Maureen Ellis and Michael Slater
 North Craven 
 Heritage Trust 

The Journal is all-embracing in that all members receive one and it brings together a variety of styles. There are the personal accounts of activities and traditions now long gone, which were once part of the life of the writers; detailed research articles; descriptions of new heritage; and from time to time, sequels of a subject from a previous Journal. It also records outings and events that leaders have so carefully researched and put together. Space often dictates that full references may go on the web-site and all previous Journals are also there. Cost dictates that the only coloured illustration is on the cover.

This year the cover picks up on a subject written in 1996 by Enid Parker, as more information is discovered about Thomas Nuttall, particularly by the Long Preston History Group. The cover shows Anemone patens variant nuttalliana, which was dedicated to the important American naturalist who was born in Long Preston. It was made by chromolithography (an early form of colour printing), from a broken-backed copy of the book The Native Flowers and Ferns of the United States, published in Boston, USA by L. Prang and Co. in 1878. The illustration was by Alois Lunzer, with a text by Thomas Meehan, at the time professor of vegetable physiology, at what is now Penn State University. A near relative of this Pasque flower is a rare survivor in the Downs of England.

New heritage is highlighted by the article on Far Moor Bridge, topographic research by that on lost rural roads of Eldroth, and past local farming activities with the butter-making article. There are surprising connections with the Craven area in the articles on the Life-Boats in Settle, the Ribblesdale Coiners and Virginia Woolf at Giggleswick. The economics of running an estate in Austwick, the fire at Langcliffe Mill, and growing up in Hellifield are all covered. For further afield there is the detailed article on Longridge. Two of the articles highlighted the disregard in which mental health illnesses were held (and often still are). Much work goes into the Outings. What is over in an afternoon or day, can be savoured again at leisure. Lastly and not least there is the obituary of Jim Nelson, much loved and respected boot and shoe maker and writer for this Journal and leader of walks.