Chairman's Report

John Asher
 North Craven 
 Heritage Trust 

Of all the noteworthy events of 2015 the death of Bill Mitchell in October stands out. Our President for four years, he was actively engaged with the Trust for much of his career. We publish an obituary in this Journal.

Bill, we hope, would approve of our current efforts to tell the story of North Craven. Several of our members are researching actively, including working with the ‘Stories in Stone’ project focusing on Ingleborough. We have supported another MA student from Lancaster University to analyse Giggleswick wills and inventories of the early 18th century.

Our website is increasingly used as a repository for local research. We can put some confidence in the longevity of this archive thanks to a project by the British Library to back-up sites such as ours.

The scope of our ‘Historic Churches’ grant scheme has been widened to include any historic buildings not in private ownership. It is very pleasing that our appeal for bequests has resulted in two legacies this year, which will strengthen the Trust’s defence of our local heritage.

One challenge on which we have not made satisfactory progress is the safeguarding of our green lanes. We had hoped that a commitment by the last government, with cross party support, to set up a stakeholder working group would be honoured by the new government. Thus far there is no sign of any action and more pressure may be required.

As you will see from this issue, the Journal is in good hands, and thanks are due to the editors, contributors and website managers. Our talks and events remain popular and increasingly well-attended. The popularity of joint programmes with other bodies has prompted us to extend their number and scope. In 2016 we plan talks, walks, musical events and visits with no fewer than eight other organisations - we hope to report on the success of this policy next year!

The appointment of Anne Read as our President has restored links with The Folly and the Museum of North Craven Life. Together we will seek to ensure North Craven’s heritage is enjoyed today and by future generations.

New President Anne Read (right) New Vice-President Dr David Johnson (left) with Chairman John Asher (middle)

New President Anne Read (right) New Vice-President Dr David Johnson (left) with Chairman John Asher (middle)