Michael Pearson
 North Craven 
 Heritage Trust 

Many thanks to all those who have contributed to this edition of the Journal. I hope you find the articles as fascinating as I have. As always there is a good variety of subjects covered which reflects our rich heritage and the diverse interests of the authors. I should also like to thank all those who gave permission to use their photographs.

2020 was another prolific year for the publication of local books. For lack of space I have not included reviews of David Johnson’s history of Settle. I have also omitted his revised edition of ‘Ingleborough’. Originally published in 2008 it has been revised and updated to include many recent archaeological discoveries. There are also many more photographs and figures. It is well worth acquiring this new edition.

With another lock-down in progress perhaps you have some spare time! Have you thought about writing an article for the Journal? If you have an interesting story to tell then do get in touch. It may seem a daunting prospect and the hardest part is often knowing where to start. My advice is to have a go, you can always revise it later.

You do not need to be reminded that 2020 was one of those momentous and unforgettable years. We left the European Union, tackling Climate Change became even more urgent and there was a pandemic. The impact of all of these is still with us. At the start of the pandemic I did a quick search for material about the 1918 flu pandemic which had such a devastating effect on the world. I was surprised to find so little information about what it was like in Craven. So what are we doing to record our experiences now? In five years time will we remember about queueing for food, the early rationing of toilet paper and pasta and such positive experiences as the Austwick tea celebration? Now is the time to record your memories which will prove fascinating to future historians. I look forward to donating my mask as well as other memorabilia to the Folly once this is all over.

Over the years our sponsors have provided invaluable support to the Trust. With all the lock downs and the impact on local businesses the committee were unanimous in agreeing that we could not ask for donations to contribute to the cost of printing the Journal. We felt that it was time to show our support for them. So we have printed the advertisements as a reminder to all of us of the importance of our local businesses and the need to shop local.