Page Number Reg. Year   Party1 Party2 Notes
L387 511 1717 1 Lister Smith John Bordley of Hilltop, inclosure of 6 closes, Richard Armitstead, Armitstead Moor closes
L387 512 1717 1 Armitstead Smith Thos. Armitstead of Studfold, Weiths, Prumley Hole, Langlands Haw, Banklands, Cowslate Dale, Ings Dale, 7 yards per pole or perch, Whitemoss
M497 654 1718 1 Smith Hargraves Stephen Park, messuage at Sandholme, Armistead Close, Cockley close, Horsemangate, Sandy Fore, Rellwell, Livesey, Towslaid, Lund close, Meadow below the House, Ings close, Higher Ings, Moor close, White Moss
M498 655 1718 1 Hargraves Hargraves messuage at Sandholme, Deepdalehead, Stephen Park, Armistead, Cockley, Horsemangate, Sandholme, Sandyfore, Rellwell, Liveson, Towslaid, Lund, Meadow below House, Higher Ings, Moor close, White Moss
M499 656 1718 1 Geldard Hargreaves ancient messuage called Sandholme, Wm Bawdwen, Deepdalehead, Stephen Parke, messuage, Haggramdale, Horsemangates, Doveholme, John Smith of Sandholme
O272 435 1719 1 Norfolk Statham Thos. Duke of Norfolk, Inheritance of manor of Wigglesworth, Sir Stephen Hamerton, Byndloss, 4/5Philip and Mary
O275 439 1719 1 Warkworth Statham Thos. Duke of Norfolk, Manor of Wigglesworth, Robt. Holden, John Auslis King at Arms
O275 440 1719 1 Statham Gisborne John Abbotson, James Bullock, John Lund, mortgage 500 years, many field names
O278 441 1719 1 Holden   Declaration of trust. Sir John Statham, Thos. Gisborne, James and Henry Bullock, Chris. Leech, John Lund, Anthony Butterfield
O431 659 1720 1 Statham Smith Christopher Smith's tenement, Wm Smith carpenter, Higher and Lower Bitchhills, Sandberr, Sikeside, Birks, Swineacresland, Greenbank dale, Sike, Teandley, Nookes, Close above House, Smallheads, Thisle Hill, Rough, Moor close, White moss, Geldard close
O432 660 1720 1 Statham Hargraves messuage, Deepdale Head, large number of fields
O433 661 1720 1 Statham Harrinson Todmanhaw, Backside, Hill, Horsemangate, Mean, Two Crofts, Graystonebank, Armitstead, HaggwormsFlatt or Dam, 4 closes Cowbarr, messuages, Wise Gayselands, Gayselands garth, Langland, Lome Dannlehole land, Fleathy, Aynam, Daveam dale, Higher and Lower Ings, Hamerton dalehead, 5 moor closes, Aire, Smallgill moss, White moss
O434 662 1720 1 Statham Duckett Moor Row, messuage, Intack, Well close, Close above the House, Pepper Flatts, Suniacres, Higher Ings, White Moss
O470 713 1720 1 Statham Chesterfield Manor of Wigglesworth, 10,000 debt, Earl of Chesterfield, Duke of Norfolk, Sir Nicholas Shireburne, Robt. Holden
P115 145 1720 1 Statham Hardinge Manor of Wigglesworth, Sir Stephen Hamerton, Sir Richard Shireburne, Philip and Mary, Duke of Norfolk, Wm Smith, Wm Hargraves, Wm Harrison, Richard Ducket, Robt. Holden
P116 146 1720 1 Statham Hardinge Manor of Wigglesworth, Robt. Holden
P116 147 1720 1 Statham Hardinge Manor of Wigglesworth, Robt. Holden
W107 139 1721* 1 Hardy Weddell Capital messuage Demesne 694 acres NO jpg
T523 695 1724 1 Hargreaves Wildman Monibent in Forest of Gisburne, Pythornes, Shaw closes, Robt. Harrison, John Bullock, John Sutton
W539 699 1725 1 Sherbourne Sherbourne Manor Wigglesworth and messuages in Wigg and Gigg NO jpg
GG168 238 1734 1 Goodall Radcliffe Robt. Hopkinson Innholder, Wm. Radcliffe, Timothy Taylor, two messuages in Wigglesworth, house description, 3 selions
HH207 253 1735 1 Clark Fish Moor Raw, messuage, Wm. Nelson, Richard Clark, Intack, Well Close, Close above the House, Middle Moor, Moss, Rough Close, Meadow, Pepper Flatt,Sunniacres, Higher Ings, White Moss
PP539 799 1742 1 Hargreaves Atkinson Deepdale Head, Stephen park, John Bradley, Higher and Lower Lowtley, Long Shoot, Stirk Gills, Wier Fleet Meadow, Rouggh, Arcan Gills, Spring, Green, Higher and Lower Fole, Inclose, Pennitt Hill, Middleton, Moor close, John Hargreaves
AB472 598 1744* 1 Bordley Gregson AB catalogue not available
AD749 952 1751 1 Parsons Hesselltine farmhouse and closes, Richard Bordley, Knots, Soley, Hawkswick
AE466 604 1751 1 Geldard Wigglesworth Cowbarr, closes, John Harrison, Leonard Wigglesworth, Agden, Scale
AE469 606 1751 1 Harrison Peele Todmanhaw, Cowbarrs, closes, Deepdalehead
AE470 608 1751 1 Peele Harrison Todmanhaw, Deepdalehead, Cowbarr, messuage, Backside, The Hill, The Horsemangate, Graystone Bank, Hagwormsflatt, Damm, Two Crofts, Small Gill Moss
AE567 735 1751 1 Harrison Banks as AE469 and AE470 plus Armistead
AE568 736 1751 1 Geldard Banks as AE469, AE570 AE567 schoolmaster
AE569 738 1751 1 Hargreaves Banks Closes in Meanfield, Todmanhaw, Deepdalehead, Green, Two Duckett, Stephen Geldard, Swinesty, Ings
AG071 101 1752 1 Hargreaves Oddie Monubent, Deepdalehead, Moor Closes, Higher Ground, Higher Meadow, Thistly Hill, Meadow at the House, Cross Ings, Long Shoot, Lower Close, Orkaber, Deepdale Side, Hammerton Nook
AH144 188 1753 1 Smith Smith Messuage at Raw, Higher Birkhill, Lower Birkhill, Sand Barleys, Sikeside, Birks, Swine Acre Lands, Greenbank dale, Pike, Croft, Little Meadow, Backside, Smallheads, Thistlehill, Rough Close, Moor close, Moor ground, Teenly Nooks, Whitemoss. Seat in Long Preston church, Thos. Tattersall.
AH146 189 1753 1 Smith Smith messuage, Townend, drying kiln, Claf, Wellcroft, Close before the Door, Farr, Nook, Prumley Hole, Bank, Longland, Ingsdale, Sike, Geldard, Mossdale. Seats in L Pr Church.
AM554 723 1756 1 Wiglesworth Heelis messuage, Halton, Essington, Richard Iveson
AN509 688 1757 1 Wiglesworth Lister messuage, innholder (LW), Richard Iveson Thomas Middlebrough
AS401 550 1760 1 Peel Harrison Cowbar, Deepdalehead
AS419 576 1760 1 Harrison Peel Cowbarr, Deepdalehead
AY141 185 1763 1 Carr Brennand George Carr schoolmaster, Baroshay(?)
BA182 245 1764 1 Hargreaves Smith Agnes and Eliz. Gregson, Langland, Single Bank, Craike Riggs, Double Bank, Picke, Lowhamhead, Birkhill, Croft, Withies, Higher Ings, Lower Ings
BE097 110 1766 1 Weddell Duncombe Capital messuage Demesne 694 acres NO jpg
BE98 111 1766 1 Weddell Mortimer Wigglesworth Hall, Thos.Strangeways, Philp and Mary, Sir Stephen Hamerton, Sir Richard Shereburne, Bindloss, Huggin House, Wm Banks,
BE99 112 1766 1 Weddell Mortimer Wigglesworth Hall, Sir Stephen Hamerton, Philip and Mary, Huggin House, Wm Banks, Bindloss, Treasure trove of felons and fugitives
BI346 477 1769 1 Wiglesworth Weddell Wigglesworth Moor Raw, Newby hall, messuage and cottage, Parrock, Crofts, Black Close, Great Corn Close, Wellsprings, Little Corn Close, ley/cartway, Butts at Longshootgate, Slaid meadow, Lower Moor, Higher Moor, Sikeside, Greenbank close, Hareborran, Little field, Longlands, the highest townfield, Swinakers, lowest townfield, Skirtenbers, Ings close, Moss, town pitts
BI347 478 1769 1 Hall Robinson Hall of Settle - merchant, Thos. Howson of Horton, Leonard Wiglesworth, Wiglesworth Moor Raw, William Weddell of Newby hall, Clitheroe Castle, messuage and cottage, Higher Moor, Slade, Black Close, Great Corn Close, Little Corn Close, Spring, Sikeside, Harebottom, Green bank
BM371 473 1771 1 Weddell Duncome Sir John Ramsden and family, Wm Elcock of Newby, Daniel Lascelles, marriage settlement, many named tenants and rents
BW233 330 1775 1 Wildman Wildman Trees within Tosside, Shaw closes, Monastery of Sawley, Pythorns, Robt. Harrison, John Bullock, John Clark, Wm Hargreaves
BX108 156 1775 1 Smith Weddell Thos. and Chris. Brown of Stainforth, Alex. Hardacre, Intack, Well close, Close above House, Middle moor, Moss, Rough close, Meadow, Peper Flatt, Sunny close, Higher Ings, White moss
BX109 157 1775 1 Smith Weddell many tenant names, seat in Long Preston church, Bitch Hill, Landbardleys, Sikeside, Birks, Swineacre, Green bank, Pithe, Thistle Hill, Rough close, Moor close, Teenley Nook, Whitemoss
BX119 172 1775 1 Bankes Todd Wm Bankes of Green, Deepdalehead, Eliz. Barton of Cross Yeats, Todmanhaw, Backside, Hill, Horsemangate, Graystone Bank, Armitstead Close, Haggworm Flatt or Dam, Small Gill Moss, Duckett closes, Stephen Gowards Close, Swinsty, Milne Holme, Higher and Lower Ings, Mean field, Richard Hargraves estate called Deepdale head, John Harrison of Cowbarr
CN314 407 1783 1 Harrison Harrison Newhouse, John Redmain, Wise Gayslands, Gayslands Garth, Fleathy, Low Ings, Bull Lands, Wm Weddell
CZ443 513 1789 1 Holgate Wolfenden Small Gill, John Geldard, Robt. Holgate, Chr. Harrison, Calf, Well Croft, Close before Door, Farr, Nook, Langland Haw, Ings Dale, Geldard Close, White Moss, seats in Long Preston church, messuage and barn formerly a drying kiln, Townend
KP563 534 1830 1 Geldard King Robt. Garstang, Robt. King, Ings Close, Banks or Townfields, Leonard Clark
NL712 663 1840 1 Harrison Hartley messuage, Newshome, almost unreadable
NO399 386 1840 1 Holgate Hartley Todmanhaw, Stephen Todd, Wm. Clayton of Langcliffe Place, messuage, Backside, Hill, Horsemangate, two Crofts, Graystone, Bank, Armitstead, Hagworm Flatt or Dam, Small Gill Moss, Duckett, Geldartds, Swinesty, Milne, Higher Ings, Mean Field, Eliz. Barton, Robt. Bankes, Thos. Todd, Wm. Todd