The Railway Navvies of Settle: the end of the line.

Sarah Lister & Teresa Gordon (2020)
 North Craven 
 Heritage Trust 

It took some 2300 men to build the section of railway between Settle and Dent Head. The work was physically demanding and dangerous with many accidents reported in the press. In nearly ten years of construction 22 navies died, half of whom were killed in accidents. Another 30 of their children and wives died from mainly infectious diseases. This book could have been a depressing catalogue of people’s often short and tragic lives but it is also a realistic picture of life on the railways.

Other topics covered include the doctors who worked in Settle as well as some of those who invested in the railway (& lost considerable sums in the process). As ever Sarah Lister has unearthed a rich seam with a wealth of detail. It is a pity that Teresa Gordon’s illustrations were not given more room. The book is profusely illustrated throughout, but some of the photographs are far too small.