Miss Brenda Capstick

In March the Trust lost a most knowledgeable and valued member. Miss Capstick joined the Trust in the early 80s and was a committee member and previous Chairman. The Trust's Sunday walks in the Ingleton area where she was the organiser were an occasion not to be missed because of her deep knowledge of Ingleton and its surrounds.

She was the grand daughter of William Capstick who was a shopkeeper and photographer in Ingleton. He worked in the village colliery but moved to the North east when it closed. She was educated locally at Casterton School and from there went to do a History degree at St. Hilda's college, Oxford. It was here she began her work in archaeology. Her love for it took her to work at the London Museums Association for eighteen years for which she was appointed an honorary Fellow. She left to come and live in Ingleton, where generations of Capsticks had lived before her. From home she worked part-time as Inspector of Ancient Monuments for English Heritage, specialising in fieldwork.

Brenda was also very active in village affairs and was on the Ingleborough Arts Council Committee, as well as being the joint secretary of the Ingleton Swimming association and a founder member of the Ingleborough Archaeology Group.

In addition to her passion for the past, she was concerned for the future and was a member of Ingleton 2000, the village rejuvenation committee.

           Brian Braithwaite-Exley