Obituary: Marian Walker

Members of the North Craven Heritage Trust will have been saddened to hear of the death of Marian Walker on May 2nd 1994.

For many years Marian worked enthusiastically for the Trust. She served successively as Committee Member, Events Secretary and Membership Secretary, and only recently reduced her involvement because of her deteriorating health.

Her energy and organising abilities have been evident on many occasions during this time and have played a major part in developing the activities of the Trust. Marian and Geoff formed a most effective team, whether in distributing documents or in cajoling members into supporting Marian's enthusiasms. Without their labours the Christmas Party would never have grown into the institution it has become nor would the vigour of the Trust be apparent on so many levels.

Besides being committed to the NCHT, Marian was devoted to gardening. Both of these activities gave her a great deal of pleasure, and were happily combined in the annual gardening lectures which she arranged.

We wish to record our gratitude and appreciation for all the help and support which Marian gave in so many ways, and to extend our deepest sympathy to Geoff and her other relatives.