Michael Pearson
 North Craven 
 Heritage Trust 

Each year I worry that there will not be enough material for the Journal and so far I have been proved wrong. Once again our contributors, regular and new, have produced a fascinating array of articles – the result of tremendous efforts of research or work out in the field. Personally I enjoy this part more than the task of writing so I am grateful that are contributors make that extra effort to record their researches.

Every year more and more material of historical interest appears on the internet. One such site, devoted to records local to our area, is ‘Capturing the Past’ (www.dalescommunityarchives.org.uk). There are old photographs, documents and transcriptions which provide insights into the history of Craven. John Cuthbert has recently taken over as project leader and is keen to add material which local residents may have in their possession. All you need to do is to contact John (dalescommunityarchives@gmail.com) and allow him to scan your documents so that he can upload them to the website.

COP 26 has come and gone, and all the commitments have largely disappeared from attention in the media. However we are too well aware of climate change and the need to conserve the biodiversity in our area. In the next issue of the Journal I hope to report on work being undertaken locally to protect and enhance our natural heritage.