Page Number Year No. Pics Party1 Party2 Notes
A025 47 1704 2 Fish Whitfield Westside Houses, Cowside, Bank Ing, Parrock, Brown Bank, Timothy Peacock
A032 57 1705 1 Clapham Whitfield Winscale, Westside Houses, New Intack, Little Calfe Closes, Brown Bank, (witnesses Thos Carr of Settle butcher, Wm Carr of Settle Junr mercer)
A359 554 1709 1 Armistead Preston A359 554 2.2 missing Richard and Henry Armitstead, Rough Close, mansion house, Close Garth, Hunter Garth, Honey Mire, Goodgion Banke, Leys Close, Wettlands, Snowdale, Astdale, Millbrowes, Bowerley, Bowerley Head, Little Leys, Great Cow Close
D135 244 1711 2 Ellershaw   Will 1705, Richard Ellershaw clerk, Upper Henside, Mathew Watkinson blacksmith, William Preston shoemaker
D142 257 1711 2 Bleasby   Lands in Langcleef, Linton in Craven and Hellewell
E279 411 1712 1 Taylor   Will 1710, Barrell sikes
M135 195 1718 2 Garforth Wiglesworth Banbecke Close, Threape Close, Howriddings in Byerdale and many others
M305 419 1718 1 Coulthurst Horrocks Banbeck Close, Threap Close and many others
M336 453 1718 1 Clapham   Will 1718
M359 485 1718 2 Haworth Preston Haworth Preston, Mearbecke, Scarsgill Close
N285 430 1719 2 Paley Preston Richard Lawson, Richard Clapham of Winskill, Thomas Preston, messuage, Parrock, Great Field, Higher Stack Bottom, Lower Stack Bottom, Summerscale Close, The Hagg, Cowscarr, Fell, Scarredge, Winskill Stones, Gorbeck, William Clark, Thomas Foster
N286 431 1719 2 Stackhouse Paley Richard Lawson, messuage at Winskill, Richard Clapham, Thomas Downham, Great Field, Foster Field, Farrgarth and others
N287 432 1719 2 Stackhouse Brown William Stackhouse of Winskill, Intack, Picked Hill
N288 433 1719 1 Stackhouse Wetherall Winskill, Plaines Close, Winskill Stones, Gorbeck
O391 613 1719 3 Woodward Swindlehurst Great Cow Close
O393 614 1719 2 Carr Trustees, Lister John Claphamson, messuage, Croft, Bull Croft, Short Oates and many others, Grace Carr 
Q325 422 1721 1 Medhurst Watkinson Mathew Watkinson blacksmith, Wheat Rydding, Langcliffe Over Cow Close, Roger German
R471 638 1722 2 Carr Clapham Robert Wilson, William Bradley, Brayshaws Laith, Great Thackwoods, Little Thackwoods and others, John Armitstead with a shop in Settle, William Carr, Richard Browne, Agnes Clapham
S391 534 1723 1 Stackhouse Stackhouse William Stackhouse of Winskill slater, messuage at Winskill, Over Ing, Nether Ing, Park Head, Cakerskar, Crutchin Close, Winskill Stones, Howbotham Close, Gorbeck, Brownbank, Catrigg, William Bentham of Stainforth school master
S679 917 1723 1 Swainson Trustees, Lister Messuage, Croft, Fleath Garth, Hairhouse and many others, Anthony Lister
T304 414 1724 2 Whitfield Trustees Christopher Clark, John Dowgill, Christopher Inman, messuage at Cowside, Winskill Stones, Humphrey Coates, Dahaw
U347 433 1724 2 Carr King Charles Nowell, Robert Wilson, messuage, Henry Lawson, Brayshaw Laith, Great Thackwoods, Little Thackwoods, Milne Close and many others
W574 749 1726 1 Parkinson Maud Thomas Heber, Henside, John Redman, William Whitfield
Z32 39 1728 1 Foster   Will of 1725, Gorbeck, Winskill Stones
Z320 438 1728 1 Nowell Ferrand William Carr, Corn Mill, John Fish, Mill Hill, Milne Isles
BB598 804 1730 2 Nowell Carr Messuage where Robert Wilson lately dwelt, one other messuage now in possession of Roger German, Brayshaws Laith and many others, John Batty of Settle innkeeper
BB599 805 1730 2 Carr Lawson Richard Lawson, Catherine Carr (daughter to Wm Carr), Grace Carr (Wm's wife), messuage, Croft, Bull and many others, John Batty of Settle innkeeper
DD115 141 1731 1 Barker Wotton Henry Colthurst, messuage, lands
EE364 533 1732 2 Coulthurst Lister John Lister of Settle mercer, Richard Lawson, Banbeck Close, Threaps Close, Howriddings,and many others, Francis Brailsford of Kirkthorp drover
EE496 727 1732 2 Crosse Lister Richard Lawson, Charles Nowell Cappleside, Thomas Swainson, Banbeck Close, Threap Close, How Riddings in Byerdale, Stonesty Closes and many others
EE525 772 1732 1 Cross Lister Richard Lawson, Banbeck Close and many others
EE549 797 1732 1 Swinglehirst Lawson Little Ridding, Great Cow Close
FF125 174 1733 1 Lister Lawson Banbeckclose, Threaps Close, Millbrows, Womelstroth, Swinelands, Stoniestie Closes, Little Cow Close, Great Cow Close
FF125 175 1733 2 Lister Paley Little Cow Close
FF66 89 1733 2 Lister Swainson Richard Lawson, Howriddings in Byerdale, William Dawson
GG131 182 1734 1 Ellershaw Wharfe Richard Ellershaw clerk, Hensides, Thomas Rawson of Stainforth flax dresser
GG296 416 1734 2 Parkinson Fish William Whitfield, Richard Balderstone, Narr Henside, Farr Henside, Thomas and Robert Bradley
GG298 418 1734 1 Balderstone Fish Narr Henside, Thomas and Robert Bradley
LL475 641 1738 2 Lawson Nowell Capleside, messuage William Carr, Croft, Bull Croft and many others
LL476 642 1738 1 Carr Lister William Carr of Langcliffe, Grace Carr, messuage the Bell in Giggleswick
LL477 644 1738 2 Paley Batty Thomas Paley maltster of Langcliffe, John Lister mercer and draper, Thomas Settle, Elizabeth Bolland, Christopher Bolland apothecary, George Carr schoolmaster
LL478 645 1738 2 Paley Lister Thomas Paley of Langcliffe, Thomas Settle
MM39 59 1738 2 Stackhouse Stackhouse William Stackhouse slater, messuage at Winscale, 3 seats in Giggleswick Church, one half of the well, Winscale Stones, Gorbeck, Great Field, Foster Field, Fargarth, Fargarth Nook, Fargarth, Cawker Scarr, Farend, William Bolland woolstapler
AI287 355 1739   Taylor   NO PIC will  
NN75 107 1739   Armistead Preston NO PIC Winskill
OO324 468 1740 2 Armistead Lister Messuage, Henry Armitstead, Hunters Garth, Honey Mire Close and many others, Christopher Clapham mercer, Francis Bell innholder
PP234 325 1741 2 Nowell Cookson Capleside, messuage, Croft, Bull Croft, Short Oates and many others, John Thompson innkeeper
TT369 470 1744 1 Carr Cookson Charles Nowell, Grace Carr, James King, Christopher Picard, messuage, Croft, Bull Croft and many others
WW738 1017 1747 1 Carr Serjeants for Cookson Agnes Clapham, messuage, Robert Wilson, William Bradley, Brayshaw Garth, Bull Croft and many others
AB181 241 1748   Cookson Taylor NO PIC messuage and land
AF53 72 1751 2 Inman Brown Bowerley, messuage, Cowside, Near Bank Ing and many others, Roger Preston, John Leeming linnen weaver 
AF716 961 1753 1 Alcock Brown Richard Birtwhistle, New Intack, Little Calf Closes, Cowside, Brown Bank
AH132 176 1753 2 Howson Jackson Horton, Holes Close, Pikefield, Mulergaps(?), Open Astall, Daw Hawke
AH323 431 1753   Taylor   NO PIC will
AH458 602 1754   Lister Coulthurst NO PIC mess and land
AI274 337 1754 1 Lister Lister Messuage, Henry Armitstead, Hunters Garth and many others
AI451 582 1754 1 Dowgill Brown Hartwith, Mary Inman, Bowerley, messuage, Cowside, Bank Ing and many others, Roger Preston
AI538 689 1754   Atkinson   NO PIC messuage in Langcliffe
AM140 185 1756 1 Lister Paley Thomas Salisbury, George Paley, Bowerley Head, Kingland
AM265 364 1756 1 Fish Chamberlain Richard Baldeston, Farr Henside
AM265 365 1756 1 Lister Carr Thomas Salisbury, Bowerley Close
AM267 367 1756 1 Lawson Starkie Little Cow Close, Great Cow Close, Over Close
AM268 369 1756 1 Lister Peart Thomas Salisbury, Stephen Peart, Fiddle Case, Astal, Mill Brow, Well close, George Atkinson
AN502 676 1757 1 Lister Foster Thomas Salisbury, Langcliffe Scar, Overclose, Henry Armitstead
AN503 677 1757 1 Lister Roberts Thomas Salisbury, Robert Roberts currier, messuage, Wettlands, Honeymires, Huntergarth, Gudgeon Bank, Great Leys, Rook Nest, Dawhaw, Great Cow Close, Henry Armitstead
AO471 611 1757 2 Lister   for a Fine, Nicholas Coulthurst, Thomas Salisbury, John Richardson, messuage, John Rawson, Croft, Fleath Garth, Haarehouse, many others
AR114 158 1758 1 Starkie Stackhouse Great Cow Close, Overclose
AQ435 571 1759   Taylor   NO PIC Will  
AR501 671 1759   Taylor Taylor NO PIC messuage
AS420 577 1760 1 Carr Carr Messuage, Beckside, Bowerley, Brunton House
AU571 730 1761 2 Starkie   Will 1760,  James Starkie, Cow Close
AU675 865 1762 2 Hall Chamberlain Thomas Hall mercer, Richard Foster mercer, Henry Waddington of Crownest, Thomas Carr of Settle money scrivener, dealer in cattle and chapman, James Hind, Edward Suart, James Middleton, Langcliffe Overclose, Dawhaw
AU679 868 1762 1 Alcock Clapham Thomas Hall hosier,  Richard Foster mercer, Henry Waddington, Thomas Carr bankrupt, Henry Alcock, William Preston, Bowerley
AZ557 737 1764 2 Foster Robinson Anthony Foster, messuage where William Carr formerly dwelt, Robert Wilson, William Bradley, Brashaw Garth, Bull Croft and many others, Elizabeth Taylor, messuage now in occupation of Wm Carr, Daniel Taylor
BA180 242 1764 1 Jordan Roberts Pikefield, Open Astaland, Great Cow Close, Robert Johnson innholder
BA181 243 1764 1 Jordan Paley George Paley maltster, Moulter Gap Close (Muler Gaps Close), Wholes Close, Dawhaw
BC525 670 1765 2 Foster   Will 1765, Anthony Foster surgeon and Apothecary, John Cookson doctor of physic, Thomas Barker
BE44 53 1765 1 Marshall Peart Messuage in Towngate or Langcliffe wherein Richard Dawson and Henry Fisher now dwell, Skinhouse Croft, Henpye, Corn Close, Cookson Close, Cornparrocks, Higher Riding, Lower Riding, Little Astal, Cow Close, Dawhaw
BG698 951 1765   Armistead   NO PIC will
BD729 941 1766 2 Nowell Paley, Ellis William Paley, William Dawson of Langcliffe Hall (of Cornhill, linnen draper), messuage called Langcliffe Hall, William and John Preston, tithes, Scaleber, Banks, (Act Parliament), Christopher Picard
BG13 20 1767 2 Stanhope Hartley Sir William Farrington, Benjamin Ferrand, Mary Fitzpatrick, Gregson's tenement, Capenhawe, James Procter
BG181 259 1767 2 Cookson Foster Thomas Barker, Anthony Foster apothecary, William Robinson, messuage where Wm Carr formerly lived, messuage where Robert Wilson lived, messuage where William Bradley lived, Brashaes Garth, Bull and many others, tithes
BG185 264 1767 1 Lawson   Richard Lawson will 1766, messuage, Jane Hammond, John Enndale of Settle innholder
BG230 331 1767 2 Coulthurst Wilson Thomas Salisbury, John Lister, John Richardson of Settle mercer, Stony Sty, John Lawson, Croftheathgarth and many others, Advowson of Giggleswick, messuage in Settle, Overseers of Poor
BH177 203 1768 2 Wilson Cookson John Richardson mercer, Nicholas Couthurst, Thomas Salisbury, Chapman Close, Lower Banbeck, Kirkbanks, John Place, Parks Close, Thomas Paley
BH241 283 1768 2 Wilson Picard John Richardson mercer, Nicholas Coulthurst, Thomas Salisbury, Henry Roberts currier, John Place butcher, Henry Town, Richard Foster mercer, Anthony Stackhouse, Thomas Payley, Mary Peart, Christopher Armistead slaiter, William Birkbeck of Settle merchant, Shortthwaites and many others
BH243 284 1768 1 Picard Stackhouse Thomas Paley, Cow Close, Over Close
BH243 285 1768 1 Stackhouse Paley Cow Close, Over Close
BH250 297 1768 1 Picard Place John Place of Settle butcher, Sheep Close, Hurries, Hole of the Leys
BH250 298 1768 1 Picard Roberts Henry Roberts currier, Shortthwaites, Brackenholme, Holmedale, Iveson's Nursery Garth, Skirskill, Langcliffe Scar
BH251 299 1768 1 Picard Town Howridding, Frumper Rain, Greengate
BH251 301 1768 2 Picard Foster Richard Foster of Settle mercer, Dawhaw, Cottage called Jack's House, Langcliffe Scarr
BI87 117 1768   Wilson Coulthurst NO PIC messuage and land, Salisbury
BI89 120 1768 2 Salisbury Birkbeck Morris Birkbeck of Settle merchant, Robert Hargraves of Settle stuffmaker and many others, Thackthwaite or Thackwood, Joseph Bell
BI540 749 1769   Peacock Redmayne NO PIC beast/sheepgates
BK103 143 1769 2 Place Howson John Place butcher, William Howson of Barrel Sykes butcher, Sheepclose, Hurrises, Hole of the Leys
BK291 394 1769 2 Salisbury Lambert Messuage, Croft, Long Croft, William Armitstead, John Bradley, Henry Town, tithes
BK292 395 1769 1 Clapham Clapham Thomas Carr, Agnes Hargreaves of Austwick Hall (vid Thos Hargreaves), Bowerley, tithes
BK97 133 1769 2 Stackhouse Foster Cow Close, Overclose, Christopher Stackhouse of Winskill
BL68 96 1769 1 Picard Veevers Riddings (Higher and Lower Ridding), Ings Close, Greengate (Rasey Kiln), Iveson's Ing, Robert Sutton, Wheat Threaps, Threaps Meadow, William Bell
BN239 298 1771 3 Taylor Trustees Elizabeth Taylor, Edmund Lodge, Richard Wilson, William Bradley, Brayshaw Garth, Bull Croft and many others, William Carr, Doctor Cookson 
BO695 916 1772 2 Town Town Howridding, Frumper Rain, Greengate, James Smith, tithes
BO697 918 1772 2 Town Bolland William Bolland woolstapler, Thomas Salisbury, shops in Settle (Naked Man?), Craven Bacon,  Howridding, Frumper Rain, Greengate, tithes
BG607 791 1773   Peacock Redmayne NO PIC sheep/beast gates
BX330 473 1775 2 Roberts Roberts Messuage Armistead House, Wetlands, Honey Mires, Hunter Garth, Gudgeon Bank, Great Leys, Rook Nest, Dawhaw, Iveson's Nursery Garth or Onsett, Langcliffe Scar, Broad Rood, Great Cow Close, messuage Hopehill and many others
BX71 112 1775 2 Atkinson Paley Messuage, Carr formerly lived, messuage Robert Wilson, messuage William Bradley, messuages Robert Hill, Thomas Ellison, John Bradley, Brayshaw Garth, Bull Croft and many others, Daniel Taylor, William Carr of Langcliffe, Elizabeth Dally
BY704 1018 1777 2 Redmayne Spencer Thomas Peacock, Winskill Stones, Gorbeck, Caleb Bentham
BZ542 705 1777 1 Peart Peart Messuage, Richard Dawson, Skilnhouse Croft, Henpye, Corn Close, Cookson Close, Corn Parrocks, Higher Riding, Lower Riding, Little Astal, New Close, Dawhaw, Richard Dawson, Henry Fisher
CG128 161 1779 2 Chamberlain Baynes Joseph Allen, John Peacock, Lower Henside, Dahaw, Gorbeck
CG532 688 1780 1 Peacock Spencer Gorbeck, Winskill Stones, Caleb Bentham
CH253 306 1780 2 Redmayne   Will 1780
CI567 838 1781 1 Place Howson Sheep Close or Hurrises, Hole of the Leys
CI640 940 1781 1 Paley   Will 1779, Thomas Stackhouse, Anthony  Stackhouse, Jonathan Swainson of Stainforth shopkeeper
CO203 309 1784   Peart Foster NO PIC
CO352 499 1784 2 Peart Starkie Richard Lawson Starkie, Little Field, Long Pesber Ley, Holes Close or Woodhead, Thomas Paley, Cow Close, Dawhaw
CP191 294 1784 2 Robinson Paley Ann and Jane Foster, messuage, William Bradley, Brayshaw Garth, Bull Croft and many others, William Carr, tithes
CP194 298 1784 2 Paley Clayton Long Croft, Short Oates, Brackenholme, Cowperthaw, Daniel Taylor, Holme, tithes
CP195 299 1784 1 Brayshaw Clayton Robert Roberts currier, Henry Roberts currier, Thomas Brayshaw tallow chandler, Thomas Walshman, Shortthwaites, Skirskill, Brackenholme, Kilncroft or James Croft, tithes
CP196 300 1784 1 Lawson Clayton Christopher Picard, Kiln Croft or James Croft, Holme, Fieldhouse Close, cut through for water to intended cotton mill, Thomas Walshman, repair a cop and Bank
CP200 306 1784 2 Picard Peart Ann and Elizabeth Lawson, Richard Lawson Starkie, Stoney Sty Wood, Common Leys, Slatey Bray, Richard Hargraves, Whittell Sheepshanks
CP203 309 1784 1 Peart Foster Overlands, tithes
CP204 312 1784 1 Peart Stackhouse Woodhead or Holes Close, Thomas Paley, Mill Brows (water), New Close, Scarr Close or Langcliffe Scar, tithes
CP205 315 1784 3 Peart Paley Thomas Carr, Astal, Mill Brow, Well Close, Fiddlecase, Swinelands or Astal, Little Close, Ann and Elizabeth Lawson, Richard Lawson Starkie, Clapdale and many others
CP207 317 1784 3 Brown Maber William Layton, one new enclosure Henside, Robert Peacock
CP641 927 1784 1 Peart Hill Messuage Richard Hargraves, Brow or Intack, the Stainhouse Garths and Parrocks, Croft
CR415 602 1785 1 Foster Starkie Richard Lawson Starkie, Langcliffe Scarr
CS336 507 1786 2 Cookson Clayton Thomas Walshman, Threaps Close, William Howson, Francis Howson, tithes
CU464 614 1787 1 Foster Hodgson Overlands, George Wilson, tithes
CW49 54 1787 1 Chamberlain Chamberlain Messuage and land
EA378 601 1798 1 Brayshaw Lawson Thomas Brayshay tallow Chandler, John Tennant, messuage Uphill, Robert Roberts, James Slater
ER350 473 1804 1 Paley Slinger John Bowskill, Kirkbankes
ES146 219 1804 1 Salmon Redmayne John Crisple, cornmill converted into a paper mill, Langcliffe Old Mill, Benjamin Ferrand, Carr
GT85 84 1818 2 Brayshaw Paley Thomas Woods, Anthony Stackhouse, Thomas Brayshaw, Agnes Sanderson, John Green Paley, Open Astil, Snowdale, William King, Plains
GT86 85 1818 2 Paley Woods John Green Paley, Margaret Brayshaw, Agnes Sanderson, Mary Stackhouse, Plains, Mathew Jackman, occupation road or way to and from Plains through Open Astil into the road called Winskill Road
HA13 13 1819 1 Chamberlain Morley Francis Day, John Hartley, Josias Morley, Abraham England(?), messuages
HG628 633 1821 2 Dawson Dawson Pudsey Dawson, William Dawson, William Foster, Springs, Springswood, John Bowskill
HL236 222 1821 1 Dixon Clayton Langcliffe Place, Francis Metcalfe, Overlands Close
HW84 78 1823 1 Town Clayton Langcliffe Place, James Braithwaite Garforth, Howridding or Howriggin, Greengate, Trumper Rain, plan in margin of indenture, tithes, Eli Harger
HT705 676 1824 2 Straubenzee Clayton Charles King, James Braithwaite, Wheat Close or Low Field, the strip or piece of land adjoining the river, tithes
JX185 185 1827 2 Paley Clayton Thomas Charnley, Thomas Brayshay, Betty and Bella Hall, John Green Paley, James Braithwaite Garforth, John Hartley, Lambert Croft or Lambert Long Croft, Threaps, Ellen Bowskill
KE433 356 1828 2 Paley Clayton Benjamin Satterthwaite, William Fisher, Robert Paley, Thomas Charnley, John Green Paley, Thomas Brayshay, James Braithwaite Garforth, Long Croft
KM636 527 1829 1 Wright Clayton Christopher Wright mule spinner, William King grazier, Matthew Jackman cotton spinner, Charles Wilson mule spinner, Jonathan Jackman slater, messuages east side of brook, John Lund, William Metcalf
KN294 279 1829 2 Clayton Clapham James Braithwaite Garforth, Howriggin, Eli Harger, Greengate, Frumper Rain, Wheat Close, tithes
KN295 280 1829 2 Clapham Clayton Langcliffe Place, James Braithwaite Garforth, Bowerley
KS454 419 1830 1 Clayton Starkie Langcliffe Place, James Braithwaite, John Hartley, John Preston of Mearbeck, Richard Lawson Starkie formerly of Mount Pleasant, John Tenant, Bowerley, Lambert Croft, South Longcroft
KX279 277 1831 1 Bateson Clayton Langcliffe Place, James Braithwaite Garforth, Jacks House, two cottages, Richard Foster, John Edgeler(?), Adam Carr
LM448 378 1834 1 Overseers, Church wardens Paley William Clayton of Langcliffe Place, William King overseer of poor, Christopher Wright cotton spinner and church warden, John Green Paley, messuages, Adam Carr, Richard Foster, James Ellison, Thomas Armistead, George Carr
LM449 379 1834 1 Overseers, Church wardens   William Clayton of Langcliffe Place, William King, Christopher Wright, John Longbottom whitesmith, Thomas Wilson cotton spinner, Thomas Bell paper manufacturer, messuage on the village green being pulled down, William Wilson, Langcliffe Co-op
LX101 91 1834 2 Jackman Redmayne Mathew Jackman slater heir at law, cottage
LW554 474 1835 1 Clapham Hartley John Metcalf, Gorbeck
MC707 652 1835 2 Bowskill Clayton Christopher Bentham, Thomas Bowskill cattle dealer, John Hartley, Banbecke
MF181 198 1836 3 Chamberlain Clayton John Hartley, Thomas Cockshott, Langcliffe Place, Gorbeck
MK139 133 1836 1 Salmon Hartley Corn mill, paper mill, Langcliffe Old Mill, Mill Hill
NS348 278 1840 2 Clayton Salmon John Birkbeck of Anley, John Hartley, Langcliffe Old Mill, Mill Hill, Water wheel
OE98 84 1841 3 Swale Wakefield William Clayton, Mary Lambert, Kirkbankes or Hall Riddings, John Bowskill, Thomas  Paley, Christopher Bentham, George Bentham, Coppy, Alexander Hardacre
OP139 136 1842 3 Hartley Harrison William Clayton, John Birkbeck, Henry Metcalfe, John Clapham, Gorbeck, Far Henside, Near Henside, Over Close, William Kitching, tithes
OP143 139 1842 1 Clayton Clayton Annuity
OY283 278 1844 2 Foster Hartley Cow Close, tithes, messuage at Lowinskill, Parrock, Great Field, Higher Stockbottom, Summerscales, Hags, Cow Close, Fell, Scarr Edge and others
PE206 226 1845 2 Clayton Clayton Thomas Birkbeck, messuages, Thomas Walshman