Guidelines for submission of articles for the North Craven Heritage Trust Journal

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 Heritage Trust 

We prefer articles submitted as MS Word computer files sent by email to either editor if possible but other formats or hand-written material may be acceptable. Please attach files to any email, rather than pasting contents into an email since this destroys formatting. It is helpful to use Times New Roman font size 12. An approximate limit on the number of words is 4000 (about four sides in the Journal). However, we will accept longer articles on occasion. We often print shortened articles in the Journal accompanied by longer versions on the NCHT website, with full references or more images for example. Pages should not be numbered.

Pictures in JPEG format are preferred but we can scan photographs and other material if required. Pictures should not be embedded in text files but kept separate and captions provided. The printer needs to be able to place pictures on the page to suit the layout of text.

Footnotes are not acceptable. References may be in either of two preferred formats: the Harvard (author name, date) system, or the numbering system. Please do not use sophisticated software such as EndNote which may cause trouble in the publication software used by the printer. References need to contain all the information necessary for a reader to find the source with certainty. The style is not so important and rigid adherence to any system is not an objective. The Harvard system is typically (Jones, 2010), or (Jones, 2010a) if there are several publications by Jones in 2010. The references are listed at the end in alphabetical order using an author’s surname followed by initials, then the year of publication, title of the work and publisher, or journal name, volume, issue number and page (p) or pages (pp). This system is often not easily used if official documents, archive reference details or notes are required in which case the number system may be better employed. The number system typically uses a superscript23 or number on the line in brackets (23) and references are listed in numerical order. Neither system is perfect but clarity is important and distraction of the reader with multiple references in the Harvard system can be an issue. We require sources of information to be available in the interests of readers and historians in particular. However, our articles are for general readership and those requiring substantial numbers of references are best placed on the website with a simplified version in the Journal together with a note that a fuller version is available on the website. The internet has several useful sites discussing referencing systems, such as or or and the editors will help resolve any questions.

Any quotation marks should be “ ” not " ".We prefer double quotation marks for exact words of reported speech, single quotation marks for reported text and for highlighting or emphasizing a name or word(s). Long pieces of reported text can be in italics or can be indented. See for example and

The NCHT website is at and the editors can be contacted at and