Maureen Ellis and Mike Slater
 North Craven 
 Heritage Trust 

This is the 20th anniversary of the publication of the NCHT Journal, which developed out of the NCHT News. From the beginning the journal has had its recognizable green livery. Initially the image on the cover was in black and white, but in 1998 we had an article on the botanical diaries of Norman Frankland and an original watercolour of the Lady’s Slipper Orchid was made available for use on the cover. A quick decision was made by various committee members to spend the extra money to print it in colour. The cover has been in colour ever since in line with modern practice.

An incomplete set of Settle and District News and NCHT News from1971- 1979, fore-runners of this journal, is in our archives. Our website will carry the Settle and District Civic Society material later in the year but the following items of publication are still missing. If anyone could lend the following items they could be photographed and put on a CD and then on the website and it would complete the archives.

The missing items are

  • Settle and District Civic Society 1972, issue III No.1 and 1973 issue IV No.1.
  • Settle and District Civic Society Bulletin 1974, issue V No.2.
  • Settle and District Civic Society News 1976, issue VII No.1
  • North Craven Heritage Trust News 1980 issue XI No.2 and 1981 issue XII No.2.

The contents of this journal are as wide and varied on heritage matters as we have come to expect. We are grateful for text improvements proposed by Sylvia and John Harrop and Jill Sykes.

You will notice that the ‘Walks Programme’ copied from the annual programme card has been changed to ‘Events and Outings’ in order to better describe the nature of the activities. This is in line with members’ replies to the questionnaires, sent out last year, as to what activities and facilities are important to you.