Page Number Year No. photos. Party1 Party2 Notes
C77 87 1709 2 Batty Hill John Batty hardwareman, messuage, George Clough, Roundley, Edlestone Bank      
C106 135 1710 2 Robinson Carr William Carr (younger) mercer, Upper Sawith at Sawthwell, Botham, Settle Milne, Lower Sawith, Stoneacre, Thomas Robinson, William Carr (elder) of Settle mercer, William Palefield taylor, John Skirrow grocer, highway near Settle Bridge      
C107 136 1710 2 Robinson Carr William Carrr elder mercer, Scalebank, Richard Ellershaw, Mary and Ann Preston, Stoneacre, Thomas Robinson, John Skirrow, Sawith or Sawthwell, William Carr younger mercer, the March      
C214 325 1710 2 Lawson Clapham Lawsons of Lodge, messuage at Lodge      
C387 642 1710 1 Robinson Shyers Mansion, shop, draw well, turbary in Cockett moss, Fearam in Settle Townfields, John Shyers, Stephen Stubs, William Thorpe      
C387 643 1710 1 Shyers Weatherall William Thorpe, Stephen Stubbs, William Weatherall butcher, Mansion called Holgate House, John Bradley's new house, Benjamin Robinson apothecary, draw well, stee, seats in Giggleswick church      
C388 644 1710 1 Shyers Weatherales William Thorpe, Stephen Stubbs, William Weatherales butcher, Fearam, Katherine Hall, Ralph Baynes, Benjamin Robinson, John Robinson cooper, William Payley sadler      
C388 645 1710 1 Shires Paley William Thorpe, Stephen Stubbs, William Weatherhead of Settle butcher, William Payley sadler, shop, William Carr, James Procter, William Holgate, Thomas Robinson, east of Quakers meeting house, John Winsor, Cockett Moss      
C424 702 1710 1 Windsor Husband Mansion, 100, Roger Preston, barn converted to shop, well, Heaton and Mason crofts, Lower croft      
C446 742 1711 1 Lawson Chamberlain Richard Chamberlaine of the Bell Inn in Warwick Lane, London, innholder, messuage, Adam Lawson, Great Croft, Gallyards Land, Eddlestonehead, Great Reedlands, Skerskill close, Lings Close      
C447 743 1711 2 Lawson Chamberlain Richard Chamberlain (Bell Inn, London), Meadows Ing, Higher or Lesser Readlands, Open Skerskill, James Hall, Peter Lawson, Hipping, Nadbreake in Townfields, Thomas Carr, Highbrow, Holbeck, Butts or Myrey Dales, Attermire, Lings, Thomas Carr the elder, Little Newfield, Great Newfield, High Hill, Hallstead      
C448 744 1711 2 Cookson Carr John Cookson tanner, William Carr elder mercer, Croft Lands, Kidd croft, Richard Taylor, John Foster, Langcliffe Close (Longdales), Upper Longdale, Langwith close (Longdales)      
E68 83 1712 1 Carr Wigglesworth Ridding, Wrays, Gatherons or Gatherlands, Eddlestone Bank      
G428 528 1714 3 Ferrand Butler Messuage, water corn mills, Settle mills, Giggleswick Mill, land elsewhere      
H376 465 1715 2 Carr Green William Carr of Langcliffe gent, Robert Green flaxman, west end of house to middle wall, chambers, shops, swinecoate, William Weatherhead, down the stayrs, steerooms, well, Ralph Hodgson, William Paley grocer, William Carr junior mercer of Settle      
H438 542 1715 4 Chamberlaine Chamberlaine Cottage, 5 rooms, back chamber, stone stairs, adjoining pinfold on east, draw well, all in Settle, purchased from Robert Chamberlain of Settle cutler, Hull close, Little Spring, Great Spring, Firaker or Plett, Bracken Spring, cragg, Skirskill, Short Firaker or Sadler close and house therein, Attermire, John and William Carr, Banks, High Scarr, Scaleber, Giggleswick land, Roger Camm, Leonard Bolland apothecary, John Windsor, Bryan Cookeson, Townfields      
H505 626 1716 2 Skirrow Weatherherd John Skirrow grocer, messuages, Henry Haydock, Howsons, Myles Coate, shops, cellars, Ellen Wade, smithy, Cragg Hall in Giggleswick, Runley Closes and Leys, Beck Ing, Fishgate, Longstreams, Goodmans Moss, Scaleber, Banks, High Scarr, William Hall and Henry Haydock mercers      
M156 228 1718 2 Paley Paley Thomas Paley maltster, Thomas Paley fellmonger, messuage, Goodmans Moss, Blackhill, Lings, seats in Giggleswick Church      
M407 545 1718 1 Haydock Haigh Henry Haydock mercer, messuage, Elizabeth Robinson, Crofts or Overthwart Gapps, Bottomes or Sawith, Marsh or March, Ings Close or Meadow Brow or High Brow, William Carr, Moor Close in Giggleswick with liberty to growe, delph and carry away tenn cartfull of Flaights or Flawes      
M459 608 1718 2 Skirrow Carr William Carr elder mercer, Scalleberr Banks, Scarr or High Scarr, John Lister mercer      
M484 638 1718 2 Armitstead Hall William Carr mercer, messuage, Gatherland Close, Close Green, Redding, Howbeck, Threelam, four parcels in Townfield, Galyerd, Edlestone Bank, Greengate Land, Ilgrime, Banks, High Scarr, Scalebarr      
O243 386 1719 2 Hall Banks William Hall mercer, Close Green, Redding, Gatherins, Gatherland, Howbeck, Threelam, Galyard Land, Edlestone bank, Greengate land, Ilgrime, Banks, High Scarr, Scalebarr      
O394 615 1719 2 Woodward Swinglehurst Bankes, High Scarr, Scalebarr      
S233 325 1723 1 Bradley Lister Cammacke Close, Island, John Lister mercer      
S392 535 1723 1 Foster Lawson Scaleber, Banks, High Scarr, Goodman's Moss, William Iveson of Stainforth linnen weaver, Richard Lawson of Langcliffe      
S392 536 1723 2 Skirrow Foster William Foster of Stainforth woollen draper, Scaleber, Banks, High Scarr, Goodman's Moss, Richard Balderston grocer, William Iveson of Stainforth linnen weaver      
S651 886 1723 1 Nelson Carr Richard Preston of Mearebeck, Nadbreak, Ashraines, Langwith, Cawbeck Closes, Hunterbergh, Lings alias Hunterbargh, William Birkbeck chapman, William Iveson of Stainforth webster      
T265 359 1724 1 Carr Clapham William Carr of Langcliffe, John Armitstead, shop or warehouse, purchased by Leonard Carr uncle of William Carr, John and Richard Brown, Ralph Baynes, John Nicholson apprentice to William Hall      
T572 767 1724 1 Armitstead Carr John Armitstead of Upper Settle shoemaker, Thornber, Robert Carr, John Armitstead senr. shopkeeper, William Birkbeck shopkeeper, William Iveson of Stainforth weaver      
T574 769 1724 1 Coulton Harrison John Coulton of Over Settle baker, William Coulton of Over Settle serge weaver, Reedlands Close, Allen Carr, James Hall, John Armitstead butcher, William Iveson of Stainforth linen weaver      
U74 100 1724 2 Skirrow Carr Stephen Carr of Swainstead, messuage, Robert Greenwood, John Ryley, seats in Giggleswick church, George Harrison, Agnes Foster, Richard Balderstone grocer      
U75 101 1724 2 Skirrow Skirrow Messuages, Henry Haydock, Howsons, Miles Coate, Jane Wilson, Thomas Wilson, Richard Balderstone grocer      
X548 713 1727 2 Hall Hall Green gate, Butts Close, Illgrime, tithes of corn, grain, sheaves, straw, Cletopp, Marebeck, John Lister mercer      
Y121 157 1727 2 Walsh Swire Messuage, Taylor's house, John Armistead, Dobtarne, John Colton      
Y610 803 1728 2 Clough Clough George Clough currier, Thomas Robinson, Robert Newhouse, mansion, Thomas Newhouse tallow chandler      
Z608 813 1728 2 Picard Paley Geroge Picard whitesmith, Thomas Paley of Langcliffe maltster, mansion, Ellin Norcross, brewhouse, smithy, swinecoate, seats in Giggleswick church      
Z657 882 1728 1 Knowles Dowbiggin Henry Knowles of Mearsbeck, Anthony Dowbiggin of Newlands House, Horton, messuage at Mearbeck, William Iveson of Stainforth Iinnen weaver      
BB271 380 1729 2 Wilkinson Carr Messuage, Clark fer acre, Tenter croft, William Birkbeck shopkeeper      
CC191 260 1730 1 Geldard Geldard James and Thomas Geldard cordwainers, messuages, John Batty innkeeper      
CC340 449 1730 1 Bolland Bolland Christopher Bolland apothecary, mansion, Cundall's house, Mary Carr, Newfields, Mr Richard Preston, William Kidd, Adam Carr, Wheat Close, High Hill, Hall Stead, Scaleberr Bank, High Scarr, mansion in Giggleswick, Agnes Stackhouse, hayhouse      
CC427 564 1730 1 Robinson Clough Thomas Robinson, John Clough currier, mansion, Bawshaw Moss      
CC534 713 1731 1 Hall Lister John Hall cordwainer, messuage, Mill Close, Ling Closes, Riddings, Holbeck meadow, Crooked Acre, Feeroom, Robert Armitstead, Butts, mansion, Joshua Whittaker, draw well, sixteenth part of Upper Settle Corn Mill (Kill?,kiln?), fourth part of Sheep Fatt Sett, Richard Armitstead, Moore or Lingie Ground on Lings, 240, John Lister mercer      
CC549 734 1731 1 Picard Carr Newfields      
DD590 796 1731 1 Bolland Abbotson Leonard Bolland apothecary, Christopher Bolland apothecary (father), Charles Abbotson of Cleatop, Newfields, William Kidd, Adam Carr, William Peart innkeeper      
FF19 24 1733 2 Haigh Haigh Messuage, Elizabeth Robinson, Ings Close or Meadow Brow or High Brow, Crofts or Overthwart Gaps, Bottoms or Sawith and the headland, William Carr      
FF88 122 1733 1 Carr last will William Carr mercer, Thomas Carr eldest son, Allan Carr nephew, William Tatham uncle, Sawiths or South wells, Mill Parrock, John Batty innkeeper      
FF117 162 1733 1 Carr Clapham Allan Carr butcher, William Dawson of Langcliffe Hall, Upper Sawith or Sawthwells, Thomas Patefield, Settle Mill Door or Mill Parrock, Richard Thornton schoolmaster in Horton      
FF140 199 1733 1 Bolland Settle Leonard Bolland apothecary, Parkinson's shops, Edward Cook, Radbreaks (Nadbreaks?), Longdales, Ottermire, Butts Close, Lings Close, Longbargh, Beck Stones, Scaleber, Highill, Hallstead Banks, Scarr      
FF273 393 1733 1 Bolland Cooke Leonard Bolland apothecary, Edward Cooke shopkeeper, Langbargh, Thomas Settle of Swainstead      
FF273 394 1733 1 Bolland Richardson Leonard Bolland apothecary, Thomas Settle of Swainstead, John Richardson mercer, Open Attermire      
FF274 395 1733 1 Bolland Hargraves Leonard Bolland apothecary, John Hargraves sadler, shops with chambers over, west end of Tollbooth called Parkinson's shops, John Richardson mercer      
FF274 396 1733 1 Bolland Bolland Leonard Bolland apothecary, William Bolland felmonger, Lings Close, Scaleberr      
GG295 413 1734 1 Kidd Preston Joseph Kidd of Upper Settle woollen weaver, Reed Ings or Ryddings, George Robinson, William Dale, William Peart innkeeper      
GG297 417 1734 1 Hall Fish John Hall cordwainer, Riddings, Butts Close, Holbeck Meadow      
GG298 419 1734 2 Hall Carr John Hall cordwainer, Allan Carr innkeeper, Miln Close, draw well, Joshua Whitaker, John Lister mercer, George Carr schoolmaster      
GG326 456 1734 1 Skirrow Townley William Skirrow of Clapham grocer, messuages, Joshua Whaley, Howson's House, Henry Haydock, Thomas Armitstead, Rundley Closes and Leys, Long Stream, Fisgitholmes, Richard Horton (should be Thornton) schoolmaster at Horton      
GG421 590 1734 2 Bolland Ellershaw Christopher Bolland apothecary, Thomas Paley grocer, Ridding Close, Woodale      
GG422 591 1734 1 Bolland Richardson John Richardson mercer, Ottermire, Hallstead      
GG422 592 1734 2 Bolland Carr Thomas and William Paley grocers, Banks, High Scarr, Scalebarr, 40 s ancient rent      
GG621 863 1735 1 Bolland Hargreaves Christopher Bolland grocer and apothecary, John Hargreaves sadler, messuage adjoining Kirkgate Yate, three chambers with two garrets over, Henry Readey, two shops under the same, Allan Carr, William Gott, Swinecoate      
GG655 917 1735 1 Bolland Hargraves Christopher Bolland late of Settle apothecary and grocer, messuage, Golden Lyon, Little Buttery, cellar      
GG655 918 1735 1 Hargaves Whaley Messuage, Golden Lyon, Little Buttery and cellar, Mathew Hargraves grocer      
GG675 948 1735 1 Bolland Tennant Leonard Bolland apothecary, John Tennant whitesmith, Natbreak, Thomas Carr, Allan Carr, William Peart innkeeper, Thomas Rawson of Stainforth flax dresser      
GG698 982 1735 1 Bolland Ellershaw Christopher Bolland apothecary, Hallstead, Highill      
GG699 986 1735 2 Lister Whaley John Lister apothecary, mansion at Kirkgate Yate where John Lister dwells, shop, back shop and chambers over, John Carr schoolmaster, Richard Thornton of Horton schoolmaster      
HH322 390 1735 1 Clough Binns John Clough currier, messuage, shop, chamber over, seat in Giggleswick Church, Bawshaw Moss, Allan Carr innkeeper      
HH334 402 1735 1 Geldard Carr Thomas Geldard cordwainer, Allan Carr innkeeper, messuage, shops, James Carr      
HH372 455 1735 1 Lawson Clapham Messuage, White House, shops, Higher Longdales, Leygap(?), Pindar, Ayneley, Hall Ing Head, barn called Yeoman Laith, Two Illgrimes, Gate Side, Runley Ley, one parcel in North Field called Crooked Beck, High Hill, Hallsteads, Richard Thornton of Horton schoolmaster      
HH392 480 1735 1 Armitstead Procter Roger Armitstead of Lodge, messuage, the Lodge, New Close, Rough Brow, Well, High closes (or Three Nooke), Great, Little, High Closes, Mr. Robert Oates, a common field called Leather Hill, Illgrime, Lower Lands, Attermire, Blackhill or Oxflack, Mary Driver, High Hall, Ann Allison      
HH492 624 1735 1 Carr Roberts William Carr of Settle mercer, John Binns, Robert Roberts currier, messuage, William Hall mercer      
KK434 570 1737 1 Fish Atkinson Charles Nowell, messuage, Stockdale, Great Scarr, Little and Back Scarr, South Bank, Crutchin Close, Copy, Hinkill Haw, William Bradley, Allan Carr      
LL474 640 1738 2 Carr last will Will of William Carr of Settle 1731, Adam Brown, Moreberrs, Baite Ridding, Crooked Beck Croft, Swine Garth, now inclosed, Higher Garden, Bonds Laithe, Banks, Scaleber, Lower Garden, messuage with shops, John Cookson, Cookson Laithe, Croft, Kilnhow, Farr or Lower Longdales, Newfields, George Pickard, Grace Tenants house, Rasey bill in the Townfields, Narr Longdales, Penny Pott Close, Edlestone Bank, Henry Town, John Lister mercer, Matthew Hargreaves grocer, Thomas Swainson of Langcliffe gentleman      
LL477 643 1738 1 Towne Towne Richard Towne linnen weaver, messuage, Grace Tenants House, Edward Cooke, Newfields, Longdales, Penny Pott, Edlestone Bank, Gateland lately enclosed from the Townfield, Allan Carr, Banks, Scaleber, William Carr      
LL477 644 1738 2 Paley Batty Thomas Paley of Langcliffe maltster, John Lister mercer and draper, Thomas Settle of Swainstead, Christopher Bolland apothecary, messuage, Thomas Taylor, Cundall's house, George Carr schoolmaster      
LL478 645 1738 2 Paley Lister Thomas Paley of Langcliffe maltster, John Lister mercer and draper, Thomas Settle of Swainstead, Heskett in open Townfields, James Procter, Crookt Acres, William Armitstead, James Cookson, George Carr schoolmaster      
LL479 646 1738 1 Paley Swainson Thomas Paley of Langcliffe maltster, John Lister mercer and draper, Thomas Settle of Swainstead, Mealbanks, Charles Abbotson, Highill, George Carr schoolmaster      
LL537 723 1738 2 Birkbeck Twisleton Willam Birkbeck shopkeeper, will of John Chapman clothier, John Armitstead cordwainer, Robert Twisleton of Sherrard (Sherwood) House tanner, mansion house, herb garden, draw well, John Birkbeck shopkeeper, William Stockdale linnen weaver      
LL538 725 1738 2 Paley Binns Thomas Paley of Langcliffe, John Lister mercer and draper, Thomas Settle of Swainstead, Christopher Bolland, Green Riggs, Scaleburgh, Banks, James Carr of Stackhouse attorney at law      
MM57 84 1738 4 Bolland Paley Thomas Paley maltster, John Lister mercer and draper, Christopher Bolland apothecary, messuage, William and Bryan Deane, William Wade, Iveson's Grass Garth, Call Garth, Lime Pitt Close, Natbreaks, Ings Close or Iveson's Ing Close, Roger Armitstead, Myredales, Robert Howson, Heskett, James Proctor, John Carr, John Windsor, very large number of other fields and names      
MM261 341 1739 2 Windsor Hornby John Windsor yeoman, William Husband of Crane (Grain?) House, messuage, Edmund Moore, brewhouse, shop, Mason's Croft, Heaton Croft, Thomas Proctor, Elizabeth Robinson      
MM453 621 1739 1 Towler Trustees John Lister mercer, Richard Lawson of Langcliffe maltster, messuage, one small stripe of land, Thornber lands, Richard Armitstead, John Windsor, Anthony Hall, Thomas Newhouse tallow chandler      
MM453 622 1739 2 Richardson Birkbeck John Richardson mercer, William Birkbeck linen draper, Robert Procter, Emanuel Thonbeck, Cragg Closes, Attermire      
MM456 625 1739 1 Batty Trustees Charles Nowell of Capleside, John Richardson mercer, Edward Maud grocer, messuage, Roundley or Runley, Edlestone Bank, Thomas Taylor, Cundall's house, Elizabeth Bolland, John Paley grocer      
MM481 665 1739 2 Paley Lister Thomas Paley of Langcliffe maltster, John Lister mercer and draper, Elizabeth Bolland, Christopher Bolland apothecary, Commock, Open Natbreaks, Allan Carr, Christopher Clapham mercer, Thomas Settle of Swainstead      
MM554 770 1739 2 Hall Clapham Christopher Clapham yeoman, mansion, Annas Beetham, Thomas Coat, Garthheads, Springdale, Two Fireacres, Cragg closes, Tearam (Fearam?), Thornber, Hemplands, Intack, Banks, Oxlack, Attermire      
OO64 95 1739 1 Lees Deed Poll Messuage, Robert Towler      
OO420 610 1740 1 Twistleton Airey Robert Twisleton of Sherrard House, (Sherwood), William Airey skinner, mansion, herb garden, draw well near the door, stee rooms, Richard Carr butcher      
OO437 637 1740 1 Butler Roberts Robert Roberts currier, Morebers or Lupton's Closes, Thomas Armitstead, John Richardson, William Dawson, Scaleber, Banks      
OO556 799 1741 1 Butler Hall William Hall mercer, Thealam      
PP144 216 1741 1 Paley Bolland George Paley of Langcliffe maltster, Thomas Paley of Langcliffe maltster, John Lister mercer and draper, Thomas Settle of Swainstead, Elizabeth Bolland, Iveson's Grass Garth, Call Garth, Lime Pit Close, George Wilkinson, messuage, Natbreaks, Roger Armitstead, Iveson's Ing Close, Miery Dales, Robert Houson, Townfields, Thomas Proctor, Roger Ward, Anneley Close, John Winsor, Ings Close, Robert Sutton, James Cookson, William Armitstead, Fourscore Acre, Wheat Close on west side of Ribble      
PP145 217 1741 1 Paley Dale George Paley of Langcliffe maltster, John Lister mercer and draper, Thomas Settle of Swainstead, Elizabeth Bolland, William Dale capenter, messuage, George Wilkinson      
PP146 220 1741 2 Bolland Dowbiggin Anthony Dowbiggin of Newland House, Bryan Hesleden of Bracken Bottom, Robert Foster of Newhouses, Horton, Elizabeth Bolland, Iveson's Grass Garth, etc., see PP144 216      
PP149 223 1741 1 Airay Paley William Airey skinner, Craven Bacon of Stainforth linnen weaver, messuage, Grass Garth, herb garden, draw well near door, John Hargreaves sadler      
PP239 331 1741 1 Airey Foster William Airey skinner, Craven Bacon of Stainforth linnen weaver, messuage, herb garden      
PP506 752 1742 1 Twistleton Ridett Thomas Twisleton tanner, messuage, Foster Crofts, John Birkett      
PP633 931 1742 1 Lucas Chamberlain Samuel Lucas joiner, messuage, John Clough, shop in Giggleswick      
PP666 972 1742 1 Pickard Fish George Pickard whitesmith, messuage, shop, smithy, Mr. John Richardson, Isabella Hudson, Thomas Moreby, Thomas Tomlinson, Thomas Hallpick whitesmith      
SS114 164 1743 1 Mytton Haighton Messuages, Charles Stewart, William Weatherhead, Nicholas Thornber, Grace Carr, iron pott with a grate and doore in bodystead, fire ranges, stone troughs, draw well or pump, shops      
SS117 168 1743 1 Bolland Lister John Lister mercer, Fourscore Acre      
SS280 380 1744 1 Reingill Tatham Mary Reingill of Upper Settle, houses in Upper Settle, William Banks, William and John Birkbeck Linnen drapers, John Thompson innholder, Nicholas Thornber innholder      
SS485 655 1744 1 Windsor Rawson Messuage, Thomas Robinson, brewhouse, shop, Mason's Croft, Heaton Croft, Lower Croft, Isabell Squire, John Richardson mercer      
TT262 348 1744 1 Clapham Picard Christopher Clapham mercer, mansion, Thomas Coat, Annas Beetham, Garthheads, Springdale, Goldy Lands, Park Head, Firracres, Cragg Closes, Thornber, Hemplands, Banks, Oxlack, Attermire, man's seat in Giggleswick church, Intack      
TT263 349 1744 1 Picard Clapham Christopher Clapham mercer, mansion, Annas Beetham, see TT202 348      
TT366 466 1744 1 Binns Carr Allan Carr butcher, Holbeck, messuage, Beck Ing, Longdales, Green Riggs, Scaleber, Banks      
TT460 593 1744 2 Carr Hornby Allan Carr yeoman, Reedlands or Long Stream, Crooked Acre, Ovensteads or Rasa Kilne, Hallsteads, Hollinghead, High Brow, Holbecks, Bridge End, Nadbreaks      
TT526 680 1744 1 Tatham Barnard Robert Barnard apothecary, messuage, Cooksons of the Nook, Joshua Appleby apothecary, Lawrence Camm cordwainer      
TT527 682 1744 1 Brodgen Hall Johbn Windsor, Hugh Hall tanner, Scalebar, Banks, Lawrence Cam cordwainer      
UU323 453 1745 2 Fish Pickard Messuage, shop, smithy, Isabell Hudson, Thomas Moreby, Mr. John Richardson, Thomas Tomlinson, Richard Smith glazier      
UU323 451 1746 1 Brayshaw Moore Phisgitholm, Longlands      
WW302 407 1746 1 Armistead Armistead Robert Armistead of Ainley, Higher Riddings, Middle Riddings      
WW310 423 1746 1 Armistead Moor Roger Armistead of Lodge, Thomas Moor innkeeper at Horton, messuage, Lodge, New Close, Rough Close, Brown Close, Well Close, High Close or Three Nooked Close, Mr. Robert Oates, Leatherhill, Illgrime, Sowerlands, Attermire, Blackhill or Oxlack, Mary Driver, High Hall, Ann Allison, Intack      
YY278 326 1747 1 Picard Abbotson Messuage, Duck St., Richard Towler      
YY279 328 1747 1 Swiers Shackleton John Shackleton tallow chandler, messuages, Edmund Wilson, Thomas Geldard, William Walsh, Dobtarn      
YY280 329 1747 1 Peart Banks William Peart innholder, Foraker, John Walker, Brennand Ing      
YY298 354 1747 2 Dawson Nowell William Dawson of Langcliffe, messuage called Settle Hall alias Preston's House, (Folly), Thomas Procter, Edmund Garforth, Croft, Raysay Kilne, Telsmire, Butts, Bell Hole, Hawstead, Crooked Acre, Ecclestone bank, (Eddlestone), Lodge closes, Banks, Scaleber      
XX603 825 1748 1 Pickard Wetheral George Picard whitesmith, messuage, shop, smithy, Mr. John Richardon, Isabell Hudson, Thomas Moorby, Thomas Thomlinson      
XX748 1010 1748 2 Harrison Preston Christopher Clapham mercer, John Preston of Meerbeck, mansion, John Tatham, Over Settle, brew house, Edward Maud innholder      
YY358 434 1748 1 Abbotson Hardacre Messuage, Duck St., Richard Towler      
YY396 480 1748 2 Carr Abbotson Charles Abbotson of Cleatop, Newfields, Adam Lawson, Leonard Bolland, Lodge Close, Mr. William Tatham, Christopher Lawson, Banks, High Scarr, Scaleberr      
AC342 454 1749 1 Hargreaves Watson Margaret Hargreaves spinster, now in possession Golden Lyon (one sign) in Duck Street      
AC342 455 1749 1 Watson Chorley Peter Watson innkeeper, Golden Lion      
AC410 557 1749 2 Nowell Nevile William Dawson of Langcliffe Hall, Settle Hall alias Preston's House, Thomas Proctor, Edmund Garforth, Raysay Kiln, Eels Mire, Butts Close, Bell Hole, Hawstead, Nooked Acre, Eccleston Bank, Lodge Close, Banks, Scalebar      
AC512 696 1749 1 Armistead Carr George Carr Schoolmaster, Ainley Close, Benkit Garth (Pinder Ing), Howson Ainleys, Leigh Gap, Thornber, Rundley Land, Lings Close, Banks, High Scarr, Scaleber, Richard Forster mercer      
AC691 920 1750 2 Windsor Birkbeck William and John Birkbeck, many other people. Messuage, stable, brewhouse, shop (Thomas Robinson, Charles Stewart). Masons Croft, Heaton Croft, Lowercroft, Rundley Bridge, Brown Butts, Open Green Riggs, Eddlestone Bank, Midlain (Millam, Mildam), Lodge Close      
AD196 256 1750 1 Bolland Deed poll Lettice and Elizabeth Bolland, Mabella and Mary Lister, Cammock Close      
AD196 257 1750 1 Lister Bolland Thomas Lister, Fourscore Acre      
AD250 326 1750 1 Carr Baynes Eldstons Bank      
AD250 327 1750 1 Birkbeck Baynes Open Green Riggs, Eldstone Bank      
AE175 225 1750 2 Tatham Wilson for Haughton Tatham Wilson for Haughton, Cleatop capital messuage, Meerbeck, Lodge, 7s 6d ancient rent, field names      
AD534 691 1751 4 Hornby Hall Thomas Tomlinson, William Hall mercer, William Bradley of Langcliffe, Allan Carr, Reedlands (Long Stream), Crooked Acre, Oven Steads (Rasakiln), Hall Steads, Hallrig Head, 4s ancient rent, High Brow, Holbecks, Bridge End, Nadbreak, 6s 8d ancient rent, Mansion Black Bull, Banks, Farr Scarr, Scaleber, 25s ancient rent, Mill Land, Nathwaite, Messuage of Allan Carr called Newhouse in Market Place of Settle, Maddales, Hippings, 1s ancient rent, 7s 8d ancient rent, Mill Close, One Draw Well, Joseph Hudson of Horton, clerk      
AD538 694 1751 2 Hall Hesleden Hesleden of Brackenbottom in Horton, Thomas Tomlinson, William Hall mercer, William Bradley of Langcliffe, Crooked Acre, Highbrow, Holbecks, Banks, High Scarr, Mill Close (Bridge End)      
AD539 695 1751 2 Hall Capstacke Thomas Capstacke of the Sign of Black Bull in Settle, Thomas Hall hosier, Thomas Tomlinson, William Hall mercer, brewhouse, Duck St.      
AD540 696 1751 2 Carr Heselden Thomas Hall hosier, Bryan Hesleden of Brackenbottom, John Lund of Raw, Roger Chapman of Selside, Thomas Dowbiggin of Newland House in Horton, Trustees and governors of the School at Horton, William Bradley of Langcliffe, Crooked Acre, Highbrow, Holbecks, Banks, High Scarr, Mill Close (Bridge End)      
AF264 343 1752 2 Clapham Pearson Agnes Clapham of Stackhouse, Millicent Lawson, Mary Lawson, Thomas Lawson, messuage White Horse (Margaret Lawson, Matthew Hargreaves), shops, High Longsales, Leygap, Pinder Ing, Great Aynley, Hall Ing Head, Yeomans Lath, Illgrimes, Gateside, Runley Ley, Crooked Back, 8s 10d ancient rent, High Hill, Hall Stead, Nicholas Tyson of Giggleswick cordwainer      
AF717 963 1753 2 Stoney Hall Thomas Hall hosier, Holbeck, Thomas Tomlinson, William Hall mercer, William Bradley of Langcliffe, Messuage, John Binns, Beck Ing, Langdales, Green Riggs, Scaleber, Banks, Roger German, Thomas Capstack of Settle Innholder      
AF720 967 1753 1 Hall Fountaine William Hall mercer, William Bradley of Langcliffe, Messuage, John Binns      
AF720 968 1753 2 Armistead Carr Robert Armitstead of Ainley, Messuage Ainley, Benkitt Garth (Pinder Ing), Howson Ainleys, Leigh Gap, Thornber, Runley, John Richardson mercer, Robert Carr shoemaker      
AF725 971 1753 2 Balderstone Constantine John Constantine butcher, William Hall merchant, Messuages in Market Place (Joshua Whalley dwelt), now Thomas Mattson and Mary Paley      
AF726 972 1753 1 Balderstone Birkbecks William and John Birkbeck merchants, Fizgetholme, Kendalman's Ford, Island alias Ealand, Langstream, Joseph Bellas      
AF726 973 1753 2 Constantine Balderstone John Constantine butcher, Messuage Through Doors in the Market Place      
AF748 999 1753 2 Swinglehurst Parkinson Banks, High Scarr, Scale Barr      
AG498 654 1753 2 Town Harris Messuage, Henry Town, Henry Hargreaves, Francis Wellack, Newfields, Langdales, Peny Pot Close, Baile or Ball Reding, Morebers, Higher Garden, Eccleston Bank, Scaleber, Bonds Laithe      
AG575 746 1753 1 Constantine Brown John Constantine butcher, Messuages in Market Place, Joshua Whalley, Thomas Mattson, Mary Paley      
AH106 136 1753 1 Capstick Clapham Thomas Capstick innholder, Christopher and William Hall mercers, Messuage Black Bull in Duck St.      
AH123 159 1753 1 Chorley Robinson Peter Watson innkeeper, George Robinson tanner, William Carr butcher, Golden Lyon in Duck St.      
AH124 161 1753 1 Robinson, Carr Procter George Robinson Tanner, William Carr butcher, Golden Lyon Duck St.      
AH125 162 1753 1 Birkbeck Fountaine William and John Birkbeck merchants, Messuage Duck St., brewhouse, Windford Crofts, Christopher Picard, William Hunter      
AH125 163 1753 1 Bolland Birkbeck William Bolland woolstapler, William and John Birkbeck merchants, Appletree Close      
AH127 166 1753 1 Cookes Bolland William Bolland woolstapler, Jane and Edward Cooke, Messuage, Appletree Close, Short Butts, Langbargh      
AH323 431 1753 1 Taylor   Daniel Taylor will 1753, Dr of Physick, Holly Acre      
AH458 602 1754 2 Lister Coulthurst Thomas Salisbury, Christopher Swainson, Stony Stye in Langcliffe, Thomas Geldard, Fields in Rathmell, Settle, Langcliffe      
AI287 355 1754 2 Taylor   Richard Taylor of Kirkham will 1739, Fields in Langcliffe, Settle and Giggleswick      
AI538 689 1754 2 Atkinson   William Atkinson of Leeds, will of 1754, Daniel Taylor, Fields in Langcliffe and Settle      
AH123 160 1756 2 Watson Carr Peter Watson innholder, George Robinson tanner, Golden Lyon, Duck St.      
AM266 366 1756 2 Preston Wetherherd Thomas Wetherherd of Horton in Ribblesdale, Haworth Preston of Mearbeck, Messuage at Mearbeck, Rawlence Knowles, Great Field, Gelpot (Gailpot), Calf Close, Mearbeck Parks, Parkhead, Highhill, Halstead, Attermire Close, Thomas Carr, John Preston woolstapler      
AM270 372 1756 2 Hudson Preston Joseph Hudson of Newlands in Horton clerk, Thomas Dowbiggin of Newland house, Haworth Preston of Mearbeck, Messuage Mearbeck, Lawrence Knowles, Great Field, Gelpot, Calf Close      
AM623 807 1756 2 Hall Cookson Thomas Hall hosier, Thomas Tomlinson, William Hall mercer, George Carr, William Bradley, John Cookson, Holbeck, Natbreak, Christopher Armitstead, Thomas Carr (elder), Beck Ing, Isat Bownas, Green Riggs, Long Dales, William Wade, William Armitstead, Banks, Nicholas Tyson cordwainer, Thomas Carr attorney      
AM701 922 1756 1 Wigglesworth Overend Settle Banks, High Scarr, Scalebarr      
AM701 923 1756 2 Lawson Overend Richard Lawson of Langcliffe, Settle Banks, High Scarr, Scalebarr      
AM704 925 1756 1 Parkinson Birkbeck William Birkbeck chapman, John Birkbeck chapman, Banks, Scalebarr      
AM706 928 1756 1 Town Sutcliffe Abraham Sutcliffe apothecary, Penny Pot Close      
AM706 929 1756 2 Town Hall William Hall merchant, Settle Banks, High Scarr, Richard Foster mercer      
AM707 930 1756 2 Worthington Town Messuage, Francis Wallock, Bonds Laith, Newfields, Penny Pot Close, Bait (Bail Ridding), Higher Garden, Banks, High Scarr      
AM709 932 1756 1 Camm Salibury John Camm whitesmith, Messuage and smithy      
AM709 933 1756 2 Oates Salisbury Highhill, Hallstead, Scaleberr, Open Attermire      
AN25 35 1756 2 Worthington Baynes Eddlestone (Ecclestone) Bank, Longwith Close (Longdales), Joseph Bell, Moorbers      
AN178 240 1756 2 Hall Kaley James Kaley tallow chandler, Banks, High Scarr, 18s 9d ancient rent      
AN179 241 1756 1 Kaley Alcock James Kaley tallow chandler, Elizabeth Bolland, Banks, High Scarr, 18s 9d ancient rent, Ainley Close (Ainley Cragg Close)      
AN428 575 1757 2 Fitzpatrick Trustees Benjamin Ferrand, Messuage Stockdale, Royal Oak, Joseph Bell, Messuage Cappernaw, James Procter      
AN430 578 1757 1 Fish Morley Messuage near Rathmell, Scaleber, Banks      
AN503 679 1757 1 Armitstead Moore James Armitstead of Horton, Richard Fountain, Riddings, Thomas Hallpike whitesmith      
AN616 840 1757 2 Town Paley John Paley grocer, Messuage, Naked Man, John Lawson, Thomas Paley, shop on north side, John Twisleton, shop on south side, Miss Carrs, shop, George French, Gardens, Copy      
AN620 844 1757 2 Worthington Foster Thomas Settle of Swainstead, Richard Foster mercer, Banks, High Scar, Scaleberr, 18s 10d ancient rent, John Place butcher      
AN621 846 1757 2 Starkie Salisbury Richard Foster mercer, Banks, High Scarr, Scaleberr, 32s 2d ancient rent, John Place butcher      
AN624 850 1757 3 Town Trustees William Bolland woolstapler, Messuage Naked Man, John Lawson, Thomas Paley, John Twisleton, shops, Miss Carrs, Copy, Francis Wallock, brewhouse, Bones Laith, Bond Close, Intack, Saworth, Newfields, Scaleber, High Scarr, Banks      
AO471 611 1757 2 Lister   A Fine, Nicholas Coultlhurst, Thomas Salisbury, John Richardson mercer, Stacksteads, Gaterains, Wrays, Great Cammock, Batty Cammock, Cambwell Butts, Heskett, Messuage in Langcliffe, John Rawson, Fleath Garth and many other Langcliffe fields      
AO679 882 1758 2 Watkinson Swaill Matthew Watkinson blacksmith, Scaleber, Banks, High Scarr, William Bradley      
AP317 404 1758 1 Constantine Moss John Constantine butcher, Messuage in Market Place, Thomas Matson, Mrs Paley, John Bownass, Through Doors, Thomas Sutton      
AP373 480 1758 1 Carr Birkbeck Thomas Carr of Stackhouse, Near and Far Fourscore Acre, Hull      
AP608 761 1758 1 Wilkinson Green George Wilkinson carpenter, Messuages lately erected and rebuilt by George Wilkinson, Hugh Hall, in Upper Settle      
AP608 762 1758 2 Alcock Wilkinson James Kaley now bankrupt, John Alcock, Ainley Cragg, John Coor, Settle Banks, High Scar, Joseph Bell      
AP612 765 1758 1 Wilkinson Hudson James Kaley tallow chandler bankrupt, Ainley Crag Close, John Coor      
AP612 766 1758 2 Carr Salisbury Thomas Carr of Stackhouse, 7s.6d ancient rent, Highill(sic), Halstead      
AP613 767 1758 1 Salisbury Coates John Camm whitesmith, John Coates tallowchandler, Messuage, smithy, Robert Proctor innholder      
AP615 770 1758 2 Bowskill Williams John Bowskill blacksmith, Jeremiah Bowskill, Messuage in Duck Street, Ann Town, Thomas Armitstead, seat in Giggleswick church      
AP618 773 1758 1 Moorhouse Sutcliffe Abraham Sutcliffe apothecary, Copy or Ashrayne, Great Cammock, Penny Pot Close, Ecleston Bank, Robert Proctor      
AP619 775 1758 2 Bell Sutton Messuage, now two, Izat Brownas, John Shay      
AP621 777 1758 1 Carr Bell William Smith fellmonger, Adam Carr, Messuage now two, Izat Brownas, John Shay      
AP636 798 1758 1 Bowskill Cockshott John Bowskill blacksmith, Jeremiah Bowskill, John Cockshot, Messuage, smithy, seat in Giggleswick Church, Joseph Bell innholder      
AQ265 329 1758 2 Hall Bell Joseph Bell innholder, William Paley clerk, William Bradley mercer, Banks, Scaleber, Catterson Paley flaxdresser      
AQ266 330 1758 x???not this number Carr Robinson See AS419 575?      
AQ435 571 1759 2 Taylor   Sarah Taylor will of 1759, Daniel Taylor, messuages, land, in Langcliffe, Settle, Giggleswick      
AQ560 724 1759 2 Preston Salisbury Howorth Preston of Mearbeck, Millicent Lawson, Highhill, New Fields, Ring Holes, Settle Banks, water to Highhill, Hallstead, Attermire, Stockdale, Highside      
AR501 671 1759 2 Shepherd Cookson Daniel Taylor, John Cookson physician, Sarah Taylor, Lands in Langcliffe, Settle, Giggleswick      
AS419 575 1760 1 Robinson Hill George Robinson tanner, Messuage in Duck Street, Golden Lion, John Cundall, Peter Watson      
AT279 364 1760 4 Salisbury Trustees John Lister, land at Newsholme and Horton, land in Langcliffe, Stony Stye, Thomas Geldard, Stacksteadgate, Rains, Wrays, Joseph Bell, Great Camock, Batty Camock, Cambwell Butts, Hesket, Robert Procter, Messuage in Langcliffe (John Rawson), Croft, Fleath Garth and many others in Langcliffe, Messuage in Settle (overseers of the poor), Wrays (Turf Pit Close)      
AT284 368 1760 2 Salisbury Trustees John Richardson mercer , Highill, Coppy, Hallstead      
AT440 565 1760 1 Overend Hall William Hall merchant, Scaleber, Coppy, Coal Pit Gill, Liberty to digg up and carry away limestone, for the burning into lime      
AT622 810 1761 2 Martin Birkbeck Morris Birkbeck merchant, Abraham Sutcliffe apothecary, Scaleber      
AU254 341 1761 3 Martin   A Fine, Cottage with 5 rooms, Thomas Chamberlain, Sarah Dobson, William and John Birkbeck, Hull, Springs , Robert Johnson, Joseph Bell, Walk Mill Close, Haggletree, John Shackleton, Attermire, Thomas Hall, Skirsgills, John Constantine, 1d ancient rent, 1 1d ancient rent, Settle Banks, High Scar, lately divided by Act of Parliament, Giggleswick fields      
AU256 342 1761 3 Martin Martin Messuage formerly a smithy, Sarah Dobson, William and John Birkbeck, Eddlestone Bank, Robert Proctor, Lower Whicksyke Greens, Thomas Williams, Attermire, 5d ancient rent, 3 15s 9d ancient rent, Settle Banks, High Scar, Scaleber, 2 7s ancient rent, division by Act of Parliament      
AU258 343 1761 1 Martin Wilson Hull, Springs, Brows, Robert Johnson, Joseph Bell      
AU258 344 1761 2 Martin Baines Eddlestone Bank, Robert Procter      
AU259 345 1761 2 Martin Williams Whicksyke Greens      
AU260 347 1761 2 Martin Sutcliffe Abraham Sutcliffe apothecary, Cragg Closes, Higher Whicksyke Green, Joseph Bell, Walk Mill Close, Haggletree      
AU260 348 1761 2 Martin Birkbeck Messuage, formerly smithy, Ann Chamberlain, Sarah Dobson, William and John Birkbeck, Cottage with 5 rooms, Thomas Chamberlain      
AU264 354 1761 2 Martin Salisbury Attermire, Thomas Hall      
AU265 355 1761 1 Carr Bleazard John Armitstead blacksmith, Smith's shop, shoeing place, John Bradley, to lye timber on the wall, William Weatherhead, Robert Carr cordwainer      
AU266 357 1761 1 Moor Salibury Thomas Moor of Horton innholder, Attermyre, Mr Ellershaw, Mrs Lawson, Highill, Mr John Richardson, Settle Banks, High Scarr      
AU267 359 1761 1 Bradley Salisbury William Bradley innholder, Dawson Croft (Nether Croft), Richard Camm, Windsors Little Croft, Lords rent of 3d, Bradleys Croft, Robert Procter      
AU268 360 1761 1 Bradley Sutcliff William Bradley innholder, Abraham Sutcliffe apothecary, Crooked Acre, Robert Carr, John Bradley blacksmith, Robert Procter      
AU491 628 1761 1 Martin Preston Settle Banks, High Scar      
AU492 631 1761 2 Fountain Birkbeck William Fountain surgeon, John Birkbeck merchant, Messuage in Duck Street, Peter Watson, brewhouse, Windsor Crofts, well in the yard      
AU681 871 1762 1 Fountaine Fountaine Messuage      
AU682 873 1762 2 Fountain Brown Christopher Brown of Stainforth, John Topham, Robert Procter, Reedlands (Longstream), slated barn, Hall Ing Head, Open Hall Ing, Millicent Lawson, Crook, Richard Geldard      
AW447 582 1762 2 Foster Swainson Thomas Hall, Thomas Carr bankrupt money scrivener, dealer in cattle and chapman, William Foster, Anthony Lister, Tempest Croft on turnpike road      
AW526 685 1762 1 Swaill Redmayne Thomas Redmayne of Stainforth, Scaleber, lately divided by Act of Parliament, 1s 1d ancient rent, now fenced off, Far Fourscore Acres      
AX146 165 1762 2 Denham Richardson John Richardson mercer, Attermire, Rowland and Thomas Carr, Banks, High Scarr, Scaleber, 13s 4d ancient rent      
AX288 351 1762 2 Hall Fountaine Thomas Hall hosier, William Hall mercer, George Carr, William Bradley, Allan Carr, Reedlands (Longstream), slated barn, Hall Ing Head, Millicent Lawson, Crookes      
AX292 355 1762 2 Fountaine Birkbeck Morris Birkbeck merchant, messuage Duck Street, milkhouse, cellar, coalhouse, brewhouse, swinecoat or dog kennel      
AX467 571 1763 2 Kendall Richardson Mary Carr, Thomas Carr, John Richardson mercer, Langwith Close, John Whalley      
AX667 837 1763 3 Hine Wood Henry Wood of Hill Top, Wigglesworth, Gildersleets, closes in Giggleswick and Settle      
AY417 539 1763 1 Twistleton Coulthurst Thomas Twisleton of Langcliffe tanner, Isabel and Robert Twisleton, John Birkett, John Coates, William Bolland, Townhead, Foster Crofts      
AY417 540 1763 2 Slater Embly Agnes Slater, Benjamin Slater mason, Edward Slater, John Embly mason, messuage in Upper Settle, Timothy Iveson, Robert Camm, east of poor or workhouse, Thomas Baynes taylor, shop, Robert Fowler, coalhouse, Black Hill turbary, 2s ancient rent, seats in Giggleswick church      
AY509 660 1763 2 Proctor Taylor Anthony Taylor, Margaret Wilson, Edmund Wilson ironmonger, Thomas Coarr blacksmith, messuage, Lawrence Camm cordwainer, Natbreak      
AY512 665 1763 2 Chamberlain Willman William Willman innholder, messuage, John Clough, Samuel Lucas, Bawshaw turbary      
AY513 667 1763 2 Carr Place Richard Foster mercer, Thomas Hall hosier, John Place butcher, Sandholmes, Thomas Carr money scrivener, dealer and chapman, bankrupt      
AZ083 105 1764 1 Barraclough Hargreaves William Hargreaves sadler, mansion, two garrets, two shops, smithy swinecoat      
AZ490 644 1764 2 Richardson last will John Richardson, will of 1761, of Knaresborough, apothecary, property in Settle      
BA175 234 1764 1 Coar Wilman Thomas Coar blacksmith, John Coar cooper, William Willman innholder, Natbreak      
BA176 236 1764 2 Redmayne Preston William Preston of Cleatop, Scaleber, Farrscoreacres, Act of Parliament      
BA177 237 1764 1 Hudson Clapham John Coar couper, Ainley Close      
BA178 239 1764 2 Clapham Clark Anthony Clark cordwainer, Ainley Crag, tithes      
BA179 240 1764 1 Taylor Birkbeck William Willman innholder, John Coar cooper, William Birkbeck merchant, Thomas Coar blacksmith, Natbreak      
BC525 670 1765 2 Foster   Anthony Foster will of 1765, surgeon and apothecary, property in Langcliffe, Settle and elsewhere      
BC547 704 1765 x Hall Moore No picture      
BC548 706 1765 x Watkinson Picard No picture      
BC553 715 1765 2 Watkinson Dawson William Dawson of Halton Gill, tithes of Settle, parcel of Giggleswick rectory, chancel, William and Anthony Bolland woolstaplers      
BC556 718 1765 1 Sutton Shackleton John Shackleton fellmonger, messuage, Elizabeth Thornber, Thomas Taylor, well spring      
BD64 65 1765 1 Carr Hardacre Greengatehead, Cringleholme, Crook Acre, Richard Geldard      
BD730 943 1766 2 Bell Atkinson Frances Davy of Littlebank, Settle Banks, High Scarr, Act of Parliament, stonewall, Joseph Bell      
BD731 946 1766 2 Shackleton Heber Peter Wilson Overend, Joseph Bell, limekiln, Richard Speddy, Scaleber, Act of Parliament      
BD733 948 1766 1 Wood Beetham Brewhouses, hogstys, William Baynes, William Bell, Thomas Brayshaw, John Enndale innkeeper      
BD734 950 1766 1 Hargreaves Beetham Thomas Beetham grocer, Messuage, Richard Wigglesworth, John Richardson, William Bell      
BE608 831 1766 1 Salibury Cundall George Robinson tanner, William Carr butcher, John Cundall innholder, Richard Waller, Golden Lion, Duck Street      
BE685 940 1766 1 Baker Heelis Robert Procter, Spark's Lands, Eddlestone bank, Galyards      
BE685 941 1766 1 Baker Salisbury Messuage, Kirkgate, Crooks Acre, Robert Proctor, John Wright, William Proctor, Thomas Proctor, Thomas Salisbury, Miss Sparr, Abraham Sutcliffe      
DB415 491 1766 x Gray Inman no pic      
BF354 513 1767 2 Preston Priest Settle Banks, High Scarr, John Martin, Richard Redmayne, Langcliffe Scar      
BF449 639 1767 1 Cockshott Bowskill Messuage, John Cockshott mason, John Bowskill blacksmith      
BF449 640 1767 1 Bowskill Buck John Bowskill blacksmith, William Buck of Green, new Smithy on Duck St      
BF603 899 1767 2 Weatherherd Mearbeck Thomas Weatherherd of Horton, Haworth Preston of Mearbeck, messuage at Mearbeck, Lawrence Knowles, Greatfield, Gelpot, Calf Close, Mearbeck Parks and Parkhead, High Hill, Thomas Carr      
BF605 903 1767 2 Bolland Moor Thomas Moor of Horton, Fourscore Acres      
BF608 908 1767 1 Town Town Stephen Wigglesworth of Equith, Elizabeth Bolland, Iveson's Grass Garth, Call Garth, Limepit Close, messuage, John Overend, John Brown of Lumm      
BF605 902 1767 1 Wigglesworth Picard Stephen Wigglesworth of Equith, Elizabeth Bolland, Iveson's Ing Close      
BG230 331 1767 2 Coulthurst Wilson Thomas Salisbury, John Lister, John Richardson mercer, messuage, fields in Horton, Stony Sty in Langcliffe, Stacksteads, Gateraines, Wrays, Joseph Bell, Great Camock, Batty Camock, Heskett, Robert Proctor      
BG647 879 1768 2 Brown Cookson Christopher Brown of Stainforth, Richard Fountaine, John Cookson doctor of physick, Reedlands or Long Stream, Hall Ing head, Millicent Lawson, Crooks, Thomas Coar      
BG700 955 1768 1 Smith Bolland William Smith skinner, William Bolland woolstapler, houses, William Carr, Benjamin Mariner      
BH245 289 1768 2 Procter Procter Christopher Procter of Winskill, Sarah Dobson, Ridding, Craggclose or Wickshaw Green, Howbeck, Hallstead, Threalm, Lettice Walker, Farr Thornber, Selgrimes, Hall Inghead, Thomas Lawson, Mearbeck, Christopher Preston, Dobfarn, John Walsh, John Cookson, Hugh Hall      
BH247 291 1768 1 Johnson Wilkinson Robert Johnson innholder, messuage, Ferrard, Brennand Ing, Thornber Lands, Greenriggs or Holmes Close      
BH247 292 1768 1 Foster Redmayne Richard Foster mercer, Peterclose, Northfield, John Lodge      
BH248 293 1768 1 Foster Place Richard Foster mercer, John Place butcher, messuage, John Relph, John Lodge      
BH248 294 1768 1 Horsman Picard William Moor, Higher and Lower Ridding      
BH459 604 1768 2 Waite Hardacre Messuage, Christopher Picard, Richard Geldart      
BI87 117 1768 2 Wilson Salisbury John Richardson, Nicholas Coulthurst, Stacksteads, Gaterains, Wainy's, Joseph Bell, Camock, Cambwell Butts, Hesklitt, Robert Proctor, messuage, John Lister, overseer of the poor, Ann Walker, Adam Eglin      
BJ85 115 1768 2 Birkbeck Salisbury Morris Birbeck merchant, Isaac Wilson, Abraham Sutcliffe apothecary, Scaleber      
BJ88 119 1768 2 Salisbury Swainson Nicholas Coulthurst, John Richardson mercer, Great Cammock, Batty Camock, Cambwell Butts, messuage, John Lister, overseers of the poor, Gaterains, Stacksteads, Wrays or Turfpit Close, Meal Banks, Thomas Halvpitee, Natbreak, Joseph Bell      
BJ90 121 1768 1 Salisbury Sutcliffe Abraham Sutcliffe apothecary, Little Cammock, Robert Proctor      
BJ90 122 1768 2 Richardson Salisbury Thomas Carras(?), Road or way of 12 feet to be enclosed, sheep fence, Bank, High Scarr, Altermire, Road beginning at and run from corner of High Hill, Thomas Hill hosier      
BJ545 754 1769 2 Procter Hall Christopher Procter of Winskill, William Hall merchant, Christopher Picard, Hallstead, William Dawson, Near Thornber, John Lupton      
BJ683 943 1769 2 Fitzpatrick Bell Benjamin Ferrand, Joseph Bell of Settle innkeeper, Richard Fountaine, John Place butcher, messuage Royal Oak, shop occupied by Mrs Hargreaves, Fish Copy      
BJ684 944 1769 1 Bell Dixon Joseph Bell innkeeper, messuage Royal Oak, shop occupied by Mrs Hargreaves      
BJ731 1002 1769 1 Priest Stansfield Settle Banks and High Scarr, Stockdalecarr, Richard Redmayn, Langcliffe Scarr, Halsteads      
BK99 136 1769 1 Bolland Thornber William Bolland woolstapler, dwelling in Settle where Benjamin Marriner lives, dwelling occupied by William Smith      
BK101 139 1769 2 Procter Hargraves Christopher Procter of Winskill, Robert Hargraves stuffweaver, Hilltop barn, William Willman innholder      
BK102 140 1769 1 Procter Picard Christopher Procter of Winskill, Ridding      
BK102 141 1769 2 Procter Bolland Christopher Procter of Winskill, Threalholme, Lettice Walker, William Willman      
BK103 142 1769 1 Procter Preston Christopher Procter of Winskill, William Preston of Paley Green, Cragg Close or Whickshaw Green      
BK104 144 1769 1 Procter Bell Christopher Procter of Winskill, Joseph Bell innholder, messuage with shop, Smiths Shop, occupied by Sarah Dobson      
BK104 145 1769 1 Procter Johnson Christopher Procter of Winskill, Robert Johnson innholder, Farr Thornber, IllGrime occupied by Robert Sutton      
BK105 146 1769 1 Tee Procter Christopher Procter of Winskill, messuage at Meerbeck, land in Long Preston      
BK106 148 1769 1 Buck Wilson William Buck of Green, John Bowskill blacksmith, Thomas Wilson ironmonger,cottage with smithy, south end of Duck St      
BK110 156 1769 1 Lupton Iveson John Lupton of Lawkland, Timothy Iveson carpenter, messuage occupied by Bartholomew Procter      
BL68 96 1769 1 Picard Veevers Riddings, Ings, Green Gate or Rasey Kiln, Iveson's Ing, occupied by Robert Sutton, Wheat Threaps in Langcliffe, Threaps Meadow, occupied by William Bell      
BK431 595 1770 2 Salisbury Salisbury John Slinger, new enclosure, Scaleber, occupied by John Constantine farmer      
BK690 958 1770 2 Procter Smith Richard Chamberlaine, John Procter taylor, John Hallpike joiner, Vincent Hallpike joiner, James Smith mason, cottage, occupied by Martin Marsden and George Wilson nailer, Nicholas Tyson cordwainer      
BM44 61 1770 1 Robinsons Place George Robinson carpenter, John Place butcher, messuage under Castleber, brewhouse, Samuel and Abraham Sutcliff apothecary      
BM46 64 1770 1 Benson Jackman Mathew Jackman of Lodge slater, house divided in two      
BO600 920 1770 x Denham Salisbury Croft, close Halstead, parcel of Thornber 3 roods (no picture)      
BM739 941 1771 1 Preston Jenkinson Robert Jenkinson innholder, messuage in Giggleswick, Church End, Josef Horner lately lived, Swinecoats      
BO82 109 1771 1 Richardson Duckworth John Richardson mercer, George Duckworth breeches maker, Threalam occupied by George Duckworth      
CA147 203 1771 x Cavendish Besborough appear to be property of Dissolved Bolton Priory No picture      
BN557 698 1772 2 Dixon Staniforth Joseph Bell innkeeper, messuage Royal Oak, Fish Copy      
BN737 952 1772 2 Smith Lambert James Smith mason, William Lambert of Langcliffe, messuage occupied by James Smith and Elizabeth Whittam      
BN746 963 1772 2 Richardson Lister John Richardson mercer, messuage, office, Kid Croft, Haigh's Croft, Settle Mill, 7 yards to the poll or perch, Cookson barn, Bradley's Croft, Bottoms, Crofts Land, Kidd Croft and the Marsh, holdings of Hon. Miss Amelia Sparr, Robert Procter, Christopher Paley, John Enndale innkeeper, Detailed measurements      
BO425 582 1772 2 Birkbeck Birkbeck Morris Birkbeck merchant, William Birkbeck younger merchant, messuages Duck St, occupied by Mrs Jane Nowel, Henry Dewhurst, William Wilman, John Ralph, Richard Fountaine, Windsor Crofts, messuage, William Fountaine, well in yard, Milk house, cellar, coalhouse, brewhouse, Swinecoat or dog kennel      
BO432 593 1772 1 Sutton Hargreaves Robert Sutton grocer, George Robinson carpenter, William Hargreaves sadler, shop or workhouse, John Place, Joseph Thornbeck weaver      
BO691 910 1772 2 Wilkinson Johnson Robert Johnson innholder, messuage, Firacre, Brinnand Ing, Thornber Lands, Green Riggs or Holme's Close      
BO692 911 1772 1 Peart Johnson Will of 1748 of William Peart innholder, Robert Johnson, messuage, Feracre, Brinnand Ing, Jane and Mary Peart, Margaret Lawson , John, William, Mary and Jane Lawson, Richard Moon sadler      
BO693 912 1772 1 Johnson Clapham Robert Johnson innkeeper, Christopher Picard, Firaker, tythes of calf, wool and lamb, Abraham Sutcliffe apothecary      
BO693 913 1772 2 Johnson Salisbury Robert Johnson innkeeper, Christopher Picard, Brennand Ing, Abraham Sutcliffe apothecary      
BO694 914 1772 1 Salisbury Place John Place butcher, three messuages, swinecoat in Kirkgate, occupied by John Wright, Thomas Procteor, John Coor, Thomas Salisbury, John Richardson, Thomas Hallpike whitesmith      
BO696 917 1772 2 Town Bolland William Bolland woolstapler, messuage, Catterson Paley, shop, Francis Wellock, Bond Laith, Bond Close, Patefield Close, Intack, Saworth, Newfields, John Constantine, Scaleber, Banks, High Scarr      
BO697 918 1772 2 Town Bolland William Bolland woolstapler, messuage Naked Man, shop, John Constantine, William Hargraves, George Duckworth, shop or warehouse, Richard Iveson, Craven Bacon, Gardens, Copy, Ass Copy, Howridding, Frumper Rain, Greengate in Langcliffe, occupied by James Smith      
BO698 919 1772 1 Town Salisbury Catterson Paley flaxman, messuage, brewhouse, shop, Ivesons Grass Garth, Call Garth, Lime Pitt Close      
BO699 920 1772 1 Denham Salisbury Croft, Longarth, Hempland, Richard Graham, Altermires, Halstead, John Place, William Preston, Thornber, Abraham Sutcliffe      
BP178 217 1772 1 Routh Beetham Messuages occupied by John Burton, Richard Geldard, William Hargreaves sadler, Robert Wise, Richard Wigglesworth      
BP210 255 1772 1 Johnson Bolland William Bolland woolstapler, messuage occupied by Joseph Bell, Farr Thornber, Rev. John Carr, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Lawson, Thomas Moor, John Coats tallow chandler      
BP335 416 1772 2 Johnson Sutcliffe Robert Johnson innholder, William Peart innholder, Abraham Sutcliffe apothecary, Green Riggs or Holme's Close, tithes of calf, wool, lamb      
BP337 419 1772 1 Shackleton Marriner John Shackleton fellmonger, messuage occupied by Anthony Airton and Lawrence Tatham, shop, wellspring      
BQ443 589 1773 1 Kendal Sutcliff Abraham Sutcliffe apothecary, Cowbeck Closes, Thornber Lands      
BQ443 590 1773 1 Bolland Sutcliff William Bolland woolstapler, Robert Johnson, Farr Thornber, John Coats tallow chandler      
BQ444 591 1773 1 Birkbeck Place John and William Birkbeck merchants, Lawson's Cragg Close, Thomas and John Richardson      
BQ449 600 1773 1 Wiglesworth Procter Christopher Procter Meer Beck, Coppie or Packman Yeat Close, Thomas Clarke      
BQ603 786 1773 1 Birkbeck Moore Morris Birkbeck merchant, William Birkbeck merchant, John Birkbeck merchant, James Moore Innkeeper, Langwith Close, Spring Dale, Ing Closes, Upper Settle Croft      
BQ604 788 1773 2 Moore King James Moore Innholder, Langwith Close, Spring Dale, Ing Closes, Upper Settle Croft      
BT12 21 1773 2 Lee Ferrand Messuage, Robert Towler dwelt, William Bell, Stripe of land, Thornber Lands, Richard Armitstead, John Winsor, Anthony Hall      
BT13 22 1773 1 Lee Ferrrand Messuage, as BT12 21      
BT155 208 1773 2 Lawkland Hall John Lupton of Lawkland cooper, Grace Sedgwick, James Sedgwick shoemaker, William Hall, Gatherlands (Gaterlands), Edward Walker, Robert Carr, Rev. John Carr, Roger Armitstead, Robert Sutton, Richard Procter of Clapham butcher      
BT573 727 1774 1 Birkbeck Sutcliff Morris, William and John Birkbeck merchants, Isaac Wilson, John Birkbeck hosier and linen draper, Abraham Sutcliff apothecary, Brown Butts, Holmes Close, Farr Thornber      
BT573 728 1774 1 Routh Jenkinson Robert Jenkinson Innkeeper, messuage, Thomas Brayshaw, brewhouse, swineyard, hogsties, dunghillstead, William Clementson bailiff      
BT574 729 1774 1 Hargreaves Sutton Thomas Hargreaves clockmaker, messuage in market place, stable, brewhouse, dunghillstead, William Clementson bailiff      
BT577 736 1774 1 Hargreaves Waddington William Hargraves sadler, Joseph Waddington of Gisburn rope maker, messuage in Upper Settle, William Lister, Simon Clark      
BU34 45 1774 1 Birkbeck Robinson Morris, William, John Birkbeck merchants, William Howson of Barrel Sykes, messuage, James Kenyon, John Hargraves, brewhouse, shop, chamber, hen house      
BU73 30 1774 1 Richardson Salisbury John Richardson mercer, Lime Pitt Close, Robert Hargraves      
BU352 472 1774 1 Carr Hall William Hall merchant, Thornber, Joseph Bell, John Richardson mercer      
BU352 473 1774 2 Carr Shackleton James Hunter of Giggleswick shopkeeper, Edmund Shackleton gardener, messuage, Elizabeth and Ann Carr      
BU665 964 1775 2 Lister Will of 1772 Will of 1772 Beatrix Lister late Gisburne Park, messuage      
BU666 965 1775 1 Nowell Will Will of Henry Nowell, messuages in Rathmell, Giggleswick, Settle      
BU694 472 1775 x Carr Tennant Picture missing      
BW129 185 1775 2 Carr Slinger Scaleber, Robert Carr, Sweet Close, Rough Close, David Swaile, John Martin, John Cockson, Richard Foster, George Carr schoolmaster, John Carr, Joseph Bell      
BW200 290 1775 1 Foster Salisbury Richard Foster mercer, Bell Holme or Morehouse, Ing Close, William Hall, Robert Roberts, Thomas Salisbury, John Overend, a wall fence, Black Bull Croft near Duck St., George Duckworth breches maker, William Wilman Innholder      
BW329 464 1775 1 Thompson Bolland John Thompson clerk, Thomas Hesleden of Horton, Thomas Hall hosier bankrupt, Anthony Bolland woolstapler, messuage, John Howson of Clapham mason      
BX117 167 1775 1 Wilson Thompson, Hesleden John Thompson clerk, Thomas Hesleden of Horton, Thomas Hall hosier bankrupt, messuage Thomas Walson lately lived, occupied by Thomas Hall as a comb shop      
BX118 169 1775 1 Shackleton Banks Richard Shackleton glazier, Dobb Tarn      
BX118 170 1775 1 Shackleton Rawsthorn Richard Shackleton glazier, James Rawsthorns apothecary, messuage, John Shackleton, George Armitstead      
BX684 969 1776 1 Varley Wiglesworth (?939) messuage, Samuel Shackleton      
BX684 970 1776 2 Johnson Birkbeck Robert Johnson butcher, William Birkbeck merchant, William Howson of Barrel Sykes butcher, messuage, Joseph Bell, Benjamin Hobden, Robert Foster, garden at foot of Castleber      
BX688 976 1776 1 Salisbury Hargraves William Hargraves sadler, Greenriggs, Elizabeth Bolland      
BZ38 54 1776 1 Bell Buck Joseph Bell innholder, messuage, shop and rooms over, Smith's shop, Sarah Dobson, Anthony Wilkinson, William Procter, William Howson, George Procter, John Bowskill, mortuaries      
BZ38 55 1776 1 Buck Bell As BZ38 54      
BZ39 57 1776 2 Buck Buck Smith's shop, John Bowskill, a way with horses, carts, carriages      
BZ41 59 1776 1 Settle Procter John Ellershall (Ellershaw), Lettice Ellershaw of Swainstead, Christopher Procter of Mearbeck, Halstead, Highill, tithes of calf, wool, lamb, mortuaries      
BZ42 61 1776 2 Settle Place Katherine Settle of Swainstead, Tanner Ridding, Ridding Close, Wooddale, Ings Copy, John Ellershaw, John Barlow, tithes calf, wool, lamb      
BZ43 62 1776 1 Settle Procter Katherine Settle, Thomas Procter of Meerbeck tanner, Scaleber, John Ellershaw, tithes calf, wool, lamb      
BZ43 63 1776 2 Settle Preston Katherine Settle, John Preston of Mearbeck, Halstead, Highill, Goodmans Moss, every 3rd year, tithes calf, wool, lamb      
BZ45 65 1776 1 Carr Rawsthorn William Carr apothecary of Settle, James Rawthorn surgeon and apothecary, messuage, brewhouse, draw well, William Hall merchant      
BZ45 66 1776 2 Settle Baynes Katherine Settle, Settle Banks, High Scarr, John Ellershaw, 3d ancient rent, tithes calf, wool, lamb, mortuaries      
BZ47 69 1776 2 Duckworth Dixon George Duckworth breeches maker, messuage, John Moore, brewhouse      
BZ48 70 1776 1 Cockshot Bowskill Anthony Clark cordwainer, William Allinson staymaker, messuage in Duck St., William Atkinson, Henry Ingham, seat in church      
BZ48 71 1776 2 Bowskill Hargraves John Bowskill blacksmith, William Hargraves sadler, as BZ48 70      
BZ100 148 1776 2 Banks Hall Revd. John Banks, Hugh Hall tanner, William Hall merchant, Threalom, Upper Settle Croft or Whittaker Croft      
BZ100 149 1776 1 Banks Banks Morris and William Birkbeck merchants, Isaac Wilson, William Howson of Barrel Sykes, Reedlands Close, Allan Carr, James Hall      
BY555 784 1777 2 Lawson Ferrand Ann and Elizabeth Lawson of Langcliffe, messuage, Robert Fowler, Agnes Lee, Stripe of land, Richard Armistead, John Winsor, Anthony Hall, Thornber, Nicholas Tyson of Giggleswick cordwainer, Abraham Rhodes of Hainworth (Bingley) mason      
BY654 938 1777 1 Settle Moor Lettice Ellershaw of Swainstead, Anthony Wilson of Horton, messuage, Kiln Garth Nook, Little Nook, Bottom Close, Close Hill, Busk Close, Long Croft, Beck Croft, Parrock all at Lodge, John Barlow, tithes of calf, wool and lamb, mortuaries, Tanner Close, Brow Hudset, Wheat Close, Horse pasture (the Lings) at Lodge, Christopher Lawson      
BY654 939 1777 2 Hall Charnley William Hall merchant, Robert Charnley of Long Preston mason, cottages and shops in Settle market place, occupied by Matthias Steel, Thomas Tomlinson, William Twisleton, Michael Johnson, George Wilson, John Place, Nicholas Tyson, Richard Sutton, John Preston of Meir Beck      
BY655 940 1777 1 Settle Moor Catherine Settle of Swainstead, Lettice Ellershaw of Swainstead, Tanner Close, Horse pasture, Brow Hudset, Wheat Close, Lings all at Lodge, Anthony Moor of Horton      
BY701 1015 1777 2 Slinger Heber Scaleber, new enclosures, Robert Carr, Sweet Close, Rough Close, David Swaile, John Martin, John Cookson, Richard Foster, George Carr schoolmaster      
CA89 125 1777 1 Dobson Picard Ridding, tithes calf, wool, lamb      
CA89 126 1777 2 Wade Clapham William Wade tailor, John Harper mason, messuage, brewhouse      
CA90 126 1777 x Place Picard 3 mess in Kirkgate (descript ref Robert proctor and Beartix Lister) No picture      
CA434 605 1777 2 Francis Heber Robert Bleazard of Slaidburn, Bartholomew Armitstead blacksmith, dwelling, shop called a Smith's shop, shoeing place, John Bradley, William Wetherherd      
CA673 961 1777 2 Dyneley Baynes Robert Proctor, Thomas Hall, Sparks Land, Townfields, Eddliestone Bank, Galyards      
CB299 470 1778 1 Bell Thornber Joseph Bell innholder, messuage, shop with rooms over, Smith's shop now converted to dwelling, David Bell, William Procter      
CB412 637 1778 2 Richardson Baynes John Richardson mercer, Gateland, adjoining undivided Common field or close called Eddlestone Bank, William Hargrove      
CB414 640 1778 1 Fountain Baynes Eddlestone Bank      
CD365 517 1778 1 Sutcliff Ferrand Abraham Sutcliff apothecary, Thornber Ley, Holmes Close      
CD368 522 1778 1 Sutcliff Hargraves Abraham Sutcliff apothecary, William Hargraves sadler, Sadlers Close or Walk Mill Close, abutting Thomas Chamberlain and John Banks, William Sutcliff apprentice to Abraham      
CD372 530 1778 1 Banks Settle Catherine Settle of Swainstead, Hipping Lands, John Ellershaw      
CD372 531 1778 2 Birkbeck Hargraves William Birkbeck merchant, William Howson of Barrel Sykes, William Hargraves sadler, messuage, Benjamin Hebden, Robert Johnson, foot of Castleber      
CD741 980 1779 2 Salibury Rawsthorn William Clapham of Stackhouse, James Rawsthorn surgeon and apothecary, Ash Raines, Benjamin Hebden, tithes of hay calf wool lamb      
CD742 982 1779 2 Shackleton Hunter John Shackleton fellmonger, James Hunter tailor, mansion in Upper Settle, shop, Nicholas Tyson cordwainer      
CD743 984 1779 2 Langstroth Dawson Christopher Langstroth of Studfold in Horton cooper, William Dawson of Halton Gill, Anthony Bolland, messuage in Studfold, Horton lands      
CD744 985 1779 2 Moore Dawson James Moore innholder, William Dawson of Halton Gill, Anthony Bolland, Langwith Close, Springdale, Ings Closes, Upper Settle croft, messuage      
CE388 491 1779 2 Salisbury Baynes William Clapham of Stackhouse, Heskett, formerly parcel of an open common field, tithes of calves wool lambs, mortuary, messuages, Crooked Acre      
CE390 493 1779 2 Baynes Tillotson Messuage, Thomas Blackburn, Longdales, Eddlestone Bank Closes, Heskett's, Gallyard's, Fountain's, Eddlestone Bank Copy, Buttery, John Cundall, North Field, Banks, Newfield, Scaleber, Ings Close, Goodmans Moss, Ridding Brockholes, Ridding Copy, Green Riggs, Thomas Hall      
CE632 788 1779 1 Hunter Birkbeck James Hunter of Giggleswick shopkeeper, Edmond Shackleton common gardener, messuages      
CE632 789 1779 2 Shackleton Birkbeck Edmond Shackleton shopkeeper, William Birkbeck merchant, William Hargraves sadler, messuages      
CE637 799 1779 2 Carr Procter Richard Procter of Meir Beck, Higher and Lower Ridding, Coppy or George Carr's Coppy, Black Hill, Ainley, Benkard Garth, Howson Aynley's, Ley Capps or Leigh Gass, Turnpike road, Well close      
CE730 908 1779 1 Hardcastle Bell Robert Hardcastle cordwainer, Joseph Bell, messuage, John Hutton, John Foster, Thomas Sunderland, formerly called Cooksons of the Nooke but lately White Hall      
CE730 909 1779 2 Thornber Place Messuages, shop and room over, Smith's shop, Thomas Buck, Joseph Bell, William Metcalfe, William Procter, Thomas Procter      
CE731 910 1779 1 Buck Preston Messuage, shop with room over, William Metcalfe, William and Thomas Procter      
CF231 287 1779 2 Willman Atkinson William Willman innholder, Isabel and Alice Atkinson of Littlebank, messuage newly erected used as an inn, known as Sign of the Joiners Arms in Settle, brewhouse, room over, Anthony Carr with a warehouse, John Clough      
CF340   1779 x Thornber Hichen dwelling shop and rooms over smithy No picture      
CG128 163 1779 x Chamberlain Baynes house in Settle where Wm and Adam Lawson lived No picture      
CF739 941 1780 1 Bell Kendal Messuage, John Hutton shoemaker, William Hardcastle, rebuilt      
CH19 34 1780 8 Cookson King Cookson property, Chattop farm in Giggleswick parish, William Preston, 220 rent, land at Barrel Sykes, Gallpott, Great Hall Ing, Nine Acre Pitt Close, New Copy, Scaleber, Mean Garth, Land at Capleside, Rathmell, and Giggleswick, Wakefield, Alverthorpe, Bentham, Clapham, Halifax, Norland, Bradford area      
CH255 309 1780 1 Place Wilson Tanner Ridding, Ridding Close, Wooddale, Lings Copy, John Ellershaw, William and Jane Boyce, Catherine and Margaret Settle, tithes calf, wool, lamb, mortuaries      
CH265 325 1780 2 Batty Salisbury Messuage, brewhouse, shop over, Howson Grass garth, Call garth, Limepitt close, Francis Brown, Brenand Ing, Robert Johnson, the Croft, Langarth, Hemplands, Thomas and William Buck, Attermires, John Denham, Thomas Martin, John Richardson, Ings close or Meadow Brow      
CH336 435 1780 1 Oldridge Anderton Joseph Bell innkeeper, messuage Royal Oak, Mrs. Hargrave, Fish copy      
CI642 943 1781 x Winn Langley Settle No picture      
CJ640 941 1781 1 Birkbeck Bullough William Birkbeck merchant, William Hargreaves sadler, Thomas Preston glazier, John Hodgson badger, Edmund Shackleton gardner, John Bullough stone mason, messuage, Israel Simpson, Thomas Coar, Abraham Sutcliffe, Edward Squires, John Foster currier      
CJ640 942 1781 2 Birkbeck Guy As CJ640 941, John Guy cordwainer, cottage, chapel for divine worship now erecting, John Foster currier      
CJ641 943 1781 1 Birkbeck Squire As CJ640 942, Edward Squire servant man, messuage, William Steel, Thomas Coar, John Bullough, John Birkbeck      
CJ642 944 1781 1 Fountain Procter Runley      
CK381 526 1782 1 Rawsthorn Brown James Rawsthorn surgeon and apothecary, Christopher Brown of Stainforth, Ash Raines, tithes of hay, calf, wool, lamb      
CK384 530 1782 x Charnely Welsh cott in mkt in occ Mt Steel/ Tho Tomlinson Wm Twistleton etc rebuilt No picture      
CL662 863 1783 7 O'Hara Froggatt Cookson property as CH19 34      
CM501 732 1783 1 Birkbeck Settle William Birkbeck merchant, William Holgate, William Lawson, William Hargraves, John Place butcher, messuage, Cragg End      
CM502 734 1783 1 Birkbeck Clapham William Birkbeck merchant, William Hargraves, Dog Kennel close or Fir Acre, James Rawsthorn, William Metcalfe, Ashrains      
CM503 736 1783 1 Birkbeck Shackleton William Birkbeck merchant, William Hargraves sadler, messuage, William Metcalfe, Robert Hargraves      
CM504 737 1783 1 Birkbeck Swale William Birkbeck merchant, William Hargaves, William Holgate, Lettice Caley, James Caley tallow chandler, Christopher Bolland apothecary, Anthony Airton, William Ralph, William Allanson, John Place butcher      
CM531 769 1783 1 Shackleton Hunter John Shackleton fellmonger, James Hunter tailor, mansion in Upper Settle, shop      
CM532 771 1783 1 Brown King Christopher Brown of Stainforth, James Rawsthorn surgeon and apothecary, Ash Rains, tithes of hay, calf, wool, lamb      
CM537 778 1783 1 Birkbeck Kenyon William Birkbeck merchant, William Holgate, William Hargraves, James Kenyon ironmonger, messuage in Market Place, Richard Geldard, Thomas Hargraves, Robert Jenkinson, garden at foot of Castleber      
CM538 780 1783 1 Birkbeck Hargraves William Birkbeck merchant, William Holgate, William Hargraves sadler, Thomas Hargraves sadler, shops with chamber over, at West End of the Toll Booth known as Parkinson's shops, Anthony Clark, William Metclafe, Margaret Bullock      
CN240 297 1783 5 Cookson Froggat Cookson properties as CH19 34 and CL662 863      
CN244 298 1783 3 King Cookson Cookson properties as CN240 297      
CO92 134 1783 2 Bell Anderton Joseph Bell innkeeper, messuage, Royal Oak, Mrs. Hargrave, Fish Copy      
CO344 488 1784 2 Baldwin Heaton Sale of Stockdale, 600, Rough close, Creetchen or Crutchen Close, Barm Close, Mean Meadow, Great Meadow, new Close, Copy, Little Scarr, Great Scarr, Back Scarr, South Bank, Hinkinley(?)      
CP187 287 1784 1 King Preston Cookson property, Coatgarths, Thomas Preston, tithes calf, wool, lamb      
CP187 288 1784 2 King Preston Cookson property, Longdales, Joseph Bell, tithes calf, wool, lamb      
CP193 295 1784 1 Hargraves Harger Thomas Hargraves sadler, shops at west end of toll booth (Parkinson's shops), Anthony Clark, George Wilson, Margaret Bullock      
CP193 297 1784 2 Charnely Stackhouse Cottages and shops in Market place, Matthias Steell, Thomas Tomlinson, William Twisleton, Michael Johnson, George Wilson, John Place, Nicholas Tyson, Thomas Sutton, William Hall      
CP213 324 1784 2 Banks Stackhouse Hugh Hall tanner, Banks pasture, Act of Parliament      
CQ427 619 1785 1 Nowell Bell Joseph Bell (younger) grocer, messuage rent income, Whitehall, Robert Hardcastle, Nicholas Tyson cordwainer      
CQ428 621 1785 1 Atkinson Moore Joseph Bell (younger) grocer, messuage, John Hutton shoemaker, William Hardcastle      
CQ455 668 1785 1 Olivant Steel William Steel joiner and cabinet maker, messuage, shops, Robert Guy, Stall or pew in Giggleswick church      
CQ455 669 1785 1 Abbotson Ellison James Ellison tanner, Newfields, William Abbotson of Clapham apothecary, Scaleber Copy      
CQ456 670 1785 1 Abbotson Swale William Abbotson of Clapham apothecary, David Swale, messuages in Upper Settle, Richard Armitstead, James Ellison, Richard Riley, Bella Wray servant to David Swale      
CQ456 671 1785 2 Abbotson Starkie William Abbotson of Clapham apothecary, Lodge Close or Copy, Miss Cookson, Christopher Lawson      
CQ457 672 1785 1 Abbotson Proctor William Abbotson of Clapham apothecary, Halstead, High Hill      
CR106 159 1785 1 Bolland   William Bolland, will of 1784, land and messuages in Settle      
CR186 279 1785 1 Buck Joy Thomas and William Buck whitesmiths, two buildings known as the Forge, Mill Dam or Sheet of water supplied by the Ribble for working of the forge, with mill wheels etc., turnpike road, leading to Settle Bridge on the east      
CR647 956 1786 1 Preston Rimmington New enclosure, David Swaile, Scaleber, Act of Parliament, Far Fourscore Acres      
CR697 1035 1786 1 King Cookson Cookson property, Thomas Hall, Runley Bridge, John Moore, Natbreak, Beck Ing      
CS60 85 1786 x Lister Baldren capital messuage known as Cappleside. mess in Settle No picture      
CS127 175 1786 1 Steel Clapham William Steel cabinet maker, messuage, two shops, Robert Guy, seat, stall or pew in Giggleswick Church      
CS162 239 1786 2 Brennand Coor James Brennand merchant, Rundley Close, Rundley Bridge, buildings, wheels, frames, engines for business of cotton spinning, cotton yarn      
CS177 175 1786 x Steel Clapham mess in Settle with 2 shops No picture      
CS357 540 1786 2 Brennand Hodgson James Brennand merchant, Rundley Close, Rundley Bridge, cotton mill, 200, John Hall(Ball?) woolcomber      
CS377 571 1786 2 Moore Wilson James Moor innkeeper, William Dawson of Halton Gill, Anthony Bolland, Thomas Wilson ironmonger, messuage in Duck St., Thomas Ellis, Upper Settle Croft      
CS378 572 1786 1 Moor Shackleton James Loore innkeeper, William Dawson of Halton Gill, Anthony Bolland, Langwith Close, Spring Dales, Ings Close, hull or slated building      
CU31 42 1786 1 Birkbeck Sutcliffe Morris Birkbeck, William Birkbeck merchant, William Sutcliffe surgeon, Far and Near Fourscore Acre and Copy, James Moor, Moorhouse Copy, Runley Close, Edmund Squaires, Hull, Thomas Tristram, Lodge Close      
CT402 526 1787 1 Hall Clapham Joseph Hall surgeon and apothecary, James Rawsthorn surgeon and apothecary, messuage, brewhouse      
CT409 706 1787 x Constantine Bell dwelling houses of Bell, Hargraves, Winston No picture      
CT558 706 1787 1 Constantine Procter John Constantine of Lodge butcher, Thomas Procter of Mearbeck, messuage, Joseph Bell, Thomas Hargraves, Thomas Windsor, Curriers shop, north side of Settle Market Place, Robert Garforth woolstapler, Richard Armistead woolcomber      
CT565 717 1787 2 Bell Atkinson John Hargreaves of Colne innkeeper,Joseph Bell shopkeeper, Settle Banks, High Scarr, Act of Parliament, stone wall      
CT566 718 1787 1 Anderton Atkinson Messuage, Royal Oak, Mr Picard, shop, Mr Hargrave, Fish Copy, Richard Clarkson      
CU311 390 1787 2 Foster Coor Richard Foster mercer, James Brennand merchant, John Holliday joiner, James Kenyon nailer, Rundley Close, Rundley Bridge End, Thomas Paley of Langcliffe gent.      
CU448 592 1787 2 Brennand Sutton James Brennand shopkeeper, messuages, Willow Tree, William Hargreaves, James Ellison tanner      
CU459 604 1787 1 Richardson Parker North Field, Richard Clarkson, tithes calf, wool, lamb      
CU460 605 1787 1 Richardson Hall Joseph Hall surgeon and apothecary, Great Langwith Close, John Dale, tithes calf, wool, lamb      
CW29 26 1787 2 Richardson Clarkson Croft      
CW92 118 1787 2 Richardson Richardson John Whaley linen draper, Mill Close, Richard Clarkson      
CW179 230 1787 1 Richardson Swale prings, William Hurtley, John Whaley mercer, Thomas Hewson surgeon      
CW180 232 1787 1 Lawson Place Abraham Sutcliffe of Sheffield physician      
CW622 794 1788 4 Cookson Strawbenzee Cookson property, Cleatop, William Preston, messuage, Scaleber      
CW653 890 1788 x Clapham Hartley No pic      
CX75 109 1788 1 Richardson Hall Ferricars, William Hurtley, tithes calf, wool, lamb      
CX77 110 1788 1 Richardson Clapham Raven's Close, Banks, Highcar, Scaleber, tithes calf, wool, lamb, John Whaley mercer      
CX651 886 1788 1 Richardson Moorhouse Gill Bottom, Act of Parliament, Scaleber, Thomas Richardson, tithes calf, wool, lamb      
CX653 890 1788 1 Clapham Hartley William Steel, cabinet maker, newly erected messuage, John Patefield taylor, William Barras, workshop, Rafe Clayton of Langcliffe Place, John Nowell innkeeper      
CY24 20 1788 1 Watson Thornber James Brennand cotton manufacturer, Rundley Close, Cotton mill, Rundley Bridge      
CY25 21 1788 2 Thornber Haworth Rundley Close, Rundley Bridge, Cotton mill      
CY49 52 1788 1 Clapham Barras William Steel cabinet maker, William Barras shopkeeper, messuage, Robert Guy, Sarah Metcalf, pew in Giggleswick church      
CY688 823 1789 1 Allison Williams Thatched messuage, Leonard Baynes, Thomas Tristram, William Stout      
CY688 824 1789 2 Smith Williams James Smith mason, John Lambert of Langcliffe, messuage, James Smith, Elizabeth Whittam      
CZ523 608 1789 1 Hartley Metcalfe William Steel cabinet maker, messuage, William Barras, workship, Thomas Hewson surgeon      
CZ526 612 1789 3 Salisbury Inman Edward Salisbury of St Christopher island in West Indies merchant, Stacksteads, Catterains, Wrays, Great Cammock, Batty Cammock, Cambwell Butts, Hesket, messuage, John Lister, overseers of poor of Settle, Meal Banks, Highill Coppy, Hallstead, Alterneys, Ashrains, Natbreak      
DA276 302 1789 2 Clapham Hewson James Rawsthorn surgeon and apothecary, Thomas Hewson surgeon and apothecary, Ash Rains, tithes of hay, calf, wool, lamb pew in Giggleswick church new erected gallery (location given), William Hartley apprentice to Thomas Hewson      
DA277 303 1789 2 Richardson Hewson Thomas Hewson surgeon, messuage, east end of Toll Booth, Thomas Harrison, John Whaley mercer      
DA278 304 1789 1 Hewson Atkinson Thomas Hewson surgeon and apothecary, messuage, east end of Toll Booth, Thomas Harrison, Ash Rains, tithes of hay, calf, wool, lamb, pew in Giggleswick Church      
DA285 313 1789 1 Hall Wray Fericars, tithes of calf, wool, lamb, Hempland, James Ralph      
DB592 684 1790 1 Atkinson Redmayne Thomas Hewson surgeon and apothecary, Giles Redmayne mercer, messuage, east end of Tollbooth, Rowland Atkinson      
DC359 471 1790 1 Atkinson Hartley Richard Lawson Starkie of Langcliffe, Rowland Atkinson, Joseph Bell younger shopkeeper, messuages, Mary Bell, John Hutton, William Wilman innkeeper, John Kidd cordwainer      
DC362 476 1790 2 King Williams Rowland Atkinson, Thomas Hewson surgeon and apothecary, Ash Raines, John Bickerstaff, tithes hay, calf, wool, lamb, pew in Giggleswick Church      
DC410 547 1790 x Carr Slinger No pic. Mansion where Geo Robinson lives tan pits etc croft under Craven bank. Clappersgate      
DC673 891 1790 2 Richardson Shackleton Lings on Settle Moor      
DE360 472 1790 x Atkinson Williams No pic. Settle Banks and High Scarr      
DF10 11 1790 1 Clapham Greenwood William Hall mansions, Garthheads, Springdale, Parkhead, Thornber, Hempland, Banks, Oxlack, Attemire, seat in Church, Goley lands, Cragg close, Fearam      
DE207 236 1791 x Metcalfe Birkbeck No pic. Messuage where James Wolfenden lived      
DE652 846 1791 1 Hall Weston William Hall merchant, Banks Copy, tithes calf, wool, lamb      
DE653 847 1791 1 Hall Dawson William Hall merchant, Halsteads, Eddleston Bank, Higher Threeland, Great Ing, Close Green, Scaleber, barn in Upper Settle, tithes calf, wool, lamb, Thomas Payley of Langcliffe      
DE654 848 1791 2 Hall Walshman William Hall merchant, Robert Walshman of Langcliffe Place merchant, messuage, Skirrow croft, White Horse croft, John Holmes, Robert Garforth, Christopher Steel, Miss Cotes, Robert Calvert, Thomas Hargreaves, Thomas Preston, Thornbers, Richard Riley, Gatherlands, Joseph Wassington, Riddings, William Oldfield, tithes calf, wool, lamb      
DF207 235 1791 1 Dixon Metcalfe James Metcalfe warehouseman, messuage, James Wolfenden, brewhouse, George Duckworth      
DF207 236 1791 1 Metcalfe Birkbeck James Metcalfe warehouseman, William Birkbeck merchant, messauge, James Wolfenden, brewhouse, Mrs Dixon      
DF208 237 1791 1 Hargreaves Brown Thomas Hargreaves sadler, Nancy Harger, shops and buildings, chambers over, west end of Toll Booth, known as Parkinson's shops, Anthony Clark, George Wilson, Margaret Bullock      
DF217 251 1791 1 Pickering Peart William Hall merchant, Ings close or Miredales, Anthony Airton, tithes      
DG83 124 1791 2 Preston Rimmington William Preston of Cleatop, David Swale, Scaleber, Act of Parliament      
DK278 368 1792 2 Ferrand Birkbeck John Birkbeck merchant, house in Upper Settle, Thornbers, George Tomlinson, Townfields now inclosed, tithes      
DO486 636 1794 1 Hall Peart Messuage, William Whittam, Townend Close, Moor Close, Richard Clarkson, Gowdylands, William Bradley      
DQ486 493 1795 2 Pollard Thornber Betty Atkinson, John Slinger, James Thornber cotton manyfacturer, Tanner Ridding, Ridding Close and Wooddale, John Wilman      
DR188 188 1795 1 Greenwood Procter John Peart, Christopher Procter of Merebeck, Cragg Closes als Moor Closes, Richard Clarkson, tithes calf, wool, lamb      
DR188 189 1795 2 Greenwood Paley Thomas Paley of Langcliffe, messuage, William Whittam, Garth Heads, Spring Dales, Firracres, tithes calf, wool, lamb      
DR487 494 1795 x Polland Wilman No pic      
DR587 609 1795 1 Armistead Bushby? Rich Armitstead stonemason, Lincoln Officer of Excise, Richard Brown, messuage, Upper Settle      
DS255 275 1795 1 Straubenzee Waddington Natbreak, John Birkbeck, Beck Ing      
DE193 267 1796 1 Tenant Preston John Preston, Meerbeck, Highhill, George Proctor      
DT412 502 1796 1 Iveson Ellinson Timothy iveson carpenter, John Robinson, messuage, John Willman, John Slinger, Peggy Mason      
DT425 519 1796 1 Hartley Birkbeck David Swale, James Hewit Swale, Richard Clarkson innkeeper, William Birkbeck merchant, Duke St., site description      
DT475 520 1796 2 Ellinson Preston Thomas Hargraves clockmaker, Jonathan Preston of Pennygent house, messuage in Market Place, brewhouse, 'Thomas Huddleston, John Hutton, Leonard (.)      
DU560 605 1796 1 Greenwood Williams John Peart, Cowdy(?) Lands, Townend, John Whaley woollen draper, William Bradley innholder      
DU686 736 1796 1 Wilman Wilkinson John Place butcher, Cragg Close, Lawsons Cragg Close      
DW278 329 1796 2 Peart Rimington Messuage called The Craggs in possession of John Peart, Skirret Close, Martin Richardson, land in Horton, William Sutcliffe surgeon      
DT589 768 1797 x Sutcliff Sutlciff No pic      
DY37 40 1797 1 Foster Thornber Robert Foster of Newhouses in Horton, Runley Close, William Wilman      
DY38 42 1797 1 Weston Birkbeck John Birkbeck merchant, Banks Copy, John Baynes, tithes calf, wool, lamb      
DY233 289 1797 1 Jackman Foster John Jackson stationer, Robert Foster of Newhouses in Horton, messuage, William Bolland, brewhouse, James Metcalfe, Giles Redmayne mercer      
DY233 290 1797 2 Clapham Peacock Messuage, shop, warehouse, seats in Giggleswick Church belonging to Christopher Clapham, John Slinger, John Hunter      
DY591 770 1797 1 Swale Peart Messuage, Greenrigs, Wrays, Richard Clarkson, messuages in Upper Settle, John Calvert, The Springs, William Fawcett innkeeper      
EA378 601 1798 x Brayshaw Lawson No pic (Uphill (?Hope Hill) house in Langcliffe)      
EB116 179 1798 1 Banks Peart Fearam, John Birkbeck, new wall to be made      
EB117 180 1798 1 Banks Birkbeck John Birkbeck merchant, Fearam Close, new wall      
EC114 195 1799 1 Whaley Peart Willam Beecroft Whaley of Hornby surgeon, Wild Shaw (connection of Whaley in Settle?)      
EC199 320 1799 2 Wilkinson Birkbeck William Buck whitesmith, John Birkbeck mercer, The Forge, Mill Dam, Mill Wheel, races, R. Ribble on the west, turnpike road to Settle Bridge on the east      
ED453 618 1800 2 Pedder Clapham Messuage Stockdale, Rough Close, Parrock, House Field, Crutcheon Close, Barn Close, Mean Meadow, Great Meadow, New Close, Copy, Little Scar, Great Scar, Back Scar, South Bank, Hinkhillhaw or Hinkinley      
ED599 812 1800 2 Birkbeck Birkbeck John Birkbeck banker, William Birkbeck merchant, John Birkbeck merchant, Firgate, Holme, Great Break, Banks, Richard Clarkson, John Carr      
ED600 813 1800 1 Birkbeck Birkbeck John Birkbeck banker, William Sutcliffe, cottages behind the warehouse of William Birkbeck and Co., Robert Wilkinson, Henry Harrison, Michael Johnson, Alice Moorby, Thomas Troughton, Brewhouse, Benjamin Birkbeck, John Tatham, Craven Bank, cottages and stables in Castlebar Lane, William Buck, John Hunter, Stephen Newhouse, James Farraday, Mary Clark      
ED601 816 1800 1 Shackleton Preston John Dale, William Banks cotton manufacturers, Dog Kennel Close, Cotton mill      
EF76 109 1800 1 Birkbeck Birkbeck Morris Birkbeck merchant, William Birkbeck merchant, Winds or Crofts behind houses in Duck St.      
EG109 149 1800 1 Wilman Hartley William Sutcliff apothecary, Cragg      
EH83 94 1800 x Taylor Slinger no pic      
EH687 845 1801 1 Buck Hartley John Birkbeck merchant, messuages, shops, Thomas Dodd, Thomas Procter, William Procter, newly erected mill at Settle Bridge, forge, turnpike road, leading from Langcliffe to Settle      
EH695 857 1801 1 Hargraves Sutcliffe William Sutcliffe surgeon and apothecary, William Birkbeck, John Birkbeck, Robert Johnson, Jane Moore      
EK468 627 1802 1 Patefield Birkbeck cottage      
EL638 847 1802 1 Peart Thornber Giles Redmayne and James Thornber calico manufacturers, messuage      
EO104 148 1803 1 Lund Peart Thomas Brayshaw, Giles Redmayne mercer, messuages on Duck St., Robert Roberts, John Bowskill, George Ormerod, William Wilman, Alice Wilman, Lawrence Procter, Margaret Chester      
EP70 102 1803 2 Turner Birkbeck Marwood Turner, Ian Straubenzee, Robert Waddington, Nat Break, Break Ing      
EO698 861 1804 1 Chamberlain Sutcliff William Sutcliff apothecary, James Thornber cotton manufacturer, messuages, over Settle, Robert Ibbotson, Edward Carr, Matthew Ralph      
ER78 104 1804 1 Birkbeck Birkbeck Barn, stable, William Sutcliffe's garden to south, rebuilt by John Birkbeck 1773, site description      
ER78 105 1804 1 Birkbeck Birkbeck John and Benjamin Birkbeck merchants, messuage, William Birkbeck and Co., laundry, brewhouse, William Sutcliff (late Robert Hargreaves), site description      
ER385 532 1804 1 Buck Procter William Burt whitesmith, Thomas Procter of Mearbeck, messuage, Nancy and William Driver, Ellen Procter, William Coope      
ER386 534 1804 1 Foster Redmayne William Redmayne merchant, Robert Redmayne mercer, messuage, William Bolland, brewhouse and room over, draw well, Thomas Preston shopkeeper      
ES632 741 1804 1 Redmayne Procter Giles Redmayne mercer, George Procter innkeeper, shop in Duke St., George Ormerod currier, stable, cow house, Mrs Alice Wilman      
ES474 581 1805 1 Ralph Birkbeck Matthew Ralph carpenter, John Birkbeck banker, cottages, Upper Settle      
EX386 478 1806 1 Sutcliff Hartley William Sutcliff surgeon and apothecary, Mary and William Bowskill butchers, John Hartley, messuage, William Oldfield, Jane Moore, John Ralph, William Driver      
EY181 221 1806 2 Lawson Peart Anleys, Pinder Ing, messuage, White Horse, shop, John Sutton, Thomas Hargraves, North Fell, Ing, Hall Inghaw, (not very legible)      
FE221 311 1808 1 Braithwaite Swale John and William Birkbeck merchants, George Birkbeck Doctor of Medicine (City of London), William Sutcliffe apothecary, William Tate cabinet maker, Ephraim Hargrave, messuages, Coach House, Edward Partridge, John Hutton, Ann Patefield, William Bradley, lately erected      
FE576 806 1808 1 Sutcliffe Peart Willam Sutcliffe surgeon, Jane Wiglesworth messuage in Market Place, stable, cowhouse, shop with room over, William Hargeaves, Thomas Johnson, Springs, Quick Sike, Little Cammock, (not very legible)      
FE577 808 1808 2 Gurney Gurney William Birkbeck banker, and other Birkbecks, Craven Bank warehouse, Tatham (very faint)      
FK18 22 1809 1 Sutcliff Wildman William Sutcliff surgeon, Mathew Wildman cordwainer, messuage, Robert Sutton, Mrs Falshaw, seat in Giggleswick church, William Brennand his apprentice      
FK19 24 1809 1 Hargreve Birkbeck Robert Horner shopkeeper, messuage, Abraham Baldwin, shop, warehouse, Edmund Parkinson      
FM370 465 1810 2 Hammond Tennant Scaleber      
FS392 433 1812 1 Bowskill Redmayne John Bowskill innkeeper, messuages, well spring, John Green, John Chapman      
FT482 514 1812 2 Horner Hargrave Benjamin Birkbeck merchant, Ephraim Hargrave cornfactor, messuage, shops, warehouse, William Mawden      
FY119 142 1813 1 Peart Preston John Green Paley of Bowling, William Birkbeck, John Birkbeck, William Bolland, John Hartley, eight messuages, Upper Settle, John Hargreaves, Richard Carr, Richard Towler, Henry Buck, William Hargreaves, John Jennings, Stephen Robinson      
FY126 152 1813 1 Chamberlain Birkbeck John Birkbeck banker, Townfields, Alice Thornber, Landtax, Natbreak      
FY126 153 1813 2 Clayton Stackhouse Executor for will of Robert Walsham of Langcliffe cotton manufacturer, John Birkbeck banker, messuages, Mathew Ralph, Thomas Clough, Elizabeth Coates, Friths Ing, Halls Ing, Thomas Johnson surgeon, tithes calf, wool, lamb, Landtax      
FY129 156 1813 2 Metcalfe Preston Newly erected messuage, workshop, William Steel      
FY130 157 1813 2 Clayton Birkbeck Robert Walshman cotton manufacturer, Gatherlands, tithes calf, wool, lamb, William Hall merchant, Roger Armistead, John Lupton, Rev. John Carr, Robert Ibbotson, Landtax, John Moffat banker      
FY131 158 1813 2 Walshman Redmayne Will of Robert Walshman late of Langcliffe Place, William Clayton cotton manufacturer, messuage, tithes calf, wool, lamb      
FY504 626 1813 1 Peart Giggleswick Rev. John Clapham, messuage, Brennand Ings, Croft, plantation, Craggs, Skirret Close, Samuel Oldfield      
FY505 628 1813 2 Clayton Bowskill Will of Robert Walshman late of Langcliffe cotton manufacturer, William Clayton younger of Langcliffe Place cotton merchant, John Bowskill butcher, John Birkbeck banker, Skirrows Croft, tithes calf, wool, lamb      
FY649 798 1814 1 Picard Harger Higher Ridding and Lower Ridding, Thomas Ellison, John Read clogger      
GB57 58 1814 2 Birkbeck Preston William Birkbeck banker, John Peart banker, Jane Preston of Meerbeck, messuage, Duck st., John Thornber, Nancy Myers, cottage, George Hall, turnpike road at South End of Duck St., Chamberlain Croft, William and Joseph Harger      
GB59 61 1814 1 Walshman Peart Robert Walshman late of Langcliffe Place cotton manufacturer, Riddings Close, John Hartley, tithes calf, wool, lamb      
GB60 62 1814 1 Chamberlain Birkbeck Messuage in Duck St., George Hall, Richard Maudsley, Joseph Harger, Great Croft      
GB60 63 1814 2 Procter Hartley George Procter innkeeper, messuage, Golden Lion, Duck St., Mr. Giles Redmayne, coach house, stables lately erected and built by George Procter, William Kellett      
GB68 74 1814 2 Birkbeck Harger William Birkbeck banker, John Peart banker, cottages, Duck St., Richard Maudsley, South end of Duck St.,      
GD309 339 1814 1 Sutcliff Procter William Sutcliff surgeon, John Peart, Thomas Procter of Marebeck, Lings Copy, Thomas Ellison      
GE312 342 1815 2 Redmayne Birkbeck Giles and Robert Redmayne mercers and cotton spinners, John Moffat banker, John Peart and John Moffat copartners, William Sutcliff surgeon, messuage, shop, Robert Sutton, Edward Parkinson, Jonathan Shaw, Ormerod, William Hargrave, Duck St., Thomas Hargraves watchmaker, dwelling house over the shop, John Hutchinson(?), warehouses, Leonard Harling, Jane Harrison, William Harling, Thomas Brig, Messrs. Waile and Co. and Dyson      
GF9 8 1815 1 Sutcliffe Foster William Sutcliffe apothecary, William Fate cabinet maker, Ephraim Hargrove, cottages, Thomas Lee, Ann Patefield, Thomas Salisbury, Morris Birkbeck merchant      
GF193 223 1815 1 Sutcliffe Wilman William Sutcliffe surgeon and apothecary, John Peart, William Willman innkeeper, Cragg End      
GF497 555 1815 1 Birkbeck Tatham John Birkbeck banker, John Tatham linen draper, new erected house and shop, north to the banking shop of Messrs Birkbeck Alcock and Co., messuage, Stephen Newhouse(?), Henry Ingham      
GH72 83 1815 1 Sutcliff Tate William Sutcliff surgeon, Ephraim Hargrove cornfactor, William Tate cabinet maker, four messuages, Margaret Moorby, Robert Bullock, Ann Patefield, William Harling, Robert Atkinson, coach House, John Bateson      
GH73 84 1815 1 Hartley Birkbeck William Buck, John Metcalf banker, William Sutcliff apothecary, Alice Wilman, John Place, Robert Scott grocer, John Bell, John Birkbeck banker, messuages, shop, east side of Market Place, whitesmith's shop, Thomas Dodds, Nanny Steel, William Butterfield, Anthony Baines, Henry Ingham, John Ashton, cottage, Richard Halger on the north, Mr. Anthony Whaler, William Buck on the south, John Hartley, John Moore, John Peart, William Sutcliff, Robert Scott      
GK188 195 1816 1 Sutcliff Tate William Sutcliffe apothecary, John Peart, will of John Wilman, Alice Atkinson of Little Bank, William Wilman innkeeper, William Kendal butcher, William Fate joiner and cabinet maker, messuage, Joiners Arms Inn, brewhouse      
GO6 4 1817 2 Redmayne Birkbeck Giles and Robert Redmayne mercers and cotton spinners, John Birkbeck banker, William Clayton of Langcliffe Place cotton merchant, messuages, Thomas Metcalfe journeyman      
GQ436 382 1817 2 Sutcliffe Stackhouse William Sutclife surgeon, John Peart, John Moffat bankers, William Clayton of Langcliffe Place cotton merchant, Robert Redmayne mercer, Thomas Hargreaves of Stainforth under Bargh, messuage, shop, east end of Tollbooth, John Hutchinson tailor, and others      
GQ437 383 1817 2 Redmayne Harger Giles Redmayne mercer, John Birkbeck banker, William Clayton of Langcliffe Place cotton merchant, John Peart banker, John Moffat, Richard Harger grocer, William Sutcliff surgeon, William Birkbeck, messuages, William Turner, Robert Waddington, William Harlington, Betty Dyson, Leonard Harling      
GQ438 384 1817 2 Sutcliffe Charnley William Sutcliff surgeon, William and John Birkbeck, John Peart, John Moffat bankers, William Clayton of Langcliffe Place, will of William Whittam tanner, John Hutchinson tailor, messuage, currier shop, George Ormerod currier, messuage or shop, Thomas Hargraves      
GQ439 385 1817 2 Sutcliffe Hancock William Sutcliff surgeon, William and John Birkbeck, many others as earlier, messuage, Elizabeth Foster, top of town in Settle, Mr. William Bolland, brewhouse      
GQ440 386 1817 2 Sutcliffe Hutchinson William Sutcliff surgeon, Wiilliam and John Birkbeck and others as earlier, John Hutchinson tailor, messuage, Giles Redmayne, on the site of an ancient building, Alice Wilman      
GQ441 387 1817 2 Redmayne Beckwith Giles Redmayne mercer, John Birkbeck banker and others as earlier, William Sutcliff surgeon, messuage, seats in Giggleswick church      
GQ442 388 1817 2 Sutcliffe Butterfield William Sutcliffe surgeon, William John Birkbeck and others as earlier, John Hutchinson tailor, messuage, William Hargraves shopkeeper, Duck St.      
GQ443 390 1817 2 Hargrove Birkbeck Ephraim Hargrove, John Peart, John Moffat bankers, messuages near Market Place      
GS643 626 1818 2 Dawson Sutcliff William Wilman innkeeper, William Fate innkeeper, William Wilman butcher, Joseph Bell, Joseph Hebden blacksmith, William Sutcliff apothecary, Fishcopy      
GT26 31 1818 1 Butterfield Robinson Messuage, Duck St., William Hargreaves shopkeeper, Matthew Whittam      
GU365 394 1818 2 Birkbeck Birkbeck William Sutcliff surgeon, cottages, Robert Wilkinson, Henry Harrison, Michael Johnson, Richard Maudsley, Elizabeth Preston, brewhouse, Richard Pratt, Mary Clarke, William Kenyon, Henry Ingham, Robert Slater, south side of Market Place, lately William Birkbeck and Co., now John Tatham, William Robinson solicitor      
GY200 209 1818 1 Birkbeck Windsor William and John Birkbeck bankers, John Peart, John Moffat bankers, Ephraim Hargrove, Thomas Windsor shoemaker, messuages, Market place, barn now used as carpenter's shop, Ellen Dodgson, John Baldwin, James Davison, Thomas Brown      
HL217 211 1821 1 Birkbeck Birkbeck Benjamin Birkbeck merchant, John Birkbeck banker, messuage, Birkbeck warehouse on east, laundry and brew house, William Sutcliff on south, John Bowskill on east      
HL237 223 1821 1 Birkbeck Tatham John Birkbeck of Ainley House, banker, John Tatham merchant, messuage, one of the rooms formerly a shop, see HL217 211, passage called the Ginnel, new back kitchen of Golden Lion Inn, Robert Hartley, duck coat, Necessary house, Mary Bowskill      
HT706 677 1824 2 Strawbenzee Overend John Birkbeck banker, messuage, Barrel Syke, Northfield or close, Lady Well Close, Great Barrel Syke close, Home close, Stable Close, Back garth, Kirk Banks, Banks close or Carlow, Blewhaw (Langcliffe Lands), William Howson, Francis Howson, tithes calf, wool, lamb, payment to vicar      
HT708 678 1824 2 Birkbeck Tatham William Birkbeck banker, George Birkbeck of London doctor of medecine, William Sutcliff surgeon, John Tatham linen draper, two cottages, Mary Clarke, William Kenyon, Henry Ingham, Robert Slater, west side of Golden Lion inn, carthouse, shop, Josias Howson      
IA549 551 1824 1 Redmayne Harger Christopher Redmayne ironmonger, Richard Harger plumber and glazier, messuage, back lane in Settle, Richard Ellison, John Braithwaite, John Clark, Peter Skirrow, William Butterfield      
ID472 496 1824 1 Procter Birkbeck William Birkbeck merchant, George Procter innkeeper, cottage, Duke St., shop, Robert Sutton, Alice Wilman, George Ormerod currier, Betty Clementson, Giles Redmayne mercer, George Fletcher bankers clerk      
JD484 505 1824 1 Birkbeck Hartley William Birkbeck banker, Robert Hartley innkeeper, cottage, shop, William Cock, Alice Wildman, George Ormerod currier, Betty Clementson, Thomas Hargreaves      
IE712 668 1825 1 Hartley Sutcliffe William Sutcliffe apothercary, messuage, Over or Upper Settle, Lawrence Tatham, Lawrence Calverley, William Tipping, Richard Leeming solicitor, William Robinson solicitor      
IE714 672 1825 2 Clapham Procter George Procter of Merebeck, messuage, William Spencer Duke of Devonshire, William Robinson solicitor      
IE721 678 1825 1 Clapham Stackhouse Messuages, William Spencer Duke of Devonshire, William Robinson solicitor      
IF495 444 1825 4 Duke of Devonshire Clapham Messuages, land tax, Benjamin Currer, schedule of rents, property and tenants in Giggleswick, Settle and Rathmell, William Robinson solicitor      
IF692 611 1825 2 Dawson Silverwood James Silverwood plumber and glazier, Duck St., known as the Tithe Barn, Robert Hartley innkeeper, converting into three cottages      
IH678 653 1825 2 Oldfield Tatham John Tatham elder and younger linen drapers, messuages opposite houses of William Oldfield, called Talbot Inn, John Bowskill, Richard Ellison, John Procter, Ann Storey, William Kendal, James Middleton, William Walker, James Howson, John Lord, Mr. William Sutcilffe, William Dawson      
IL231 247 1825 1 Procter Bamford Could be JL231. John and Thomas Procter of Runley Bridge cotton spinners and calico manufacturers, cotton mill near water corn mill, called Settle Mill, Mill Island, William Holgate, Robert Harrison, William Robinson solicitor      
IL231 248 1825 2 Clapham Lambert Could be JL231. Messuage, Cleatop, Duke of Devonshire, William Robinson solicitor      
IL232 249 1825 2 Clapham Dawson Scaleber Banks, William Robinson solicitor, Duke of Devonshire      
IL233 250 1825 1 Clapham Tristram Messuage, Duke of Devonshire, William Robinson solicitor      
JE725 682 1825 2 Clapham Birkbeck John Birkbeck of Anley House banker, messuage, William Robinson solicitor      
JE726 683 1825 2 Clapham Sutcliffe William Sutcliffe surgeon, messuage, Duke of Devonshire, William Robinson solicitor      
JK71 69 1825 2 Preston Hartley Richard Preston tallow chandler, Thomas Preston plumber and glazier, goat Garthes, Joseph Harger, tithes calf, wool, lamb, John Cookson doctor of physic      
IM191 196 1826 1 Clapham Birkbeck Messuages, Duke of Devonshire, William Robinson solicitor      
IQ191 178 1826 2 Clapham Wills John Geldard of Cappleside, messuages, Duke of Devonshire, William Robinson solicitor      
JM191 195 1826 x Clapham Birkbeck mess in settle rent 10s9d1/4 paid Henry Birkbeck (Lynn)      
JM192 197 1826 1 Clapham Birkbeck William Birkbeck banker, messuage, Duke of Devonshire, William Robinson solicitor      
JN411 397 1826 1 Carr Moffat Robert Redmayne mercer, messuage, Giles Redmayne, Mary and Margaret Wilman, seat in Giggleswick Church      
JN412 399 1826 2 Rogers Moffat John Whaley, Anthony Whaley mercer, William Sutcliffe surgeon, William Newson spirit merchant, messuage in market place, Black Bull, James Moor, ceased to be an inn, rebuilt, shop, Susan Foster, John Peart, west side of market place, William Gifford, Thomas Todds, John Shackleton, William Marsden, William Buck, Mill close, John Chapman, John Richardson, William Butterfield, Christopher Redmayne, Joseph Harger      
JN414 401 1826 x Proctor Roundell no pic      
IY163 152 1827 2 Clapham Heber Scaleber, William Procter, Duke of Devonshire      
JY705 681 1827 2 Ellison Robinson Cottage, John Carr, John Hardacre, Edward Waddington, William Bradley, Newfield, a pasture divided by a road with an underbridge, Scaleber      
JF758 776 1828 x Preston Birkbeck No pic      
JT758 776 1828 1 Preston Birkbeck John Preston of Meerbeck, John Birkbeck of Ainley House, Warrendale Knotts formerly enclosed from Banks and High Scarr, William Kitching      
KB469 424 1828 1 Procter Harger Richard Harger plumber and grazier, Newfield      
KC203 194 1828 1 Pullein Dawson Mary Long Dawson of Marshfield, High Saworth, Joseph Harger      
KC278 267 1828 2 Procter Clapham James Pullein, Great Salterlands, Wilson Knowles, Haystones, Scaleber, Henry Tower, William Robinson solicitor      
KH252 192 1828 2 Procter Waddilove James Pullein, Low Saworth, William Robinson solicitor      
KL599 519 1829 1 Clapham Hartley John Swale will, messuage      
KO599 535 1829 1 Hargreaves Birkbeck Thoms Birkbeck banker, John Birkbeck of Ainley House, William Clayton of Langcliffe Place, John Swale of Langcliffe Hall, John Tatham younger druggist, shops, west side of Toll Booth, Parkinson's shops, Joseph Wilman      
KP540 512 1830 3 Clayton Mercer Henry Tristram bankrupt, messuage      
KP627 555 1830 x Proctor hartley no pic      
KW280 273 1830 2 Tristram Birkbeck Henry Tristram merchant, William Birkbeck banker, Robert Mercer, John Birkbeck of Anley House banker, Cowbylands(?), William Bradley, William Brown, William Robinson solicitor      
KW281 274 1830 2 Tristram Bolland Henry Tristram, William Bolland of Townhead, William Birkbeck banker, Castlebar pasture and Rock, Settle Banks, High Scar, Joseph Bell, Joseph Harger, William Robinson solicitor      
KX276 274 1831 2 Duke of Devonshire Hartley John Birkbeck of Ayneley House, building in centre of Market Place, Town Hall or Toll Booth with the houses, courthouses, shops late in occupation of Duke of Devonshire, Giles and Robert Redmayne, Thomas Hargreaves, Trustees of Settle Savings Bank, George Dudgeon solicitor      
KX284 281 1831 2 Birkbeck Redshaw Messuage, west side of Duck St., courthouse and paint shop behind, John Parker, James Brennand      
LA356 315 1831 2 Tate Harger James Silverwood plumber and glazier, William Mercer of Close House, Robert Lancaster ironmonger, William Tate bankrupt, cabinet maker and joiner, John Moffat banker, Joseph Brown innkeeper, messuage, Joiner's Arms, brew house, William King, John Gibbins postmaster      
LC610 544 1832 1 Oldfield Birkbeck Samuel Oldfield of Cleatop grazier, John Peart banker, messuage, Talbot, brew house, William Howard, Roger Carr, Lings on Settle Moor, Ann Armitstead, shop, Robert Metcalfe, Ann Brown, Langwith Closes, Spring dales, William Robinson solicitor      
LJ83 89 1832 2 Tatham Duckett John Tatham linen draper, will of James Atkinson, Ann Armitstead, Charles Duckett licensed brewer, messuage, shop, Talbot Inn, coal house, brew house      
LJ451 449 1832 1 Lowe Baynes William Birkbeck merchant, messuage, Over Settle, Stephen Robinson, Upper Settle Croft, George Dudgeon solicitor      
LJ453 452 1832 2 Hartley Preston Will of John Swale, Ann Swale of Langcliffe, messuage, north east side of Town St., in Upper Settle, privies, pig cote, Francis Cragg, William Starling, Overseers of the Township, Messrs Hartley and Dudgeon solicitors      
LJ454 453 1832 1 Birkbeck Preston William Birkbeck merchant, messuage, Over Settle, Henry Procter, Upper Settle Croft, George Dudgeon solicitor      
LJ455 454 1832 1 Town Beverley Messuage, west side of Market Place, occupied as an inn, Naked Man, Lower Garden, Copy, John Constantine, Higher Garden, Eli Harger, turnpike road and diversion, bridge to north entrance to Settle, 1805, John Hartley, Hartley and Dudgeon solicitors      
LJ462 457 1832 2 Town Hartley Higher Garden, turn pike diversion, John Hartley, George Dudgeon solicitors      
LH611 660 1833 1 Procter   Will of George Procter of 1831, John Preston of Mearbeck      
LH614 662 1833 1 Smithson Procter John and Thomas Procter cotton spinners, messuages, blacksmith's shop, Spread Eagle Inn, Thomas Lee blacksmith, George Dudgeon solicitor      
LK433 372 1833 1 Ellison Redmayne Thomas Redmayne of Taitlands, messuage, John Townson, Richard Sutton      
LK626 574 1833 2 Clapham Garstang John Peart, John Procter of Mearbeck, Mary Bradley, messuage, Duke of Devonshire, William Robinson solicitor      
LK648 583 1833 2 Oldfield Wilman William and John Birkbeck, John Peart bankers and copartners, Samuel Oldfield of Cleatop grazier, Stephen Wilman joiner, messuage, shop, adjoining the Talbot inn, Ann Armistead, Mrs. Hargreaves, John Brown, Robert Metcalfe, Langwith Close, Springdales, John Clapham, William Robinson solicitor      
LK650 585 1833 2 Wilman Robinson Stephen Wilman joiner, messuages, Talbot Inn, brewhouse, Mary Oldfield, John Clapham, Roger Carr, Lings, Ann Armitstead, shop, Mrs Hargreaves, Ann Brown, Robert Metcalfe, Langwith Close, Spring Dales      
LK658 587 1833 1 Ellison Birkbeck John Moffat, William and John Birkbeck bankers, William Robinson, Newfields, underbridge, Scaleber Coppy, Charles Abbotson, Charles Duckett, Duke of Devonshire, Herny Sutcliffe clerk to William Robinson, Christopher Edmondson solicitor      
LK661 590 1833 2 Clapham Dawson Brows Close, Little Ing, Mathias Wildman, Upper Settle Croft, James Silverwood, High Haworth, Duke of Devonshire, Wiliam Robinson solicitor, Ivesons or Little Ing      
LP452 442 1833 2 Ellison Ellison John Moffat, James Ellison younger joiner and cabinet maker, William Robinson, four cottages, John Carr, John Hardacre, Edward Waddington, William Bordley      
LP453 443 1833 1 Ellison Ellison James Ellison younger joiner and cabinet maker, Henry Harger, Ivesons Ing Close, Picards Ing      
LM434 367 1834 2 Birkbeck Leeming John and Henry and William Birkbeck bankers, Benjamin Birkbeck merchant, John Peart, William Bolland, John Hartley, Joseph Birkbeck merchant, John Tatham linen draper, William Holgate tallow chandler, William Sutcliffe surgeon, Henry Salmon paper maker, John Slinger spirit merchant, News Room and Library, George Dudgeon solicitor      
LM446 376 1834 2 Leeming Dudgeon John Gibbins bookseller and stationer, William Sutcliffe surgeon, messuage, Librarians House (see LM434 367)      
LM514 450 1834 1 Clapham Foster Thomas Chamberlain, Hartley and Sudgeon solicitors      
LS622 625 1834 1 Jenkinson Calvert Eli Harger innkeeper, John Clerk labourer, John Bank of Longcliffe cotton spinner, Thomas Ayrton blacksmith, William Calvert butcher, messuage, south east corner of Market Place, Old Ayrton road, William Calvert, Mr Windsor, back kitchen, George Jenkinson, GeorgeDudgeon solicitor      
LS627 629 1834 1 Windsor Redmayne John Windsor of Manchester surgeon, Thomas Hartley shoemaker, Robert Redmayne mercer, messuage, south west corner of market place, adjoining property on east of Miss Horner, Robert Metcalfe, William Calvert, Mr John Bracknell, Stephen Morphett, William Hewson and Samuel Barker Whitehead apprentices to John Windsor, George Dudgeon solicitor      
LS629 631 1834 1 Stackhouse Hartley Robert Redmayne mercer and draper, John Birkbeck Aneley House, messuage, shop, Market Place, east end of Toll Booth, Thomas Hargreaves, watch maker, John Hutchinson tailor, John Richardson, Back Lane, building in centre of Market Place, George Dudgeon solicitor      
LS629 632 1834 2 Wilkinson Hartley James Wilkinson linen draper, Richard Wilkinson shopman, messuage, Public House, new inn newly created, wharehouses, Duke St., William Birkbeck, Mrs Redshaw, Mary Brown, Richard Shepherd, George Dudgeon solicitor      
LS630 633 1834 1 Proctor Proctor John Procter cotton spinner, George Dudgeon solicitor      
LT333 334 1834 1 Barry Stackhouse Robert Waddington, tithes calf, wool, lamb, Ash Raines      
LT334 335 1834 1 Barry Preston John Preston of Mearbeck, messuages, Mary Beadley, William Brennand, Slater      
LT334 336 1834 2 Barry Preston Margaret Boston, Duck St., Ann Airton, Mrs Preston, Mrs Elizabeth Preston milliner and dressmaker      
LT335 337 1834 2 Barry Preston John Preston of Mearbeck, messuage, Duck St., John Abbotson, Ingleby, Mr Thomas Tatham, seat in Giggleswick Church, James Rawthorne      
LT336 338 1834 2 Barry Stackhouse Messuage in Duck St., shop, Edmund Kilshaw      
LU282 272 1834 2 Clapham Foster Bent or Bank Scarr, Warrendale Knotts, William Kitching, Attermire, High Hill Allotment, Robert Atkinson, Thomas Chamberlain, Duke of Devonshire, William Robinson solicitor      
LU286 276 1834 2 Clapham Redmayne Settle Banks, High Scarr, Stephen Hargraves, Duke of Devonshire, William Robinson solicitor      
LU287 277 1834 1 Clapham Whittam Matthew Whittam tanner and currier, messuage Duke St., used as a currier shop, William Redshaw, William Cook, Duke of Devonshire, William Robinson solicitor      
LU333 322 1834 2 Barry Preston John Preston, Mitchell Lane, Wick Syke Greens, Thomas Ellison      
LU696 660 1834 1 Pool Ellis Mansion in Upper Settle, three cottages, shop, Thomas Shaw, John Houghton, Jane Ingham, Thomas Forrest, Thomas Ralph, John Parker, John Driver, Ellen Bullock, William Robinson solicitor, Christopher Edmondson solicitor, Thomas Dixon Burrow surgeon      
LW195 140 1834 2 Ratcliffe Procter Thomas Maudsley of Grain House, Thomas Bowskill cattle dealer, Ellen (Helen) Bowskill innkeeper, John Procter of Close House, messuage, White Horse, adjoining shop of Vincent Hallpike, Thomas Hargreaves, William Twisleton, Joseph Dobson, Josias Howson      
LX102 92 1834 2 Paley Redmayne William Lodge Paley schoolmaster, James Ellison younger joiner, Henry Harger, Iveson's Ing, Picard's Ing, messuage, shop      
LX103 93 1834 1 Paley Redmayne William Lodge Paley schoolmaster, Thomas Ellison, Christopher Edmondson, messuages, Richard Sutton, Butch Ing or Ings Close, William Dawson, John Birkbeck, Thomas Chamberlain, William Robinson solicitor      
LW720 641 1835 2 Stackhouse Preston Guardian of the Poor of Settle, Robert Lancaster ironmonger, church warden, John Tatham younger shopkeeper, William Hardacre, Mathias Wildman cordwainer, overseers, John Procter of Meerbeck, John Hartley, six messuages, Upper Settle, Margaret Fell, Margaret Robinson, Alice ...., Elizabeth Slater, Betty Peacock, James Miller, George Dudgeon solicitor      
MA575 535 1835 2 Holroyd Birkbeck John Holroyd spirit merchand, William Birkbeck of Ainley House, John Peart, Thomas Birkbeck bankers, messuage, shop, public house and Dramshop, sign of the Board in market place, Ellen Preston, John Holroyd, building improvements, liquor cellary      
MC12 12 1835 2 Clapham Bolland Thomas Bowskill cattle dealer, William Harrison of Gargrave surgeon, John Peart, Skirrow Croft, White Horse Croft, William Netherwood, William Robinson solicitor      
MC13 13 1835 2 Clapham Hesleton Thomas Bowskill cattle dealer, John Procter of Close House, William Bowskill innkeeper, cottage, northern extremity of Settle, on east side of turnpike, White Horse Inn, John Peart, William Robinson solicitor      
MC86 81 1835 2 Overseers Ratcliffe Anthony Stackhouse guradian of the poor, many names, cottages      
MC693 638 1835 2 Bowskill Dudgeon John Procter of Close House, Thomas Bowskill cattle dealer, messuage, Anthony Stackhouse, north entrance of Settle, White Horse      
MC749 694 1835 1 Forest Brown Thomas Forrest spirit dealer, messuage, Market Place, Ellen Preston, James Ellison      
MD457 449 1835 2 Brown Holroyd John Holroyd spirit merchant, messuage, market place, Ellen Preston      
MD458 450 1835 2 Holroyd Proctor John Holroyd spirit merchant, Birkbeck bankers, Thomas Procter cotton manufacturer, garden plot, Francis Ellis banker's clerk      
MF167 178 1836 2 Tristram Calvert John Preston of Mearbeck, William Calvert butcher, close, George Dudgeon solicitor      
MF168 179 1836 2 Chamberlain Hester Land      
MF169 180 1836 2 Chamberlain Harger Richard Harger plumber and glazier, close above Settle, Ellison Preston      
MF170 181 1836 1 Chamberlain Foster Warrendale Knotts, William Hargreaves      
MF171 182 1836 1 Wilkinson Birkbeck James Wilkinson linen draper, Richard Wilkinson shopman, Birkbeck bankers, messuage, public house, sign of the New Ing (Inn), Duke St., Mary Brown, Richard Shepherd, George Dudgeon solicitor      
MF366 394 1836 2 Chamberlain Atkinson Robert Atkinson licensed victualler, Francis Ellis banker's clerk, Lings Copy      
MF631 676 1836 2 Dawson Atkinson Dawsons of Marshfield, Robert(?) Atkinson innkeeper, Francis Ellis banker's clerk, garden, Royal Oak Lane, Thomas Wilson, Robert Lancaster, John Constantine, Eli Harger, Mary Picard, George Dudgeon solicitor      
MH281 276 1836 2 Peart Twistleton William and John Birkbeck, William Bolland, John Hartley, John Preston Mearbeck, Anthony Stackhouse guardian of the poor, James Twisleton butcher, Thomas Procter cotton spinner, cottages, Upper Settle, Thomas Harling, William Ralph, Francis Bell, Charles Lord, John Jackson solicitor, George Dudgeon solicitor      
MH583 559 1836 2 Wilson Birkbeck John Hartley of Catterall Hall, Thomas Birkbeck and William Robinson bankers, Craven Banking Co., messuage, shop, cellar, west side and fronting Market Place, Robert Lancaster, James Thompson      
MK139 134 1836 2 Picard Dawson Dawsons of Marshfield, mansion, Kirkgate, Thomas Parker, Eagle Inn, Royal Oak Inn, Robert Lancaster, Eli Harger      
MO595 615 1837 2 Wilman Alcock Stephen Wilman joiner, Birkbeck bankers, messuage, Talbot Inn, brew house, Roger Carr, Lings, Samuel Oldfield, messuage adjoining the inn, Ann Armitstead, shop, Robert Metcalfe, Ann Brown, Longwith Close      
MO676 676 1837 1 Prest Birkbeck Messuage, Dog Kennel cottage, William Bateson, Robert Bullock, Haggletree, Thomas Ellison, George Dudgeon solicitor      
MS539 531 1837 1 Birkbeck Foster John Birkbeck Anley Hose, Warrendale Knotts, formerly enclosed from Banks and High Scarr      
MY499 475 1838 1 Duke of Devonshire Birkbeck John Tatham druggist, Christopher Edmondson, Sutcliffe buildings, Messrs Dawson on the east, John Willman Independent Chapel, Upper Settle      
NA317 301 1838 3 Birkbeck Birkbeck Messuages, Robert Metcalfe, Richard Gregory Brown, James Thompson, Duke St., warehouse, cellars, south side of Market Place, John Tatham and Son, Mr. Henry Sutcliffe, Mrs Isabella Hartley, Duck St., Edward Moorhouse, Great or Chamberlain Croft, Candy Lands, William Bradley, William Brown, Eli Harger, Henry Tristram, Newfields, underbridge, Scaleber Copy, James Ellis, Charles Duckett, cottages in south east corner of market place, William Beecroft, Richard Maudsley, William Gifford, Coach house, brewhouse, piggery, wash house behind, Jonathan White Moor      
NF388 365 1839 1 Ellis Birkbeck Francis Ellis banker's clerk, cottage, Upper Settle, Joseph Townson, John Cowburn solicitor      
OM174 151 1842 2 Wildman Birkbeck John Wildman bookseller and printer, Craven Bank, messuages, printers shop, cellar, John Knowles, Richard Wilson, Sarah Stockdale, John Cowburn solicitor      
OM176 153 1842 1 Ellison Birkbeck James Ellison joiner, messuage late a nailer's shop in Spread Eagle St., James Cooke, four cottages, John Carr, Christopher Grime, Jane Pratt, Edward Waddington, Joseph Windsor, Robert Jenkinson, John Cowburn solicitor      
OM179 156 1842 1 Atkinson Birkbeck Three cottages, brew house, behind premises occupied by Charles Duckett, Stephen Knowles, John Hodgson, Elizabeth Metcalfe, John Cowburn solicitor      
ON80 53 1842 2 Birkbeck Turner John Birkbeck Anley House, Craven Bank, James Silverwood plumber and glazier, William Turner hat manufacturer, John Geldard, messuage, south entrance of town, Luke Robshaw, James Metcalfe, Elizabeth Banks, William Foster solicitor, John Turner hatmaker      
OP143 140 1842 2 Birkbeck Birkbeck John Birkbeck Anley House, three messuages, Richard Maudsley, William Beecroft, Mary Hadfield, brewhouse, John Hardacre, coach house, Thomas Dixon Burrow, harness room, Christopher Laytham, Messrs Hartley and Heath solicitors      
OP322 313 1843 2 Ayrton Redmayne John Birkbeck Anley House, Craven Bank, Robert Redmayne mercer and draper, Thomas Dixon Burrow surgeon, William Hargreaves watch maker, Thomas Hardacre mercer and draper, messuage, buildings near the well at foot of Castleberg, waterworks, piping etc., James Silverwood, Messrs Hartley and Heath solicitors      
OT712 693 1844 2 Birkbeck Preston John Birkbeck Anley House, Craven Banking Co., Thomas Harvey, Richard Greenwood ironmongers, (married since .), messuage, shop, cellar, west side and fronting Market Place, warehouse, Thomas Wilson, Joseph Heath solicitor      
OT727 706 1844 1 Whitehead Birkbeck John Birkbeck Anley House, Revd. Swale, Green Riggs, tithes corn, grain, calf, wool, lamb, Messrs Hartley and Heath solicitors      
OT728 707 1844 1 Whitehead Hartley Revd. Swale, John Hartley of Catterall Hall, Lodge Copy, John Bullock, Hartley and Heath solicitors      
OT729 708 1844 1 Whitehead Harger Joseph Harger innkeeper, Revd. Swale, Banks, tithes corn, grain, calf, wool, lamb, Messrs Hartley and Heath solicitors      
OT730 709 1844 x Whitehead Hartley No pic      
OT738 717 1844 1 Hartley Dawson Dawsons of Marshfield, North Field, tithes corn, grain, calf, wool, lamb      
OX99 113 1844 1 Harger Bolland Robert Harger cabinet maker, Joseph Harger innkeeper, cottage at Townhead on east side of Lane Settle to Langcliffe, Henry Todd