Page Number Year R Party1 Party2 Memo
A557 898 1709 2 Tindall Nowell
Thomas Tindall,Capelside,Gent. to Henry Nowell,Capelside re messuage formerly possession John & Elizabeth Duckett plus many closes
E62 77 1712 2 Armistead Proctor Henry Armitstead late Nettlebeer Ho.Rathmell,Cordwainer to Thomas Procter Rathmell Fellmonger re messuage. Nettlebeer House & lands      
E65 80 1712 2 Foster Carr Francis Foster,Rathmell to Stephen Carr,Swainstead re messuage/lands/kiln (F.Foster & Thomas Serjeantson dwell) & half part lands Foster,Frankland plus other closes adjacent Highway      
E66 81 1712 2 Ducket Carr Wm.Duckett,Long Preston to Stephen Carr,Swainstead re messuage./barn/closes (Thos.Procter tenant) lands adjacent Andrew Hills & Richard Carr/lands Wm.Ash Hugh Claphamson/messuage. Jenkins Croft (Butcher Stone) etc.      
E67 82 1712 1 Foster Clark Anthony Foster,Giggleswick to Robert Clark, Rathmell re Bewtree lands      
F343 460 1713 1 Hill Cotton Andrew Hill,Newcastle & Elizabeth (Executrix Richard Frankland,Rathmell) to Anna Cotton,Haigh Hall re closes/Tinkers & Stackhouse tenements & messuage/lands in Rathmell & Giggleswick including Rathmell Moors & Tatham Moss      
K90 137 1715 2 Guy Bryer Henry & Ann Guy,Bolton by Bolland ,Francis Anderton,Lanc.Jane Foster,Lanc.(dau. late Anth.Foster,Rathmell ) & Jo.Bryer,Lanc. re messuage etc. & lands(Jo.Armistead tenant)      
K450 619 1716 2 Houghton Swinglehurst Richard Houghton,Winterscales Bank & Robert Houghton,Ireland to Jo. Swinglehurst,Gill for 100 sell mansion house,barn etc. & lands/rents (late Jo.Armitstead,Rathmell )      
K599 808 1716 2 Foster Carr Francis Foster,Rathmell to Stephen Carr, Swainstead for 235 sells messuage.etc.(.F.Foster dwells),one tenement,lands & rents (Wm.Lund, James Procter,Mr.Clark & George Robinson tenants)      
L288 380 1717 1 Clark(will)   Will George Clark,Curate,Leeds re lease Mill in Leeds & rents closes Rathmell      
N144 223 1718 1 Foster Bryer&Westmore Jane Foster,dau.Anthony Foster,Skipton to Jo.Bryer,Lanc. & Thomas Westmore re Gawthrop & cottage Roland Carr dwelt & closes      
N202 315 1719 1 Foster Bryer Anthony Foster,Rathmell. Charles Gibson,Preston to Jo. Bryer,Lanc. re messuage. (Black leck) & closes      
N203 316 1719 1 Jackson Bryer Thomas Jackson,Armistead & Jane (dau.Anth.Foster,Rath) to Wm.Bryer,Lancs. re mes.etc (late Jo.Armistead now Jo.Walker) closes/grounds(Stephen Carr tenant)      
O44 64 1719 1 Brown Brown Jo.Brown,Middlesex to Anthony Brown,Rathmell re messuage. etc Anthony Brown dwells & closes      
O44 65 1719 1 Wilson Wearing Thomas Wilson,Tipperthwaite to Matthew Wearing,Bentham,Robert Watkinson, Grenerigg, Thomas Lawson(Trustees) re estate Thomas Wilson(Tipperthwaite,Brownbank & closes)      
R509 686 1722 2 Hill Smith Elizabeth Hill,York(co-heir Rich.Frankland,Clerk,Rathmell) to Samuel Smith,York re messuage. Elizabeth &Andrew decd.dwelt(James Towers tenant) closes, tenements,Lawquett's Mill,Gale,Tinkers, Stackhouse,Shepherds,Wm.Houghton's tenements.      
T55 76 1723 1 Jackson Stoney Thomas Jackson,Gowthropp & Jane(heiress Anthony Forster),Jo.Byers,Lanc.Thomas Westhouse,Lanc. to Jo.Stoney,Keighley,Drovier re messuage. Gawthropp & cottage plus other tenements/closes      
W346 439 1725 2 Clarke Nowell Samuel Clarke,York to Charles Nowell,Capelside for 70 sells Buertree Lands      
W347 440 1725 1 Clarke Nowell Samuel Clarke,York to Charles Nowell,Capelside re closes belonging to George Clarke      
CC129 177 1730 2 Proctor Fish Thomas & Ann Procter,Rathmell to John Fish,Rathmell re messuage Alice & John Ingham dwell (Nettlebed House) lands plus Grant of house in Rathmell occupation George Wilson & Elizabeth Corner, croft of John Hammerton, 2 seats in church plus lands      
CC130 179 1730 2 Whitehead Bryer Thomas Whitehead,Preston to Wm.Bryer, Lancaster re messuage etc. possession John Armistead & lands      
HH170 209 1735 2 Brown Nowell John Brown,Rathmell to Charles Nowell,Capleside re Burry Lands,Rathmell      
JJ627 863 1737 1 Houghton Townley Jo.Houghton(son Richard Houghton,Winterskill Bank) to Jennet Townley re messuage/lands Rathmell & Giggleswick.      
KK199 256 1737 3 Nowell Cookson Charles Nowell,Cappleside to Jo .Cookson, Wakefield re Cappleside,closes/lands belonging to Francis Duckett,messuage.(Wm.Briggs decd.) cottage Richard Clark,half part rents of lands late James Procter/Thomas Settle,Stephen Carr/ Stephen Wigglesworth,George Robinson, Elizabeth Hill,Wm.Charnley,Mary Swainson & Wm.Ash.      
KK425 556 1737 1 Nowell Salisbury Charles Nowell,Cappleside to Edward Salisbury,Newton re mansion etc. Richard Knowles dwells plus closes & rents      
MM20 27 1738 2 Settle Cookson Charles Settle,Rathmell to Jo.Cookson,Wakefield re messuage. etc. Thomas Procter dwells, closes, seats in Giggleswick. church      
MM615 859 1739 2 Settle Trustees Charles Settle,Long Preston to Thomas Settle,Swainstead,Wm.Husband,Grain House, Jo.Settle,Rathmell Trustees re messuage. Thomas Procter dwelt plus goods & cattle      
PP303 453 1742 1 Houghton Knowles Thomas Houghton,Rathmell to Ann Knowles, Gargrave re messuage. etc.Winterskill Bank (Henry Beecroft tenant) & messuage. etc. (Jo.Hammerton & Richard Knowles tenants)      
PP507 754 1742 3 Nowell Lawson Charles Nowell,Capelside to Richard Lawson,Langcliffe,Maltster re Capelside (Inherit. Thomas Tindall) closes /rents /lands (Francis Duckett),half messuage.(Wm.Briggs decd.) Cottage Richard Clark& closes,lands James Procter, Thomas Settle,Stephen&Rosamund Carr, Stephen Wigglesworth,George Robinson. Elizabeth Hill,Wm.Charnley,Mary Swainson, Wm.Ash, Jo.Garforth & Thomas Cook      
PP509 735 1742 2 Nowell Lawson Charles Nowell,Capelside to Richard Lawson, Langcliffe re cottages Leyhead,closes,lands Isabell & Jo.Duckett,messuage.Giles Houghton (Eshlands),land Edmund Brown purchased by James Thornton & Jo.Craven(all purchased from Alice Knowles,Ann Woodward,Jo.&Mary Hewitt, Jo.Brown ,Rich.Carr &James Swinglehurst)&pasture Gargrave      
PP510 756 1742 1 Nowell Lawson Charles Nowell,Capelside to Rich.Lawson, Langcliffe,Maltster re messuage. closes (Rich.Knowles &Alice Woodward dwelt) half moss (Luke Knowles tenant) & rents      
QQ593 781 1743 2 Thornton Thompson Rich.Thornton,Horton,Schoolmaster,Jo.Cookson,Wakefield Dr.Physic to Jo. Thompson, Settle, Innholder re cottages etc.Leyheads,closes,lands Isabell & Jo.Duckett,messuage.Giles Houghton (Eshlands),land Edmund Brown pur. James Thornton & Jo.Craven(all purchased from Alice Knowles,Ann Woodward,Jo&Mary Hewitt, Jo.Brown, Rich.Carr &James Swinglehurst)      
RR158 210 1743 2 Dobson Wiglesworth Robert Dobson,Nether Ragd Haw,Taylor to Stephen Wiglesworth,Rathmell re Nether Ragd Haw etc. & closes      
RR160 212 1743 1 Cookson Preston Jo.Cookson,Wakefield.Dr/Physic & Jo.Tatham, Settle to Ann Preston,Mearbeck re messuage. etc.& closes Thomas Procter dwelt/close of Charles Settle(Stephen Knowles farmer)      
SS091 129 1743 1 Salisbury Lawson Edward Salisbury,Newton to Richard Lawson,Langcliffe re messuage/closes Richard Knowles als.Woodworth dwelt plus half messuage. of Luke Knowles & rents      
SS188 268 1744 1 Woodworth Clapham Thomas Woodworth,Rathmell & Alice Knowles to Thomas Clapham,Stackhouse re Hurrill Lands      
SS188 269 1744 1 Clapham Scott Thomas Clapham,Stackhouse to Henry Scott,Leeds re Hurrill Lands (Rich.Knowles als.Woodworth tenant)      
WW398 583 1746 2 Lawson Cookson Rich.Lawson,Langcliffe,Rich.&Mary Knowles als.Woodware,Rathmell to Jo.Cookson,Wakefield re closes Moorlands,Beck Crook,Mill Hole & Lanam      
YY25 22 1747 2 Drake Boothman Wm.Drake,Coats Hall,Thomas Baxter, Conondley,Jane Holt to Ann Boothman,Coats re Winterskill & lands late Rowland Newhouse now Thomas Beecroft plus Lanham close(Jo.Settle's now Rich.Knowles) plus closes Edward Eglin now Rowland Carr & other messuage./lands      
YY144 165 1747 1 Harrison Silverwood Jeremiah Harrison,Long Preston,Christopher Clapham,Settle,Mercer & Edw.Salisbury,Newton to Wm.Silverwood,Rathmell carpenter re messuage. Stephen Carr now Charles Settle plus messuage/closes Joseph Pickers & Charles Settle      
YY146 167 1747 1 Settle Leigh Thomas Settle,Swinstead to James Leigh, Leeds, Richard Holdsworth & Thomas Greaves re Foulds close & others plus Cockley Bank (Adam Carr's) plus herbage Settle(Banks,High St.&Scaleber)      
XX483 654 1748 2 Boothman Lodge Ann Boothman,Coates to Thomas Lodge,Leeds re Winterskill etc. late Rowland Newhouse now Henry Beecroft & land late Jo.Settle now Rich.Knowles,closes Edmund Eglin/Rowland Carr      
XX684 924 1748 2 Settle Sergentson Thomas Settle,Swainstead to Wm.Sergeantson, Wakefield re Swainstead,Sheepwash & lands      
YY395 478 1748 1 Carr Banks James Carr,Rathmell to Wm.Banks,Green re 2 messuages of James plus lands      
YY432 527 1748 1 Dobson Dobson Rich.Dobson,Burton,Ellen Dobson,Malham,Jane Dobson,Burton,Mary Dobson,Settle(Heirs Rob.Dobson,Ragd Hall)to Thomas Dobson, Malham re Nether Ragd Haw& lands      
YY694 842 1748 2 Knowlles Lawson Thomas Knowles,Capelside to Rich.Lawson, Langcliffe re messuage. & lands      
YY695 843 1748 1 Lawson Knowles Rich.Lawson,Langcliffe to Thomas Knowles,Capelside re messuage.etc. Rich.Knowles als. Woodworth dwelt plus lands      
AC186 264 1749 2 Foster Lee Christopher Foster, Clapham & Mary (wife) Admin. of George Halstead,Lowfolds,Giggleswickleswick (her late husband) & John,Nicholas,James,Andrew Halstead, Henry Houghton & John Willis to Stephen Lee re messuage, Lowfolds & closes      
AC190 269 1749 2 Knowlles Knowles Alice Nowells to Thomas Knowles, son of Richard of Woodworth re 3 closes Dams, Mawbank & Little Hails      
AE288 372 1750 2 Settle Starkie James Leigh,Leeds (1st Party) Thomas Settle, Swainstead & William Hall,Settle (2ndPt), James Worthington,Middleton(3rd.Pt) to Pierce Starkie,Lancaster (4thPt) re Folds close & barn & other closes Rathmell & Settle      
AE289 373 1750 2 Sergeantson Starkie William Sergeantson,Wakefield(Pt.1) William Banks,Green,Rathmell(Pt2) Thomas Settle, Swainstead & William Hall(Pt3) James Worthington, Middleton (Pt4) to Pierce Starkie,Lancaster(Pt5) re messuage.Swainstead & Sheepwash plus lands & other messuage/lands in Rathmell      
AE291 374 1750 3 Settle Worthington Thomas Settle,Swainstead to James Worthington,Middleton Quinquepartite, Settle, Hall,Leigh,Banks & Worthington re messuage. Swainstead & Sheepwash plus lands & lands/ houses in Settle & Giggleswickleswick      
AD473 620 1751 2 Settle Balme Thomas Settle,Swainstead to Abraham Balme,Bradford re messuage. Swainsteads & Sheepwash plus closes & messuage & lands in Settle & Giggleswickleswick      
AH138 183 1753 1 Knowles Knowles Richard Knowles,Woodworth to Thomas Knowles,the Green re messuage. Woodwarth plus closes barn & other closes      
AH141 185 1753 3 Knowles Knowles Thomas Knowles,the Green to Richard Knowles,Settle re 3 closes,Dams,Mawbank & Little Hails croft plus other barns & closes      
AH638 848 1754 1 Banks Dawson William Banks,Green(Pt1)James Carr(Pt2) to Elizabeth Dawson,Giggleswick. re messuage./barn/closes belonging James Carr      
AN124 173 1756 2 Proctor Proctor Thomas Procter, Bank to John Procter,Leeds re 1 messuage. & closes in occupation Mary Procter      
AN429 577 1757 2 Fitzpatrick Morley Henry Fitzpatrick,York & Mary(late Mary Fish) to Josias Morley,Giggleswick. re messuage. & closes/ beastgates & 6 beasts on Scaleber,Settle & sheepgates on Banks, Settle      
AN507 685 1757 2 Starkie Clapham Pierce Starkie,Lancaster(1) James Worthington, Middleton(2)Abraham Balme,Bradford(3)Thomas Settle,Swainstead(4)Rev. William Paley,Giggleswick.(5) to Thomas Clapham re messuage. Sheepwash & lands plus Dubbs close      
AQ267 331 1758 1 Starkie Heber Pierce Starkie,Lancaster(1)James Worthington, Preston(2)Abraham Balme,Bradford(3)Thomas Settle,Swainstead(4)Rev. John Heber,Marton(5)to Richard Heber re messuage.Swainstead & all other houses,closes      
AQ267 332 1758 2 Worthington Heber James Worthington,Preston,Abraham Balme,Bradford & Thomas Settle,Swainstead(all Pt.1) to Rev. John Heber re messuage. Swainstead & lands      
AU7 9 1761 2 Swinglehurst Geldard Anne Swinglehirst,Bolton by Bowland administratrix of James(1)James & Elizabeth Swinglehirst,Stephen,Isabel,Anna,Ann&Ellen Jennings(2) to John Geldard of Scale,Long Preston re messuage, barn & closes in occupation of Charles Settle      
AU487 621 1761 2 Birkbeck Atkinson Wm.Birkbeck,Settle,John Squire,Airton, Elizabeth Bradley,Catton,Joseph Shackleton,Calton & Martha & Susanna Bradley,Calton to George Atkinson,Newhall re messuage at Ackwith & barn plus closes      
AU489 624 1761 2 Atkinson Atkinson George Atkinson,Newhall to Ann Atkinson & Mary, Newhall re half dwelling house at Acwith plus barn & closes      
AX390 473 1763 1 Proctor Capstick John Procter,Leeds to Rev. Richard Capstick, Bradsay re messuage,Hayhurst alias Shepherds Tenement plus closes in occupation of John Battie      
AY471 613 1763 3 Morley Hall Josias Morley(1)Francis Fawkes(2) to Wm. Hall,Settle(3) re Hollinghall with houses,lands etc. plus 1/2 pt. of messuage in occupation of John Cooke & 1/2 pt. Rathmell mill plus lands, rents, tythes etc. relating to manor of Rathmell      
AY562 727 1763 1 Knowles Knowles Richard Knowles,Green Hippings,Wigglesworth to Robert Knowles,Smallgill re barn & closes - the Dams,Mewbank & Little Hails etc.      
BA182 246 1764 2 Wood Atkinson Ann Wood,Fewston,widow & Wm.Woood to George Atkinson Elder&Younger,Newhall re messuage, Little Bank plus closes purchased of John Bradley      
BA188 256 1764 2 Tipping Atkinson Wm.Tipping,Slaidburn(Exec.of John Tipping) & Thomas Tipping,Sawley to George Atkinson Elder & Younger,Newhall re messuage belonging John Bradley plus lands      
BA220 309 1764 2 Smith Nowell Christopher Smith,Clithero Castle & Thomas & Richard Knowles,Rathmell; to Mary Nowell, Bolton by Bowland re barn & lands late belonging Thomas Knowles, now possession of Wm. Holgate      
BC95 131 1765 2 Swinhurst Fell James Swinhurst,Gill,Bolton to Thomas Fell,Twisden,Downham re messuage Gill plus barns & closes, also closes near Rathmell Mill in occupation Thomas Green      
BC550 710 1765 2 Armistead Geldard Richard Armitstead,Elder,Litton to John Geldard, Scale,Long Preston re messuage Richard Haughton lived & close Bird Stones,Beck Holme & Foregarth, site of messuage Roger Carr lived & closes plus Old House at CroftHead plus grounds in occupation Richard Armitstead & land rents      
BF608 907 1767 1 Dawson Wilkinson Wm.Dawson,Farnley,Maltster to Henry Wilkinson,Brownhills re messuage Thomas Procter dwelt,Winterskill Bank plus closes      
CM521 761 1768 2 Settle Atkinson Will John Settle,Rathmell, to George Atkinson,New Hall, Giggleswick. All messuages/lands in Rathmell & Giggleswick. in trust for Charles & Thomas Settle & Wm.Thornton, Bentham      
BK124 174 1769 1 Capstick Paley Rev.Richard Capstick,Bardsey & John Procter,Burghley to Rev. Wm. Paley,Giggleswick. re messuage Hayhurst alias Shepherds Tenement & closes in occupation John Batty plus other houses,lands of John procter      
BK487 664 1770 1 Briggs Geldard John Briggs,Stuggam Ing,Sawley to John Geldard,Scale,Long Preston re closes Bank Dales,Thornholmane & Broad lands in occupation Charles Settle      
BK685 951 1770 1 Carr Demayne Oliver Carr,Copley Bank to Robert Demayne, Boostergill,Long Preston re closes Higher & Lower Gates & Lower Stubblefield      
BL422 585 1770 1 Carr Carr James Carr to John Carr,London re messuages,barn plus closes & other houses & closes      
BL581 832 1770 2 Carr Mumford John Carr,London to John Mumford,Suttons Place re 2 messuages & closes plus barn & other messuages/lands of John Carr      
BL583 833 1770 1 Carr Mumford John Carr,London to John Mumford,Sutton Place re messuages & lands in Rathmell      
BL611 873 1770 2 Howard Leak Charles Howard,Greystock, Roger Hesketh, Lancaster,Alexander Butler,Kirkland,Mary Bryer,Preston(1) Robert Gibson,Myerscough(2) to Wm.Leak,Preston(3) re messuages Blackleck & Cinder Hill plus closes late in possession Nathaniel Armistead & tithes & seats in Giggleswick. church      
BM146 204 1770 2 Dawson Mumford Elizabeth Dawson,Giggleswick. & John Carr,London to Wm. Mumford,Kent re messuages in Rathmell, barn & lands late in possession James Carr      
BN740 956 1772 2 Knowles Knowles Robert Knowles,Winskill & Richard Knowles,Rathmell to John Knowles,Rathmell re barn & closes      
BN742 959 1773 2 Wilson Geldard Matthew Wilson,Eshton to Nicholas Geldard,Rathmell re messuage,barn,old milk house,garden adjacent High Rd. plus site of house & steerooms etc. plus closes possession Stephen Hargreaves & tithes      
BU30 42 1774 2 Demayne Knowles Robert Demayne,Boostergill,Long Preston & Oliver Carr,Cockley Bank,Rathmell to Robert Knowles,Craghill,Horton re mansion where Oliver Carr dwells, barn & closes      
BU34 44 1774 1 Calverley Higson Ellen Calverley,Giggleswick. to James Higson,Cockley Bank re messuage James Higson lives,barns & closes      
BU41 54 1774 1 Knowles Moone Richard Knowles,Rathmell to Thomas Moone, London re release between John Knowles,Crag Hill,Horton & Richard & Ann Knowles, Thomas Moone & Richard Moone Innholder re barn & closes the Dams,Mawbank,Little & Gt.Hailscroft, Brow & Hill      
BW37 55 1774 1 Scott Scott Alice Scott,Leeds & William to Henry Scott, Leeds re lands,tenements etc. of Alice & Wm. in Rathmell      
BW38 56 1775 3 Scott Smith Alice & Wm.Scott,Leeds, Robert Pyneley,Grays Inn re release between Alice,Wm.& Robert to Nicholas Smith,Hunslett re messuage,lands in possession John Harrison plus rents of many houses (2 pages)      
BW218 321 1775 2 Carr Baynes John & Jane Carr,London, John Myers, London, Margaret Baynes,B.Storford to John Baynes, Bridewell,London & Wardell Baynes B.Storford re 2 messuages in Rathmell plus barn,closes late in possession Thomas Mawdsley      
BX538 752 1775 2 Clayton Morley John Clayton,Carr Hall,Lancaster,Thomas Lister,Gisburne Park to Josias Morley,Giggleswick. & Rev. Thomas Wilson,Carlisle re 4th part of tithes of grain Rathmell Townfields & 4th part rents & half part Rathmell Tithe Barn      
CA430 601 1777 1 Swinglehurst Fell James & Alice Swinglehurst,Gill to Thomas Fell,Deepdale re messuage Gill plus barns etc.& closes plus 2 closes in possession Thomas Green      
CA433 604 1777 2 Mumford Clark John Mumford, John Baynes,Wardell Baynes,Charles Dixon,John Miers & John Carr to Francis Clark,Paythorne re 9pt. release includes Jo.& Jane Carr,Francis Clark & Robert Holgate,Long Preston re messuage in Rathmell, barn,closes in possession Thomas Carr plus messuage/closes purchased of John Carr      
CD303 434 1778 1 Hall Morley Wm.Hall,Settle,John Tatham,Lancaster to Josias Morley,Giggleswick. re rent of cottage,Cockley Bank, grounds in possession Thomas Wigglesworth & rent further house plus rent of close Gt.Scotber & shearing & rent lands formerly Francis Foster's,Rathmell      
CD305 436 1778 1 Hall Wilson Wm.Hall,Settle & Josias Morley,Giggleswick to Rev.Thomas Wilson,Carlisle re rent cottage Cockley Bank & grounds(Thomas Wiglesworth tenant) plus rent of close/firehouse Rathmell & rent Gt.Scoutber, 1 day shearing & lands of Francis Foster      
CD365 516 1778 1 Swinglehurst Morley James Swinglehurst,Gill to Josias Morley,Giggleswick. re 2 closes Bank & Thornham      
CH026 35 1780 1 Cookson Waddington Margaret Cookson & Charles O'Hara,Sligo to Edward King & Henry Waddington re marriage between Margaret & Charles & release of premisses in a memorial(no details)      
CH253 305 1780 1 Redmayne   Will Richard Redmayne,Stainforth re messuages/lands Thornton, Stainforth, Langcliffe,Settle,Rathmell - 2nd.JPEG MISSING      
CI568 840 1781 1 Knowles Knowles Thomas Knowles to Robert Knowles,Horton re messuage(Isabel Corner lived), barn etc. & closes including Long Lanham Land(late John Settle) plus messuage Thomas Knowles dwells & new erected barn, closes & rents      
CM94 140 1782 2 Wilkinson Frankland Henry Wilkinson,Brown Hills to Wm. Frankland, Tenters re messuage (Thomas Procter lived in) occupation Ann Wigglesworth,Winterskill Bank & lands      
CM94 140 1782 x Wilkinson Frankland No JPEG      
CM540 782 1783 2 Settle Carr Thomas Settle,Bungay, Joseph Allen,Furnivalls Inn re release between them to Wm. Carr, Stackhouse re messuage etc. Wm. Silverwood tenant of plus close.      
CN314 406 1783 1 Clark Higson Henry Clark & Ann Clark(widow Francis) to James Higson, Cockley Bank re Cockley Moss      
CN449 602 1783 2 Morley   Will of Josias Morley,Giggleswick. re Manor of Beamsley, Beamsley Hall & Mill, messuage/ lands Ilkley,Halton, Heslewood, Stories, Dearstones,Addingham,Skipton, half pt. Manor of Rathmell & half part Hollinghall, messuage/lands Settle,Clapham,Giggleswick & Keasden      
CP196 301 1784 2 Holmes Brown Anthony Holmes,Suffolk, Thomas Settle,Saxmundham to Anthony Brown,Rathmell re messuage etc.(Wm.Silverwood tenant) plus other messuages Rathmell      
CP202 308 1784 2 Brown Geldard Anthony Brown to Nicholas Geldard re Longcrook (estate John Settle)      
CP203 310 1784 1 Brown Knowles Anthony Brown to John Knowles,Austwick re closes,barn (estate John Settle)      
CP203 311 1784 2 Brown Armistead Anthony Brown to John Armistead,Cappleside re close Sproat Way (estate John Settle)      
CP204 313 1784 2 Brown Carr Anthony Brown to Wm. Carr,Stackhouse re Reeker Close & Laneholme & Butts Closes (estate John Settle)      
CP205 314 1784 1 Brown Higson Anthony Brown to James Higson,Cockley Bank re Threapscore Close (estate John Settle)      
CP395 575 1784 3 King Geldard Edward King & Wm Frogatt to Nicholas Geldard, Rathmell re 7pt.release - King,Frogatt, O'Haras, Cooksons(John decd.Settle), Jo.Thompson decd.Settle,Henry Wood,Gildersleets & Geldard, Rathmell re tenements/lands at Cappleside (Stephen Hayley & Wm. Calworth tenants)      
CP397 576 1784 1 Weddell Morley Wm.Weddell,Newby Hall to Thomas Wilson Morley,Giggleswick. Clerk re Green Ridding,Rathmell plus lands - David Swale,Settle witness      
CQ420 609 1785 2 King Maudsley Edward King & Wm.Frogatt to Thomas Maudsley, Rome,Giggleswick. re half part rents lands (James Procter,Henry Wilkinson, Wm.Frankland, Thomas Settle,Rev.Wm.Payley,Clerk,Stephen Carr & Rosamund-widow Oliver Carr - Stephen Wiglesworth,Henry Maudsley,George Robinson,Wm.Kendall,Elizabeth Hill,Craven Cookson of Bullhust,Wm.Charnley & James Jackson)      
CQ427 618 1785 1 Nowell Morley Charles Nowell to Thomas Morley, Carlisle re 2 closes Moorby & Nook (Roger Hammerton tenant)      
CQ427 620 1785 1 Nowell Maudsley Charles Nowell to Thomas Maudsley,Rome,Giggleswick. re 2 closes Intack & Holmes Moss (Henry Maudsley tenant)      
CR153 225 1785 1 Nowell Parkinson Charles Nowell to John Parkinson,Otterburn re land Hesleys (John Armitstead late tenant)      
CS60 85 1786 2 Lister Baldwen Thomas Lister. & Jo.Clayton Trustees to will Rev.Henry Nowell & Rev.Thomas Wilson re 5 pt.Release Lister,Clayton,Wilsons,Nowell to Wm.Baldwen re Cappleside /lands/4th part tithes (Wm.Holgate tenant)lands Giggleswick.(Rob.Hardcastle & J.Briggs tenants)lands Settle(Wm.Dawson tenant)/Jo.Briggs      
CT657 847 1787 2 Preston Smithson Rev.Jo.Preston(Nephew T.Carr,Paley Gr) Wm.Preston,Paley Gr,Thomas Preston to Robert Smithson,Dewsbury re messuage. etc.Blakebank (Jo.Scott tenant),messuage.Paley Gr /Wham/ Giggleswick (A.Bentley tenant)Lakeland Clapham(Jo.Knight tenant)      
CW647 818 1788 2 Settle Peart Thomas Settle(nephew Catherine Settle, Swainstead) to Jo.Peart,Settle re half part (Margaret Settle estate) & Swainsteads plus lands/premises Rathmell & Giggleswick.      
DT411 501 1796 1 Brown Peart Jo.Brown & Thomas Scott,Rathmell to Jo. Peart,Settle re messuage Scots',Evius Gardens als.Scoutber & lands      
DW234 271 1796 1 Scott Geldard Wm.Scott,Woodhall to Hannah Geldard,Rathmell re messuage. Little House (Richard Riley tenant) barn & lands      
DW234 272 1796 2 Scott Holden Wm.Scott,Woodhall to Thomas Holden Hollinghall re messuage. Colledge (Jo.Baynes & Margaret Carr dwell with a Hater) plus messuage. Buller House & Smithey      
DW235 273 1796 2 Scott Holden Wm.Scott,Woodhall & Hannah Geldard,Rathmell to Thomas Holden,Hollinghall re messuage.barns Winterskill Bank (Henry Towler tenant)plus closes(Mary Towler tenant),messuage/lands Hanover(Thomas Newhouse tenant)Cockley Bank(Francis Green tenant)Wilsons House(Ellen Higson tenant)closes(Thos.Scott)      
DY61 74 1797 1 Geldard Higson Hannah Geldard,Rathmell & Thomas Holden,Hollinghall to Ellen Higson,Cockley Bank Rathmell re messuage.Cockley Bank (Francis Green tenant) & lands      
EA375 595 1798 1 Peart Holden John Peart,Settle to Thomas Holden, Hollin Hall, Rathmell re Crosslands & Gunsack(Gunup)      
EC100 168 1799 1 Brown Stackhouse Anthony Brown,Rathmell to Thomas Stackhouse,Stainforth re messuage/lands of Anthony Brown (late Jo.Browns)      
FD316 434 1808 1 Geldard Redmayne John Geldard,Rathmell,Jo.& Mary Knowles, Austwick,Badger,Thomas & Ann Knowles, Rathmell Daniel & Mary Kawthorn,(Harry) Clarke, George Wolfenden,Rathmell Innholder to Wm.Redmayne, Clapham re closes Garbiggs & Lands Ends,Rathmell      
FP404 428 1811 2 Peart Coar John Peart,Settle,Wm.Sutcliffe,Settle,Surgeon to Matthew Coar,Little Bank,Giggleswick. re closes in Rathmell & Giggleswick.      
FY120 144 1812 2 Clapham Newhouse Rev.Jo.Clapham,Giggleswick.,Edward Newhouse,Higher Sheepwash,Thomas Newhouse Younger,... Clapham re release including Long Jo.Peart,Settle (Wm. Paley decd.) Thomas Clapham decd. Stackhouse, Jo.Hartley, Settle,Thomas Hand(son)Rome re messuage/lands Sheepwash, Rathmell      
FY401 501 1813 2 Dawson Peart Rev. Richard Dawson to John Peart re Swainstead & lands (Thomas Settle dwelt)      
HG630 635 1821 2 Geldard Holmes Jo.Geldard,Cappleside & Richard Holden,Hollin Hall to Thomas Holmes,Gisburn re messuage. Hanover & lands in occupation Ralph Towler      
ID508 514 1824 2 Brown Brown Ralph Brown,Rathmell ,Alice Brown,...Brown to Martha,Jane & Mary Brown,Rathmell re 5 messuages. (Henry Towler,Christopher Coar,Jo.Auston,James Preston,Samuel Johnson tenants) & shop      
IF494 443 1825 2 Foster Pearson Jo.Birkbeck,Settle,Banker(Trust.George Atkinson decd.)Elizabeth Forster,Stainforth,Richard Shackleton to Jo.Peart,Settle, & Wm.Sutcliffe, Settle, Surgeon re messuage.Little Bank & closes(Jonathan Wolfenden tenant)      
IF495 444 1825 4 Devonshire Clapham Duke of Devonshire to Rev. Jo.Clapham,Giggleswick. re messuage/lands/rents in Rathmell,Giggleswick.& Settle - 4 pages      
JN414 401 1826 2 Proctor Roundell Thomas Procter,Meerbeck to Eleanor Roundell,Gledstone House re messuage Meerbeck & messuage/lands including 1 close of Robert Lund & Sproat Wray Close,Rathmell (George Procter tenant)      
JU96 81 1826 2 Fowler Clapham Wm.Towler,Sheepwash to Thomas Clapham, Cocket & Middle Dubbs,Dubbs Meadow etc.purchased Rev.Wm.Paley      
KD415 400 1828 x Goren Geldard No JPEG      
KM439 355 1829 2 Jackson Coor Thomas Jackson,Wharfe,Alice Jackson,Thomas Maudsley,Feizor to Matthew Coar,Little Bank re messuage. etc./lands Rathmell & lands Giggleswick (late Thomas Green)      
KM441 357 1829 1 Jackson Maudsley Thomas & Alice Jackson,Wharfe to Thomas Maudsley,Feizor re Dubs,Tofts,barn & Tofts meadow (Thomas Green tenant)      
KP562 533 1830 1 Geldard Higson Jo.Geldard,Cappleside to Jo.Higson,Grindleton re lands occupation James Sanderson, half close Jo.Sanderson & dale Charles Mustere      
KP559 530 1832 2 Holden Clarke Jo.Birkbeck & J.Peart,Settle,Bankers re estate of Richard Holden to Thomas Clark,Giggleswick. re Mill House & lands      
LQ153 161 1833 2 Armistead Proctor Jo.Armitstead,Giggleswick. to Jo. Procter Long Preston for 450 Cockley Bank etc. & closes      
OH604 523 1842 2 Geldard Clapham Jo.Geldard,Cappleside to Matthew Clapham Stackhouse,Robert Geldard,Rathmell & Christopher Geldard,Settle re Red Dales      
ON375 345 1843 2 Birkbeck Tatham Wm.Atkinson,Malham,Jo.Birkbeck,Settle,Henry Alcock,Skipton,Thomas Birkbeck,Stackhouse to Thomas Tatham, Lancs. Elizabeth Stansfield, Jo.Tatham,Settle(Chemist/Druggist) re half part messuage/lands Little Bank & Lumb in Rathmell Giggleswick. (occupation Thomas Green & Joshua Maudsley)      
OP323 314 1843 1 Clapham Geldard Thomas Clapham,Stackhouse to Jo .Geldard, Rathmell re messuage/lands Jo.Geldard holds plus rents due Rev.Jo.Clapham      
PR348 369 1846 1 Dawson Dawson Jo.Dawson,Eldroth,Agnes Taylor, Huggonhouse, Rathmell Isabella Stackhouse,Settle to Robert Dawson,Langcliffe re Low Fields/Copy & lands derelict cottage Brown Banks      
AB127 177 1744* x Scott Knowlles No JPEG      
AB129 181 1744* x Knowlles Morley No JPEG