Members' Update

 North Craven 
 Heritage Trust 

In addition to the routine matters dealt with by your Committee, e.g.. programme of events, planning applications, grants etc., from time to time items arise of special interest to members, and in future these will be collated in a regular "Members' Update" in the Journal.

In some cases the items discussed will involve a change to previous arrangements, and if any member has a view on such a change, either for or against, their comments would be very much appreciated. (Please contact the Secretary, or any member of the Committee).

1.    Tickets for events: For a number of years tickets have been sold in advance for lectures, the New Year Recital, and the Christmas Party, and in addition payment at the door has been accepted.

The cost of printing the tickets last year was in excess of 100, and over the year approximately 50% of those attending events were admitted by ticket, and 50% paid at the door.

It has therefore been decided, for a trial period, to discontinue selling tickets, and all admissions will be by payment at the door:

Details of all the events for the year are printed in the Membership/Programme Card, and in addition a number of posters are displayed throughout the area 7/14 days before a particular event.

If the trial is successful, and attendances are unaffected, it is envisaged that future events will be arranged on this basis, and this will help to avoid any increase in admission charges.

2.    Bank Accounts: During the past year the Trust has transferred its main accounts from National Westminster to the Skipton Building Society.

The reason for this was that the National Westminster charges had increased significantly during the previous two years, whereas the Building Society continues to offer 'free banking' on a credit balance.

An account has been maintained at National West-

minster for the benefit of those members paying subscriptions by Banker's Order or Direct Debit.

3.    Distributors: Most local members are aware of the invaluable work which their 'distributor' does in keeping them informed of events, collecting subscriptions, and delivering a copy of the Journal. However from time to time members move home, and the following list indicates all the present 'distributors' and the areas which they cover.

Settle Station Road      Miss H. Metcalfe
Duke Street                  Mrs. P. Houlton
Kirkgate                        Mrs. B. Hyslop
Townhead                    Mrs. E. Parker
Ribble Terrace            Miss G. Willerton
The Mains                    Mrs. B. Panton
Upper Settle                  Mr. R. Bull
Ingfield                          Mr. T. Dugdale
Giggleswick                    Mr. T. Thorpe
Stackhouse                      Dr. G. Walker
Horton-in-Ribblesdale    Mrs. B. Suttie
Austwick                          Mr. C. Paley
Westhouse/Masongill      Mr. J.B. Chesterton
Long Preston                    Mrs. H. Baker
Bentham                          Mrs. D. Pickett
Langcliffe                        Mrs. N. Ellis
Burton-in-Lonsdale           Mrs. M. Humphries
Newby, Clapham, Ingleton Miss B. Capstick

4.    Donations: A donation of 500 to the Historic Churches Fund has recently been received from Miss S Green of Heathfield, Sussex. The Trust is most grateful for this donation.

5. Grants: The following grants have been made by the Trust since the last AGM:

Thornton-in-Lonsdale 100 towards essential Church maintenance work.

Settle Town Council 50 towards the cost of a survey to improve the paving in Bishopdale Court.

Ray Doughty.

Market Place, Settle.

Market Place, Settle.