Moths and Butterflies of the Craven Area

Michael Staniforth

Mr Michael Staniforth of Lawkland gave a fascinating talk on the subject of Moths and Butterflies of the Craven area. He is a true enthusiast for his subject with conservation, breeding, reintroduction and colonisation being his major concern. The mild winters of the past four years have helped the survival of many species in these more northern parts of the country. There have been several sightings of the Elephant Hawk Moth which was believed to be virtually extinct in Craven. The audience were encouraged to help with the natural food supply by promoting the growth of weeds, beds of nettle, thistle, willow-herb and sallow.

Tips for the amateur photographer were passed on including spraying flower heads with sugared water to prolong the butterfly's feeding and resting time and brushing the backs of the moths and butterflies with a small paint brush to encourage opening of their wings for best photography.

Norma Stephenson.