Book Review: ‘A Portrait of Ingleborough’ by Hilary Fenten

Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (2019)
 North Craven 
 Heritage Trust 

This book is not about the landscape but is a collection of photographs of the people who live or work around Ingleborough. In a world dominated by social media it is a pleasant change to have a book of portraits. It is the difference between endless snaps and the work of a gifted photographer. Unfortunately some of the photographs have been squeezed into corners and reduced in size. This is a pity as some of the quality has been lost. If you get the opportunity it is worth seeing Hilary’s original prints.

I can at least provide some information on one of the historical photos. The ‘unknown lads’ on page 50 are Richard and Noel Clapham whose father and grandfather feature elsewhere in this Journal. The photograph does not date from 1879 and is significantly later.