Maureen Ellis and Michael Slater
 North Craven 
 Heritage Trust 

Most of us grew up learning history and heritage dominated by the lives of kings and queens and the great and the good (?bad). There is now, appropriately, more interest in ordinary people and their belongings and artefacts.Much of the content of the Journal reflects this trend. Writers have realized that information in wills throws light on some of the humble belongings that were valuable to leave to family and friends as well as more major bequests. People have always re-used durable material and it can be a detective job to find their original purpose.

Because the NCHT has always had walks and outings the results of scholarly research can be seen in the field. Meticulous recording of the outings and talks builds up knowledge, interest and perhaps further research.

The Journal is secular but metaphysical/spiritual matters creep into most of our lives and are represented in this publication. Concerning lives sacrificed in uprisings over religious suppression, and the beautiful art and craft made for churches, research is never static and never finished. There will always be opportunity for revision of past opinions. Discussion will continue to be recorded in the Journal.