Maureen Ellis and Michael Slater
 North Craven 
 Heritage Trust 

The Journal is in the fortunate position of having a plethora of good submissions and so we do have to be rigorous about the deadline of 15th March each year. Being an annual publication this does have the disadavantage that any article received after that date does have to wait a whole year. The professional quality of the Journal is reflected in the cost of printing and a large proportion of the subscriptions goes towards it. From feedback we know that some members who can no longer join in other activities look forward particularly to the Journal and continue their membership in order to receive it.Where possible they are delivered by hand as this gives the opportunity of social contact which is after all part of the ethos of the Trust. New distributors are always welcome and we particularly enjoy delivering the Journals, often meeting someone face to face and putting a name to them for the first time.

The Journal as well as being a receptacle for articles is an organ of communication and it works alongside the web-site. It is not unusual for a viewer or reader to write to the secretary of the NCHT or one of the editors with additional information or even illustrations about something raised or suggest an amendment to text or caption. Although we do not have a ‘letters to the editor page’ all queries are answered separately or included in some way in the next Journal.