Chairman’s Report

John Asher
 North Craven 
 Heritage Trust 

The Journal is much prized by our members and this is greatly to the credit of our editors for many years past, Maureen Ellis and Mike Slater. We thank them most warmly. The Journal is now in the capable hands of Michael Pearson. We thank him for taking up the baton and wish him well. Our archives, also under the watchful eye of Mike Slater, have now been moved into The Folly following the sale of the Chapel St properties by the Buildings Trust. They are backed up electronically as far as feasible.

We welcomed two new Trustees in 2019. Nigel Hoff has taken over the Treasurer’s reins from our long-standing Trustee Giles Bowring; and Pam Jordan is bringing our publicity reach into the 21st century, including through Facebook and Twitter.

The Historic Buildings Fund has supported work to the steps at The Folly, the display of the ‘Priests Door’ at Kirkby Malham PCC and the roof at St Mary’s Church in Ingleton. The Historical Projects and Archaeology Fund made a substantial grant towards post-excavation costs following the St Helens Chapel, Malham, dig during the year.

Our MA bursary programme, with Lancaster University, has proved particularly popular this year and we have made two awards for work to be done in 2020. The first award is to transcribe and translate from Latin the Settle Manor Court Rolls for the reign of Edward VI. The second is to a student who will look at our membership recruitment, having had relevant experience with the National Trust.

Disquiet about planning matters looms large, particularly in relation to the Hellifield Flashes, the Craven Local Plan and the Settle Conservation area. Concerns such as these led to our founding over 50 years ago. Once again we need to ask members for their active support by helping to scrutinise applications. Please contact me if you feel able to help.