Chairman’s Report

Michael Southworth
 North Craven 
 Heritage Trust 

A year slips by so quickly these days - it hardly seems 5 minutes since I wrote last year’s report - perhaps a sign of age ! Those of you who attended the AGM will know that this will be my last report, as I shall be standing down at the next AGM.

In the past three and a half years, whilst I have been Chairman, it is perhaps worth reviewing some of the changes in emphasis which your committee has focussed on - some of which may be to your liking, and some not. If the latter, I hope you will voice your opinions because we should never be afraid to hear the views of our members.

The first thing we did was to try and make our ‘public face’ more professional, knowing that we were competing with many other worthy organisations for your support. We did this by redesigning our literature with a common style, and launching a modernised and (hopefully) user-friendly website.

The second thing that we did was to modify our annual programme in response to the views expressed in a survey, which we carried out amongst all our members. This resulted in fewer formal walks, replacing most of them with ‘Outings’ to interesting places. It is interesting to note that this year’s ‘Summer Outing’ was a complete sell-out, which some latecomers may have discovered to their cost.

Thirdly we have put more resources into monitoring planning applications - an activity which is difficult to do, requiring both expertise and a lot of time, but a vital part of fulfilling our objectives of preservation and protection.

One thing we have not changed is our lecture programme which has continued to be very well supported and, I believe, a popular part of the annual programme. And, of course, this Annual Journal remains the star attraction - universally acclaimed, very professionally produced and a noteworthy historical record for the generations to come.

Enjoy . . . . . .