Bentham’s Heritage

1 February 2009
Leader - Ken Waters
 North Craven 
 Heritage Trust 

In cold weather the group set off from Lairghyll car park and walked to the church. We set out on one of the three Heritage trails, all set up in 2003, which goes eastwards and crosses the railway and on to Summerfield Farm over somewhat muddy fields. A curious cast iron vessel is found along the way - a retort once used for charcoal production. There are several information boards at strategic points to highlight local industry, ecology, stone quarrying and farming. The new large cattle shed we passed at Ridding Lane Farm is a sign of changed farming practice with cows kept under cover and fed with silage and haylage all year round so that a steady growth is maintained. The route continues past old quarry workings to Greystonegill Bridge over the River Wenning. After a short distance south on the road the return track westwards is found on the south side of the river. Despite the onset of a few snowflakes the walk back to Bentham Bridge was pleasant and offered views north to Whernside and Ingleborough. The snow then fell more heavily but the dozen participants had enjoyed a good walk.