Michael Slater
 North Craven 
 Heritage Trust 

All my working life I collected and generated information to support research in chemical engineering, and always believed in publication of results so that progress could be made. On retirement I was most pleased to have the opportunity to join Dr Maureen Ellis as co-editor of the Journal in 2004. This opened up a new interest in local history, having moved to an old house with a history of its own in a village with many interesting aspects to discover and investigate further. Looking back over Journals since 1992 I have been delighted to see so many useful and remarkable contributions from many authors similarly keen to preserve local history in all its aspects. The preservation of information reminds us of the past, the achievements of individuals, and how our environment has changed over the years. It is not sensible to ignore history just because we cannot change it. We should be grateful that the Journal has had so much support and long may it continue.

I have very much enjoyed helping, with Maureen, to keep the Journal in good shape over 15 years or so. Indeed, in doing so, I have made the acquaintance of many interesting authors and made many friends. I offer my thanks to all these people. The Journal is now in the capable hands of Michael Pearson and I trust NCHT members, and others of course, will maintain the support the Journal has had since the inception of the North Craven Heritage Trust.