Timothy Hutton (1779-1863) of Clifton Castle and Marske-in-Swaledale. The life and times of a North Yorkshire Gentleman.

Jane Hatcher
 North Craven 
 Heritage Trust 

York Publishing Services (2020)

Born in Marske Hall, in Swaledale, Timothy Hutton was educated at Cambridge but returned home to lead the life of a country gentleman. He was no recluse but was fully involved in his community. As the author states in her forward, this is not a conventional biography and goes beyond the significant events of his life. It is more an exploration of the interface between the public and private aspects of his life. If you have tried researching family history you will have encountered a lack of material and the all too frequent dead ends. But in the case of Timothy Hutton there are 33 volumes of diaries plus other notebooks spanning 60 years. So the detail available is impressive.

This is a fabulous source for the local historian with sections on medical matters, the education of the poor, banking and so on. Thoroughly researched, this is just the book for those interested in the social history of the times. My only disappointment is that Timothy Hutton only appears to have travelled as far as Hawes and he never seems to have ventured into the southern Dales.