Upper Settle Jim Young 23
The old shops of Settle Lois Whaites 24
The Rise and Fall of a Building - Settle Mechanics’ Hall Rita Hudson 24

The Walks programme

SUMMER OUTING: Coverdale and beyond — 14 July 2004


Burton-in-Lonsdale — 1 February 2004

Gargrave — 7 March 2004

Oxenber Wood -_Feizor - Wharfe — 2 May 2004

Crummackdale — 6 June 2004

Tosside Becks — 4 July 2004

Settle and its Railway Structures — 5 September 2004

Westwards — 3 October 2004

Huntworth history — 7 November 2004

John Fox

David Johnson


Carol Crellin

John and Sandra Fox

Michael Southworth

David & Hilary Holdsworth

Alan Aspden

Robin Corbett

Olwyn and Keith Bolger

Arthur Lupton and Harold Foxcroft












Know your area walk - Keasden — 19 May 2004

Colin Price and Maureen Ellis



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Page no.
Cover Picture Norma A Stephenson  
Editorial Members’ Update Maureen Ellis and Michael Slater 1
Chairman’s Report 2004 Sylvia Harrop 2
Sheila Haywood - Vice President M Ellis 2
Web site for the NCHT David Holdsworth and Frank Woodhams 3
A logo for the NCHT?   3
North Craven Historical Research Group Phil and Rita Hudson 4
Walks ideas & Milk churn stands   4
Water, water everywhere: A history of the water supply of Langcliffe Harold Foxcroft 5
Barn door grafitti, Keasden Abigail Amos (edited by Maureen Ellis) 7
The working life of a mill girl Contributed by Elizabeth Shorrock 9
Clough Hole Maureen Ellis 10
Ingleborough Archaeology Group Broadwood Excavation David S Johnson 11
Disputed boundaries plans of Ingleborough Michael J Slater 13
Places and boundaries on the surveys on Ingleborough by Saxton and Newby Michael J Slater 16
Notes on the routeway to Kendalman’s Ford Phil and Rita Hudson 17
Underpasses Sheila Gordon 18
Country dances   18

Eldroth - Israel and the Kettlesbecks
Austwick Ramble
Eldroth and the Forest of Bowland
Above Malham
Malham Village
The Langcliffe Water Supply






Beyond Kirkby Stephen
Nidderdale Excursion




High Bentham




OBITUARY: R G K Gudgeon   25
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Contents Author Page no.
Editorial Maureen Ellis & Harold Foxcroft 1
Chairperson’s Report Sylvia Harrop 1
An Appeal to Members Sylvia Harrop 2
Governance of the Trust Harold Foxcroft 3
The Trust’s Archives David Johnson 3
Stoops, Stoups or Slopes Jill Sykes 5
Piscinas Diana Kaneps 5
Carrs in Langcliffe Michael Slater 5
Cattle Creeps or Culverts Maureen Ellis 8
Giggleswick Limeworks Scan Milward 10
Austwick Agriculture Stan Lawrence 11
Southerscales Nature Reserve Leader Judith Allinson 12
Summer Outing to Lunesdale Bill Mitchell’s Day Out 13
Gay Day in Yoredale Alan & Dorothy Hems-worth 14
Mearbeck Sue Taylor and Anthony Bradley 16
Christmas and Epiphany Recitals Peter Read 16
Craven Camerata Brian Birkby 17
Obituary: Hazel Weston 17
An Appeal to Members  
MA in Local & Regional History  

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Contents Author Page no.
Editorial Maureen Ellis & Harold Foxcroft 1
Chairman’s Report Roy Gudgeon 1
Where our money comes from... Michael Southworth 2
Documents Purchased for Posterity Roy Gudgeon 3
Historic Finds between Clapham and Austwick John Brassey 4
A History of Settle’s Victoria Hall Ian Smith 6
Links between Settle and Accrington Pat Smith 8
The Pryor Family - Cornish Immigrants Helen Atkinson 10
Weaving: A Necessary Art Hannah Smeds-Davies 10
A Quarryman’s Memories : Maurice Lambert Interviewed by Elizabeth Shorrock 12
Scosthrop Moor Barn Diana Kaneps 13
Brooke, Burton, Binyon and the Bare Blue Hill Dorothy Hemsworth 14
Craven Camerata Concert Brian Birkby 16
Leeds Parish Church Choir recital Brian Birkby 16
Sunday Walks and The Long Preston Walk 17
Obituary: Mildred Slater P Houlton 17
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Contents Author Page no.
Editorial Maureen Ellis & Harold Foxcroft 1
Summer mid-week Outings   1
The Cover and the Hammertons Maureen Ellis 2
Researching the History of a House Emmeline Garnett 2
Getting Started with Historical Research David S Johnson 5
In Praise of The Folly: Past, Present and Future Anne Read 8
A Brief History of Wood House Farm Michael Southworth 11
The King and I (and the General) Alan Hemsworth 13
Way Side Features Project Nick Harling 14
Hawkshead Plantation alias Richard’s Wood Richard Ellis 15
Jenny Scott: Creative Embroiderer Maureen Ellis 18
Leeds Parish Church Choir Brian Birkby 19
The Annual Summer Outing WRMitchell 20

Guided Walks and Outings
Dunsop Bridge
Bank Newton and the Leeds & Liverpool Canal
Walk from Langcliffe Car Park
A National Trust guided walk in the Darnbrook Estate
To Wenningber in Wellies
Walk around the Ingleborough Waterfalls
St Leonard’s Church
Woods and Quarries
Settle Pound Circular


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Contents Author Page no.
Editorial Maureen Ellis 1
North Craven Heritage Trust   1
Chairman’s Report Roy Gudgeon 2
The Dated Buildings of Bentham Sylvia Harrop 3
Matters of Grave Concern T H Foxcroft 4
Mill Dam, Mewith Brian Smith 5
Nether Lodge David SJohnson 7
The Great Walkers of 100 Years Ago-The Rev G H Brown Jim Nelson 10
The Craven Lime Works Robert White 12
Picture of an Artist in a Red Jumper-Norman Adams RA Maureen Ellis 14
Two Poems: The Crimson Rose, The Tems Anna Adams 15
Photographing Bentham for the Millennium David S Johnson 16
Obituary: Miss Kathleen Mary Foster 16
Letter to the Editor 17
Act Drop at the Victoria Hall, Settle 17
Guided Walks: Outings  
The Slave Masters in Dentdale 18
The Summer Outing, 1999 18
Sunday Walks  
Of Stackhouse and Knight Stainforth 19
The President’s Walk 20
Three Hidden Valleys 20
Boots, Booses and Boskins 21
Malham Moor 22
Between the Wenning and the Hindburn 23
Around and about Austwick 23
Over the Valley from Darnbrook Estate 24
A Circular Walk to the North of Stainforth 24
Damned Lodges and Tales of Hoffman 25
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Contents Author Page no.
Editorial Maureen Ellis 1
Chairman’s Report Roy Gudgeon 2
The Pump, High Bentham Gill Barren 3
Archaeology in the Pipeline Philip Abramson 4
Photographing Bentham for the Millennium David Johnson 6
A Memoir of Clapham’s Last Station Master Graham Molt 7
Lawkland Poor House Roy Gudgeon 9
Three Road Side Crosses Diana Kaneps 11
Lines of Sight through Craven Tony Burnett 12
Wayside Features Recording Project Nick Harling 14
The Summer Outing Bill Mitchell 15
The Mine Workings of Grassington Jean Reinsch 16
Craven Camerata Gillian O’Donnell 16
"Know Your Area" Walks Leaders
Giggleswick School Warwick Brookes 17
Clapham Roger Neale 18
Burton in Lonsdale Stan Lawrence 18
Guided Walks  
Bentham Golf Course Footpath Joy Morgan 19
Round Big Hi’Fell via Rock House John Chapman 19
Trials and Tribulations of Footpath Preservation Clive Bell 20
Sell Gill and the Pennine Way Len Moody 20
The Ribble to Rathmell David Johnson 21
Hellifield and the Peel Elizabeth Shorrock 21
Crummackdale and Norber Jill Sykes 22
Scaleber Jim Nelson 23
A Walk on the Wet Side Harold Foxcroft 24
Changing Times Phyllis Houlton 25
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Contents Author Page no.
Editorial 1
Chairman’s Report Roy Gudgeon 2
Giggleswick on the Internet Kathleen Kinder 3
The Leeds-Liverpool Canal in Craven Mike Clarke 4
The Diaries of Norman Frankland Elizabeth Shorrock 6
Field Kilns in North West Craven David Johnson 7
Peel Towers Maureen Ellis 10
Attermire Rifle Range Jim Nelson 11
Richard Long of Settle - my great grandfather Mary Long 12
The Summer Outing Bill Mitchell 13
"Know Your Area" Walks Leaders
Settle 14
Austwick Peter and Nicholas Harling 15
Kirkby Malham Jill Sykes and Lesley Todd 16
Ingleton Pam Syme 17
Guided Walks Roger Neale 18
Obituary Miss Brenda Capstick 25
Obituary Tom Dugdale 25
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Contents Author Page no.
Chairman’s Review 3
A Labour Problem in the Age of Water Powered Factories James Heaton 4
Gleanings from Giggleswick National School Log Book Enid Parker 7
Cappleside: Hill of the Horse Chris Weston 9
Thomas Procter-a True Genius Nick Harling 11
A Dying Craft-Old Joe Stout Elizabeth Shorrock 13
The Remingtons of Hawksheath and Tumerford Farms Philip Rimington 15
The Settle Market Buildings Co Ltd T.H. Foxcroft 21
Summer Outing to Swaledale Bill Mitchell 22
Guided Walks 23
"Know Your Area" Guided Walks 27
Obituary - Joe Shevelan 29
Obituary - Dr E M Buckle 30
Obituary - Jack Brassington 31
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Contents Page no
Editorial Maureen Ellis 2
Chairman’s Statement Roy Gudgeon 2
Thomas Nuttall - Ribblesdale’s forgotten Botanist and Explorer Enid Parker 3
Middlewood Trust, Roeburndale, Nr Wray Tony Mitchell 5
Langcliffe Mills Jim Nelson 7
Harden Bridge - The Origins of a Hospital T H Foxcroft 10
Ingleborough Hill - Geological Stethoscope Christian Ellis 13
The Hallpike Cabinet Makers of Settle lan Roberts 15
The Thomas Dixon Walks - Ingleborough and the Vale of Wenning Len Moody 17
The Summer Outing, 1995 Bill Mitchell 20
Guided Walks 20
Michael Sykes 25
"Know Your Area" 26
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Contents Author Page no.
Chairman’s Review 2
Plans Sub-committee 3
Badgers in Craven David Johnson 3
The Summer Outing, 1994 Bill Mitchell 5
Austwick Weavers Stan Lawrence 6
James Wolfenden of Studfordgill, Tosside. .farmer and family man Faith Finegan 8
The Eclipse of 1927 Arthur Lupton 10
Shoemakers in Settle Maureen Bottom 12
Music, Environment, and the Craven Camerata Len Moody 14
Visit of Leeds Parish Church Choir to Craven Peter Read 17
Moths and Butterflies of the Craven Area Norma Stephenson 18
John Roberts, Papermaker of Yorkshire, The Cumbria Connection John Gavin 19
Guided Walks 21
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Contents Author Page no
Chairman’s Report to 1993 AGM Ray Doughty 2
Bryan Braithwaite-Exley, NCHT President 3
Members’ Update Ray Doughty 3
The Summer Outing, 1993 Bill Mitchell 4
Lime Kilns Robert White 5
The Hoffman Kiln at Langcliffe John Playfer 6
A Common Sort of Farm-House Ian Woodburn 8
Footpath Planning Group Phyllis Houlton 9
Long Preston Deeps Arthur Lupton 10
Guided Walks 13
The Water Mills of Ribblesdale Jim Nelson 17
Quakerism in Bentham Ralph E.H. Atkinson 20
Linton Court Gallery, Settle 23
Harden Christmas Party Enid Parker 24
Planning Sub-Committee 24
Marian Walker 25
Robert Bull 25
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Contents Author Page no
President’s Report Alan Bennett 4
The Way Ahead for the North Craven Heritage Trust Arthur Lupton 5
Members’ Update Ray Doughty 6
John Miller, N.C.H.T. Secretary 1968 - 1993 Arthur Lupton 7
Recent Talks Amanda Hobson 7
Manors, Masses and Murders Maureen Ellis 8
Music Notes Sheila Haywood &
Amanda Hobson
The Reverend Richard Frankland, M.A. Jim Nelson 10
Sunday Walks 12
Bentham Footpath Group 15
The Ingleton Coalfield-A Slumbering Dwarf A Christian Ellis 16
Our Summer Outing 1992 Bill Mitchell 18
Christmas Party 18
Rag Rugs Sheila Haywood &
Margaret Barker
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Contents Author Page no
President’s Report Alan Bennett 5
Curator’s Report Angela Edgar 6
The Building Preservation Trust & North Craven Heritage Trust Amanda Hobson 7
The Morecambe - Leeds Railway Service 9
Jottings 10
Visit of Leeds Parish Church Choir J M Brassington 11
Our Summer Outing Bill Mitchell 12
The Life and Times of Thomas Hargraves Ian Roberts 13
Field Barns in Craven James Walker 15
A Benevolent Dictatorship Arthur Lupton 17
Reginald Farrer of Clapham Amanda Hobson 17
An Appeal for the Historic Churches & Chapels of North Craven 19

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