Bentham Footpath Group

Some years ago a walking group, whose Chairman is Mr. Len Moody, one of our regular Walk Leaders, was created in Bentham by an enthusiastic core of people. Recently it received a top award recognising its work towards the protection of Britain's rights of way. The group has been presented with a cheque for 1,000 after winning the 1992 Esso Community Footpath Award. Members intend to use the money to redesign and improve the standard of signposts and waymarkers in the area, and extend their work to paths around Bentham. The award, run by the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV), was given to the Bentham group for its "outstanding contribution" to the protection and improvement of Britain's footpaths. Over the last year the Group has concentrated on the refurbishment of stiles and other key features of paths in and around the town. The judges were impressed by the high standard of work carried out, and by the wide range of community support for the project. Co-operation at three levels is necessary for success between, first the statutory authority, second the land-owners and occupiers, and third the voluntary users. Bentham Footpath Group has achieved this to the highest level.

Appended is a list of proposed conservation work for 1993.

a) Saturdays (general work) 8th May Boiling Well 5th June Moulterbeck 3rd July Crow Trees 7th Aug Burton Path 18th Sept Ridding Lane etc 2nd Oct River Wenning

b) Wednesdays (stone work) 21st Apr Linghaw 12th May 16th June 15th July August 8th Sept

6th Oct

Pye Busk Ridding Lane Cross Green Lingham Mewith Greystonegill

Membership of the Group is 2.00 annually, through:

David Stubbs, Treasurer

The Grange,

Low Bentham Road,


Tel: 05242 61430