Maureen Ellis and Michael Slater
 North Craven 
 Heritage Trust 

We are lucky to have such a variety of articles by our contributors on a wide range of matters important to our heritage. Heritage is a very wide term but as well as being desirable it can also be a handicap and subvert progress. Conserving the history and heritage of North Craven relies on documents, word of mouth, objects and observations. Interpretations may be a distortion of the facts and opinions can be controversial. History and heritage may also concern the far distant past or be more contemporary. Many questions can arise such as why Settle developed in such a watery site! The practice of baptismal recording was dependent on the Church before registration of births marriages and deaths was mandated by the state. Subjects such as trade and who bought what and where and for how much, are the threads of ordinary life. Money did not always change hands in commerce, as is evidenced in account books of trading. More recent practices such as milk delivery are within living memory for an older generation but are already history.

Some members of NCHT are very active in local affairs as well as the Trust and we acknowledge such activity by an obituary when they die, as in the case of Harold Foxcroft. We thank Anne Webster and Sylvia Harrop for additional welcome help with typing and editing work.

Would prospective authors please read the Guidance Page in this year’s Journal, which gives the parameters for style of headings, punctuation and references etc. This helps the Journal to be of a professional standard, reduces the editorial effort and gives all-round clarity.