OBITUARY —Michael Sykes

Michael Sykes, who died suddenly on July 1st, was a staunch supporter of NCHT—at first from a distance when he and Jill were still living in Leeds but escaping as often as they could to Austwick to take their part in Heritage and all manner of other Craven activities. Walks led by the Sykeses were sure to be stimulating and informative as well as enjoyable, even if they were in the teeth of a blizzard.

Latterly Michael has been a member of the NCHT committee, and he and Jill have taken on the job of looking after North Craven in vetting Planning Proposals. They have built up this part of the Committee's work in a most positive way—Michael had a realistic view of what is in the best interest of Craven: not just looking to preservation of the past but looking to the future welfare of our area in all respects—economic, agricultural and industrial as well as aesthetic, and with the hope of maintaining a living community in the Dales.

This humane outlook was only to be expected in one who was an active member of the Quaker communities in Leeds and in Settle. It was apparent in all the advice and suggestions he made to the Trust.

Our sympathy goes to Jill and to all their family, who will sadly miss the close contact they had with Michael, and we record our gratitude to him for his contributions to the work of the Trust, and for allowing us to feel that we were all his valued friends.