Chairman's Review

This issue of the journal is a record of our activities during 1994, together with a selection of short papers which I hope you will find of interest, and a look ahead to 1995. A programme of talks and other events was arranged during the course of the year, together with regular Sunday afternoon walks, and these were well enjoyed by the members attending. The average attendance was slightly lower than in recent years but is is hoped that the 1995 Programme will provide something of interest for all members. The venue for most of the talks during 1995 will be St Johns' Hall, Settle, now that this is once more available, and there will not be an admission charge to members or visitors.

We had hoped that the talk which had to be cancelled in February 1994 due to the very severe weather conditions, "The Roberts Family— Papermakers", could be reprogrammed in 1995, but unfortunately Mr Gavin has had to withdraw due to ill-health. I am sure that you will join me in wishing him a speedy recovery, and to convey our thanks for preparing his paper for publication in the journal.

The 1994 AGM was held at Ingleborough Hall, and was well attended—members enjoying a short tour of the Hall followed by a most interesting talk by Mrs Farrer on "The Life and Work of Reginald Farrer", which gave a vivid insight into many facets of this well known personality. We are very pleased, and I believe very privileged, to have been able to arrange for the 1995 AGM to be held at Lawkland Hall, and before it, a guided tour of the hall by Mr and Mrs Bowring, followed by a talk by Mr David Joy. It will I am sure be an evening as interesting and memorable as our visit to Ingleborough Hall last year, and I look forward to an even larger audience

In July 1994 Mr W R Mitchell organised an excellent outing to Wensleydale and we enjoyed a variety of visits as he reports in the journal. The weather on this occasion was much more seasonable than it has been some times in the past, and I trust that similar conditions will prevail in 1995 when the proposal is to explore lesser known corners of Wensleydale. We are very fortunate to be able to share Bill's exceptional knowledge and enthusiasm for the Dales on these occasions, and are most grateful for his continuing support.

Finally my thanks are due to the President, Officers, and Committee for their support and hard work during the year, to Mrs Houlton for organising the programme of Sunday Walks, to Mrs Parker and her team for arranging the Xmas Party, and to all the "distributors" whose contribution is so important.

Ray Doughty.