Chairman's Report

Michael Southworth
 North Craven 
 Heritage Trust 

Another year has slipped by and the Trust has moved forward in a number of areas - not necessarily as quickly as we might have wished, but such is life !

During the past year we carried out a survey, which many of you participated in, and your committee is grateful for your feedback. A number of interesting points arose from this survey, some expected some unexpected, and we have tried to respond to the wishes of the membership by altering our 2011 programme accordingly.

In particular we have modified the walks programme, reducing the overall number from 11 to 6, because it was apparent that this activity, for one reason and another, was not particularly popular with a large percentage of our members. This year, therefore, we have three evening walks and three afternoon walks. Two of these will have already taken place by the time you receive this Journal and we will monitor how this new arrangement works out.

Another change we have planned is to try and alternate evening lectures between Tuesdays and Thursdays because different evenings suit the commitments of different people. This change will become more apparent in our 2012 programme.

We have been working hard on the process of revamping our ‘image’, both in our printed material and with our website. This task has taken longer than I would have wished, but we are making progress and I hope that our new website will soon be launched. My thanks go especially to David Holdsworth and Frank Woodhams (as well as to the small sub-committee involved) who have been putting in a lot of their time and expertise to achieving our aims.

By the time you receive this Journal we will have held a new venture, a summer musical evening at Coniston Hall by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Michael Bannister. The concept of this ‘Picnic-in-the-Park’ is to replace the New Year recital (which had run continuously for 33 years) as a money-raising event to allow us to continue to fund grant applications through the Historic Churches Fund.

Finally I would like to mention that we are endeavouring to ‘ramp up’ our monitoring of planning applications insofar as they affect conservation of our local heritage. This is an important, but very time-consuming, task. We have two committee members working on this and further help would be gratefully received from other members who wish to become involved.

I hope you enjoy reading this year’s Journal which, once again, has been so splendidly produced by Maureen Ellis and Mike Slater.