Kirkby Malham and Hanlith

15th July 1997

Leader - Pam Syme

Meeting place - Kirkby Malham

About thirty members gathered at the church of St Michael the Archangel in Kirkby Malham eager to ascertain local history news from this delightful area. Our guides for the evening were Pam Syme the secretary of the Malham Dale Local History Group, and another member of the committee.

The Church yielded much interesting information, and is the local Parish Church of the Dale. After a full and detailed tour, we walked through the village to the hamlet of Hanlith, being shown many old buildings and sites of former houses. We completed our visit to the district by walking up to Scalegill Mill to view the interesting old building, which in former times was one of the busiest parts of the dale, and also one of the largest employers. It has now been tastefully converted to holiday flats, but still retains much of its former glory, and is situated in an idyllic setting.

Many stayed behind after the walk for further discussion at the "Victoria Inn", and our thanks are due to the Malham Dale Local History Group, and in particular Pam Syme for giving us all such an interesting evening.

Roy Gudgeon