Page Number Year No. of Pictures Party1 Party2 Notes
A230 325 1708 1 Pearson Forster Low Close, house, formerly Low Close and Waytlands
A316 478 1708 2 Lawson Clapham Richard Clapham of Winskill, Goscarrhead
AA281 359 1729 2 Armistead Saunders William Peart, John Tingnall, John Bradley, Edmund Saunders linnen weaver, messuage, John Lakeland, malt kiln, Lower Garth, James Iveson, Mill Close, Waterbrow, Reding, Whitbeck, Over Close, Over Close Head, Brow, Park, Cattrigg, Farr Moor Head, Richard Cort tailor, William Buckle heckler, William Bentham schoolmaster
AC100 136 1749 1 Paley Paley Henry Moorhouse, messuage, Lower Garth, Hefley, Howbeck, Crook, Slater Sike, Robin Haws, Hempland Garth, Anthony Procter schoolmaster
AF54 73 1751 1 Brown Brown Bacchus Mires, John Leemin linnen weaver, William Bentham schoolmaster
AF55 74 1751 1 Brown Bacon Ann Iveson, Richard Iveson linnen weaver, Craven Bacon linnen weaver, Rise Bridge, Robin Ridding, Scally Bank, Stangs, Sannat, Howood Close, Isabel Hagg, Wood Close, Croft or Grass Garth, John Leeming linnen weaver
AF717 962 1753 1 Pearson Serjeantson Bargh House, Great Close, Wood Closes, Hustwiths or Herril Hole, Ivesons Dales, Calf Close, Woods, High Bargh or High Hill, Easgills, Edge or Out Moor
AK386 500 1751 x Woodcock Youll NO PIC
AK386 501 1751 x Woodcock Youll NO PIC
AP193 261 1758 3 Dowbiggin Green Sherwood House, messuage and lands, John Twisleton of Sherwood House tanner, Studfold in Horton and lands, tannery, Thomas Wetherherd and Thomas Dowbiggin of Horton, Helwith Bridge
AU680 870 1762 2 Preston Preston Sannat Hall or Sandwith Hall, messuage, Sandwith Hill, Brockmyers, Nether Slacks, Shortmyers, Well Close, Cattrigg, Scurr Gapp
AU718 912 1762 2 Hartley Foster John Hartley surgeon, Christopher Banks, messuage, Robert Bentham, Croft, Bridells, Goat Side, Gote Yate, Hesley Gate, Sannett, Hallbeck, William Hall mercer, James Farrer
AW663 895 1762 1 Wharfe   will 1762, estate in Horton
BB60 94 1729 2 Pearson Foster Christopher Wetherherd, Low Close or Wayllands, Reding, Goasker, Cattrigg, Thomas Rawson linnen weaver
BB61 95 1729 2 Pearson   will  1728, Darnbrough, Stainforth Cloth Mill and Workhouse, chamber above workhouse, room for tenters
BC555 717 1765 x Tunstall Tunstall NO PIC
BF607 906 1767 1 Watkinson Metcalfe James Pearson, messuage, Bargh House, Great Close, Wood Close, Iveson's Dale, Calf Close, Woods, Higher Bargh or Bargh Hill, Easgills, Edge or Out Moor, John Dodgson
BG698 951 1768 x Armistead   NO PIC will
BG699 954 1768 2 Bacon Iveson Craven Bacon linnen weaver, Rise Bridge, Robin Ridding, Stally Bank, Stangs, Sannat, How Wood, Isabell Hagg, Wood Close, Croft or Grassgarth, Henry French of Langcliffe tailor
BH241 282 1768 1 Metcalfe Armistead Messuage, Bargh House, Great Close and many others
BH249 295 1768 1 Metcalfe Pearson Bargh House, Christopher Pearson stuff weaver, Easgills, Gibson's Heiber, High Bargh Hill, Iveson's Dales, Richard Redmayne, Stangs 
BM738 939 1771 2 Banks Banks annuity
BN736 950 1772 2 Farthwaite Hornby William Husband, Grain House, Lower or Mill Close, Waterbrow
BN737 951 1772 1 Hornby Brown Messuage, Hebers, Lower or Mill Close, Waterbrow
BO431 591 1772 1 Pearson Brown Christopher Pearson shalloon weaver, Joshua Whitehead weaver, Hustrills
BO664 875 1772 2 Tatham Rycroft John Procter of Studfield, messuages, Bankes Close, Swaithmoor, Upper Lane, Pitts, Fawcett Moor or Penegent, John Tunstall
BP339 423 1772 2 Pearson Pearson Christopher Peason shaloon weaver, Hustrills, Thomas Buck whitesmith
BT288 379 1773 x Redmayne Clapham NO PIC Sherwood house
C415 689 1710 2 Foster Foster Richard Foster cowper, William Coate of Blindbeck, William Peele cowper, John Thomas, William Foster clothier, Goaskarr als Goatscarr, Richard Clapham, Richard Armitstead, Pikehill, Tongue
CA431 602 1777 2 Armistead Armistead Messuage, Corn Garth, Coark(?), Borrin Wall, Borrins, New House Close, Brown Hills, Skellgill, Stifelands, Hagg, Withered Field, Low Field, Crutchin Field, Hillwood Moss, Thomas Hey
CD368 523 1778 2 Hornby Brown William Hornby butcher, Nether Close, Richard Foster, Anthony Stackhouse
CD369 524 1778 1 Hornby Stackhouse Nether or Low Close, Christopher Brown
CD369 525 1778 2 Brown Hornby Messuage, Hebers, Lower or Mill Close, Water Brow
CH147 174 1780 2 Clapham Foster John Twistleton, Helwith Bridge, Sherwood House, Studfold Closes, Newhouse Copy, Ings, Studfold Moor, (all Horton), James Foster of Stainforth, John Foster currier
CK379 523 1782 1 Brown   will 1779
CO353 500 1784 1 Hornby Armistead Lower or Mill Close, Water Brow
CO353 501 1784 1 Hornby Brown Hebers
D260 439 1711 1 Forster Pearson Nealsing, Redings, Catrigg, Moorhead
D261 441 1711 1 Buck Foster William Foster blacksmith, Over Flainsaie, Nether Flainsaie,Garth Nook Close, Sannett, Farmorehead, Hungate Land, Round Ingg, Tanley, Josias Dawson, William Iveson linnen weaver
D262 442 1711 1 Buck Sanders Messuage, New house, Swinecoate, Tythe Lathe, Little Croft or Grassgarth, Tenter Garth, Over Garth, Schoolhouse Garth, Round Ing, Long Close, Christopher Brown, Josias Dawson, William Iveson linnen weaver
E47 53 1712 1 Pearson Smirfitt Neals Ing, Low Close or Waytlands, Reding, Cattrigg, Moorhead
E218 318 1712 1 Foster Foster Robbin Reding, Stallybank, Risebrigg, Crook, Fosbank, Borrans, Hesley, Catrigg, Thatched Lathe, Slated Barn, William Foster blacksmith, William Bentham schoolmaster
E394 572 1712 2 Buck Foster thomas Foster of Brackenbottom, Thomas Foster of Newhouses, Bargh House, Great Close, Wood and Long Close, Stack, Scarr Ends, Little Woods and Hill, Calf Close, High Bargh, Iveson's Dale, Bargh Close, Easegill, Wood Close, Bargh Dale, Edge or Outmoor, Hasbith, Riddings, Herrie als Harry Hoole, Narrwood Close, Christopher Metcalfe, John Lakeland, William Iveson linnen webster
E412 603 1712 2 Pearson Wetherhead Thomas Pearson of Neals Ing, messuage, Farrgarth, Fulling mill, Goasker, Wood Close, Bargh Dale, Robinhaw, Bothom Land, Tenterland, Borrans, Fossbank, Sannet, Moorheads
EC615 929 1800 1 Foster Stackhouse Cattrigg
F365 491 1713 3 Craven   will, Thomas Downham, Croft Lands, Borrans, Park Close, Garth Nook, Wood Close, Howbeck, Hesley, Town Moorhead, William Foster, Thackwood, Highfield, Howbeck, Margarett Tempest, James Foster, Christopher Metcalf, Sannett, Cattrigg, William Clapham, Craven Bacon, Crook, Fosbank, Strange Close, Farr Moorhead, Thomas Downham carpenter, William Burton clothier, William Bentham schoolmaster
FB104 131 1807 1 Grantham(Lord) Redmayne John Hartley, William Sutcliff of Settle apothecary, Giles Redmayne mercer, (probably Stainforth under Bargh)
FF622 871 1734 2 Carr Ibbotson Swainstead, Gilbert Fairbridge roper, messuage, Croft, Higher Goat Side, Goat Yate, Hesley Yate, Hall Beck Tongue, Sannett, Edmund Saunders linnen weaver
GG617 859 1735 2 Foster   will, parlour and chamber, Slaited Barn or Layth, Swinecoat Lane Garth, Croft, Thursbank, Mow Ing, Mill Hole, Parrock, Cattrigg, Jacob Hall, Robert Moorhouse cordwainer, William Redmayne woollen cloth weaver
GG618 860 1735 2 Foster Sanders William Foster blacksmith, Edmund Saunders linnen cloth weaver, Over Flainsay, Garth Nook, Hungate Lane, Round Ing, Teanley, Sannat
GG619 861 1735 2 Saunders Preston Edmund Saunders maltster, John and William Preston of Nealsingg, messuage, Newhouse, Swinecoate, Tyth Layth, Grass Garth, Tenter Garth, Over Garth or Schoolhouse Garth, Round Close, Raynes, Hungate Lane, Croft and many others
GG649 908 1735 1 Foster Bentham William Bentham schoolmaster, Croft or Grass Garth, Croft Side, Thursbank, Mow Ing, Mill Hole or Parrock, all adjoining, Cattrigg, William Redmayne woollen cloth weaver
GG673 946 1735 2 Saunders Iveson James Iveson linnen weaver, messuages, Henry Moorhouse, malt kilns, Fatts, Floors appurtaining, Little Croft or Grass Garth called Tenter Garth, Over Garth or Schoolhouse Garth, Round Close, Reynes, Hungate Lane, Croft and many more
GH73 85 1815 2 Hartley Foster William Sutcliff of Settle apothecary, Dryporker or Dry park and intack, possession of the manor and monastery of Sawley, Thomas Twisleton
GU389 421 1818 1 Redmayne Stackhouse Ann Stackhouse, Robert Yeadon, house, Garth Nook, Great Hesley, Little Hesley, Stangs, Sannatt, Catterick
HH553 698 1737 2 Saunders Redman Edmund Saunders maltster, Thomas Preston of Neals Ing, James Iveson flaxdresser, Isabell Hammond, New house with a Swinecoat, Tyth Laythe, messuage, Little Close or Grass Garth and many more, Thomas Rawson flaxdresser
HH673 860 1736 1 Foster Bacon Craven Bacon linnen weaver, William Paley messuages, William Bradley of Giggleswick innkeeper
JJ122 166 1736 1 Twistleton Twistleton Sherewood House, Anthony Dowbiggin of Newland House, John Twisleton tanner, messuage
JJ350 467 1736 2 Iveson Brown James Iveson linnen weaver, Isabell Hammond, Isabell Armitstead, Higher Park, Gooscoar Land, Thomas Preston, John Kidd, Thomas Stackhouse, Edmund Saunders
JJ351 468 1736 1 Iveson Paley James Iveson linnen weaver, Isabell Hammond, Isabell Armitstead, Thomas Paley of Langcliffe the younger, Henry Moorhouse, Malt kiln, Lower Garth
JJ575 797 1737 2 Iveson Armitstead Isabell Hammond, Isabell Armitstead, John Armitstead slater, Whitbeck, over Close, Brow, Cattrigg, Thomas Rawson flaxdresser
LL535 720 1738 1 Bentham Foster William Bentham schoolmaster, messuage, slated barn, Swine Coate, Lane Garth, Croft or Grass Garth, Croft Side, Thruslibank, Mow Ing, Mill Hole als Parrock, Cattrigg
LL536 721 1738 1 Foster Banks Messuage, Lane Garth, Croft or Grass Garth, Croft Side, Thrusbank, Mow Ing, Mill Hole or Parrock, Cattrigg
LL536 722 1738 2 Foster Paley Thomas Paley maltster, Howbeck, Great Hesley, Little Hesley, Crook, Slater Syke
LP112 119 1833 2 Sutcliff Exec Morris Thomas Wiglesworth, Jane Sutcliffe, William Birkbeck, Joseph Brayshay, Bargh Close, Little Wood, Over Close, Moorhead and others, John Armitstead, Jonathan Coulton, Thomas Wilson
M336 453 1718 1 Clapham   will 1718, messuages in Langcliffe and Stainforth
N284 429 1719 2 Clapham Stackhouse Richard Clapham of Winskill, Thomas Paley, Richard Lawson, William Stackhouse of Winskill, messuage, Thomas Downham, Farrend, Great Field, Foster Field, Farrgarth, Farrgarth Nook, Plaines Close, Cawker Scarr, Picked Hills, Intacks, Winskill Stones, Gorbeck and land in Stainforth u Bargh, Goskar Head, Brown Bank
N287 432 1719 2 Stackhouse Brown William Stackhouse of Winskill, Intacks, Piked Hills, Goskar Head
O109 163 1719 1 Foster Moorhouse James Foster blacksmith, Henry Moorhouse maltster, messuage, Richard Lakeland, Malt kilns, Town Moore Head
O109 164 1719 1 Moorhouse Foster Henry Moorhouse maltster, James Foster blacksmith, messuage, Richard Lakeland, Town Moore Head.  (Same as above but a different document)
O263 418 1719 1 Twistleton Preston Sherwood  House, Robert Twisleton tanner, James Hall tanner
OO412 598 1740 1 Metcalfe   Will of 1738, Christopher Metcalfe clothier, messuage, Spire Garth, Bacchus Myres, Hayber Foot, Moor Close or Lime Roots or Short Mire, Edge or Out Moor, Winskill Stones
OO712 1012 1741 1 Foster Paley Craven Bacon, messuage, Calf Croft, Sannat, Brow, Corn Close, Rusgill and many others, Thomas Lawson of Giggleswick attorney
OY283 278 1844 x     NO PIC (Hartley)
P87 108 1720 1 Thompson Craven Messuage, Ley Bank als Fossbank, Catterigg
Q491 645 1721 2 Foster Brown Thomas Foster of Winskill, Robgreaves, Drybank, Cattrigg
Q647 860 1721 2 Thompson Forster John Craven, messuage, Ley Banks als Fossbank, Stainforth Sty, Catterriggs
QQ385 496 1742 1 Iveson Husband James Iveson linnen weaver, William Husband of Grainhouse, Lower or Mill Close, Water Brow
R13 18 1721 2 Browne Browne Messuage, Leonard Dickenson, Anthony Paley, Shorts, Fieldhouse, William Butt als Lowerdales,and many others
R250 359 1722 2 Buck Dodgson Messuage
RR91 110 1743 2 Pearson Pearson John Bank, James Coates, messuage, Farr Garth, Robn Haw, Bottom Land, Tenter Land, Borrans, Fosbank, Sannat, Town Moor Head, Cloth Mill or Fulling Milln, chambers over, workhouse, William Birkbeck linnen draper
S564 770 1723 2 Brown Foster Richard Foster of Studfold, messuage, John Armistead, Gilbert Farbridge
SS91 128 1743 1 Pearson Paley Thomas Paley maltster, Robin Haws
SS96 138 1743 1 Metcalf Paley Christopher Metcalf clothier, James Johnson sadler, Bacchus Myres, John Paley grocer
T575 771 1724 2 Moorhouse Browne Henry Moorhouse maltster, James Foster blacksmith, messuage, Malt Kille, Town Moorhead, William Foster blacksmith, William Iveson linnen weaver
V320 396 1724 1 Foster Iveson Gilbert Farbridge roper, William Iveson linnen weaver, Higher Risebridge, Robbin Reding, Stally bank, Robbinhaw, Borrons, Fosbank, Sannat
V429 541 1724 2 Foster   will of 1724, Gilbert Farbridge ropemaker, Risebridge, Robbin Reding and many others
W111 144 1725 2 Lakeland   Will of 1719, Richard Lakeland, James and William Foster, messuage, Maltkiln, Town Moorehead, Henry Moorehouse, Thomas Tomlinson cordwainer
W575 750 1726 1 Maud Aspinal Francis Lister, messuage, Sandwith Hall als Sannett Hall, Sandwith Hill, Brock Mires, H(N)etherflacks, Short Mires, Well Close, Great Cattrigg als Catherine, William Windsor, Sturgap, Ralph Harlen
WW224 302 1745 1 Paley Brown James Johnson sadler, Christopher Brown maltster, Bacchus Myres, John Paley of Settle grocer
WW473 649 1746 3 Wetherherd Wharf Messuage, Stainforth Hall, water corn mill called Stainforth Mill, Hall Bank, Horse Copy Hall Bank Brow, (M)Hilln Croft, Mill Hill, Foss Park, Meakin Myre, Park Close, Brayshaw Fields, New Close, Ley Field, Spring Close and many others, Smearside, William Banks, Bryan Walker of Giggleswick victualer
WW509 700 1746 2 Pearson Dowbiggin Sannat, John Twisleton of Sherrard House
WW527 726 1746 1 Iveson Brown James Iveson linnen weaver, Risebridge, Robin Riding, Stally Bank, Howwood  Close, Croft or Grass Garth, William Guy of Armitstead
WW527 727 1746 2 Iveson Brown James Iveson linnen weaver, Borrans, Fosbank, Tenter Land, Moor Head
XX683 922 1748 2 Dawson Nowell William Dawson of Langcliffe Hall, messuage Langcliffe Hall, Neals Ing, William and John Preston, Rough Close, Tythe corn in Settle, Scaleber, Banks in Settle