Chairman's Report to the North Craven Heritage Trust
Annual General Meeting 15th October 1993

I am very pleased to report that the Trust has had another successful year, and in fact has now completed 25 years since its inauguration in 1968.

Members have recently received the 1993 Journal which records the year's activities, together with a number of interesting articles, and I hope that everyone enjoyed a good read. It seems to me that this publication is now of a standard which is well worth preserving, and anyone in possession of a 'full set' in Jubilee Year (2018) will have a most interesting record of life and activities in North Craven in 'the good old days'.

I would like to thank the Editors, Mrs Amanda Hobson and Dr Maureen Ellis for the splendid publication they have produced.

As many of you will be aware Mrs Hobson has now left the area on the appointment of her husband as Headmaster of Charterhouse School, and we wish them every success and happiness.

The 1994 Journal will be edited by Dr Maureen Ellis, who will be pleased to receive any contributions from Members.

At the last AGM you will recall that I reported that we were having discussions with the North Craven Building Preservation Trust regarding the future management of the Museum in Settle, and in particular the role that the Heritage Trust might play in this activity. Unfortunately I must now report that after several meetings we were unable to agree to any form of joint co-operation and the NCBPT is now solely responsible for the management and operation of the Museum. This involves a considerable annual subsidy from NCBPT funds, and whether it remains a viable activity in the longer term is still in doubt. We wish them success in their endeavours and hope that in due course these efforts will be rewarded.

If any Heritage Trust members have any concern about items which have been loaned to the Museum for display purposes they should contact Mrs Parkinson at 6/8 Chapel Street, Settle.

I have to announce, with some regret, that Alan Bennett is unable to stand for re-election as President. Because of his many commitments he has found it increasingly difficult to attend any of our activities in recent years and feels that someone living in the area would be able to play a more active role. He has held the office of President continuously for 24 years, and his contribution during this period has undoubtedly been one of the significant factors which has enabled the Trust to develop as it has. In characteristic manner Mr Bennett has indicated that he does not wish to receive any memento from the Trust in recognition of his long years of service, and with your approval I would like to record our appreciation for his most valuable contribution over this very long period.

I am very pleased that Mr Bryan Braithwaite-Exley of Austwick has accepted an invitation to be the Committee nominee for the position of President, and subject to your approval later this evening will be appointed to that office for the year 1993-94.

Mr Braithwaite-Exley will be well known to many of you, and he has been an active member of the Trust for a number of years, as well as being very much involved in local business and community activities. We look forward to his appointment and hope that he will find it both enjoyable and rewarding.

Looking now to the future, in addition to the present range of activities, it is proposed to implement two new subcommittees with general responsibilities for:

(a)  Buildings—to include planning matters, historical aspects of the listed buildings in the area, and other related topics.

(b)  Footpaths/Rights of Way—to include planning matters affecting footpaths, bridle paths, rights of way etc., and the maintenance and retention of these facilities.

We believe that these activities will further the work of the Trust in these particular spheres, and in addition will in due course produce some very interesting material for the Journal.

Finally my thanks are due to the Officers and Committee for their hard work and enthusiasm during the past year, to Mrs Houlton for organising the programme of Sunday Walks, to Mrs Walker* and her able assistant Dr Walker for devoting so much care and effort in her role of Membership Secretary, to Mr Mitchell for arranging another splendid Summer Outing, to Mrs Parker and her team for arranging the Christmas Party, and to all the 'distributors' whose contribution is such a vital factor in the smooth operation of the Trust.

All those contributions, together with your continuing support, have made the Chairman's role particularly easy, and very enjoyable, and I think we can all look forward with interest to 1994 and beyond.

* See appreciation in this issue.

Ray Doughty.