Bits and Pieces

 North Craven 
 Heritage Trust 

The mystery date stone H WMI 1697 shown in the 2018 Journal is to be seen at Crow Trees Inn, Lower Pyethorns, Tosside and the photograph printed is in Cyril Harrington’s collection held in the Museum of North Craven Life. Mike Howarth thinks that the datestone refers to William Howarth/ Haworth, one of his ancestors. Kevin Illingworth says that the doorhead can hardly be seen because of the surrounding foliage. The doorhead is over what was once a doorway, now occupied by a 3-light mullion window. Another doorhead, now reset inside, has WH 1678. Thanks to both these keen-eyed members.

The other puzzle posed was that of the carved stone at Buckhaw Brow over an underpass entrance. Frank Gordon says that it looks like a triglyph. These alternated with metopes on the frieze of classical buildings. The triglyphs were always three upright forms and the metopes could be anything, such as circles, figures, even skulls. So perhaps it came from some demolished Victorian Classical Revival building and someone thought it would look good on the underpass! Or maybe not!

I have been told by Pam Jordan that the offices on the Duke Street/ Chapel Street corner also have water in the cellar — with a sump pump to keep it under control.