Maureen Ellis and Michael Slater
 North Craven 
 Heritage Trust 

Heritage has a positive connotation but inheritance and expectation may be a handicap for some. We all love to explore old buildings. What is past is often security because it is known, whereas the future has a question mark hanging over it. The variety of articles in the Journal demonstrates the multifactorial influences of the past. Heritage is partly based on the topography of a district and what sort of land it is, which determines the sort of activities can thrive in a particular area. But education, health and order are vital. The variety of themes in the Journal demonstrates the huge wealth of information that writers can research from past documents, topography observation and personal experiences. It is pleasing when an article from one year prompts further information for a following publication. The Trust has practical outings and these are always recorded in the Journal.

It is quite by chance in the articles in this Journal that there is some commonality of subject matter concerning the medical profession, botany and some family names. Occasionally a theme becomes apparent in a particular Journal but it is not deliberate!

The importance of local primary schools is highlighted in the story of a farmer’s wife, which has been a topic of controversy this year because of the expected adverse impact on local life.