Maureen Ellis

Once again a wide variety of articles are presented. The past journals have provided jolts of memory on occasions and one article has generated another on a tangential subject. Michael Fell, Keasden farmer has asked, in connection with Philip Rimmington's article last year if anyone has a photograph of Hawkshead plantation, an oak wood cut down at least thirty years ago.

If a reader has a good idea about some subject matter but isn't confident enough to assemble it into a full article, the editor would always be willing to help, as would several members of the committee. Copyright for the articles always remains with the author. You might like to know that as we have an ISSN number copies are stored nationally.

This year's cover is by Miss Miller who lived in Settle, later moving to Somerset. She has paintings in the Yorkshire museum in York. The article on Norman Frankland is connected because he and his circle commissioned a series of paintings from her. His diaries are likely to provide a rich source of material for articles in future journals.

A great deal of interest is being shown in Dr Elizabeth Margaret Buckle's work and Phyllis Houlton, now one of the Trust's Vice Chairpersons, has written further to the obituary last year to say that Mr Gwyn Richards, former Radio 4 producer and TV presenter, who was at the funeral played the audio tape 'Remembered Light' where Margaret Buckle reads her own poems.

We are always looking for suitable 'illustrations' in black and white, particularly long narrow ones to fit in at the end of articles. Appropriate photographs are always welcome.

Enjoy your journal.