Arthur Lupton

The Museum relies on volunteers to help to man it when it is open. We publish the dates and times of opening in the Settle Tourist Information Centre and elsewhere, and we think it is most important that the museum should be open at these times - on several occasions would-be visitors have come to Settle specially to visit the Museum only to find it shut because there was no one to look after it.

This matter was discussed at a recent meeting of the North Craven Heritage Trust Committee. The problem is that if we rely on volunteers filling in the duty rota when they happen to be in Settle there is a real danger that a number of members who would really be very willing to give some of their time to the Museum may be missed. It was therefore suggested that a more workable scheme might be to ask the Rota Organiser to make out a monthly rota from the present list of volunteers and distribute it to them before the start of the next month.

If a date which had been proposed turned out to be difficult or impossible, any volunteer would be able to arrange a swap with someone else on the list. This could be done without involving the organiser in the difficult and time- consuming job of Time Brokerage.

This is the system which is used in other organisations in the district, where it is found to work very smoothly and without the volunteers feeling dragooned or treated as schedule fodder. It does involve potential helpers letting the organiser know in advance of any occasions when they are likely not to be available, so that the number of subsequent rearrangements can be as few as possible. The new scheme cannot now be got under way at the start of the season but Mr Newby hopes to have it running by the beginning of July. Meanwhile we shall still work in the old way.

The advertised opening hours in 1992 are:

1 June to 30 September: 2 - 4.30pm daily (Tues. 10 -4.30)

1 October onwards: Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays 2 - 4.30pm

If you think that you would like to help or to continue to help in the Museum under this arrangement, please let Mr Ron Newby know. His address is: 1 Coach House, Bishopdale Court, Settle, BD24 9EB (Tel: 0729 822136)

The present list is incomplete so that to prepare the rota and give a complete list to everyone, Ron Newby will need to know as soon as possible:

1.            Your name, address and telephone number if you wish to help

2.            Roughly how often you can help (e.g.. Once in 2,4,6.... weeks)

3.            Dates you prefer and dates you are likely NOT to manage

4.            The names of people you would like to work with.