Maureen Ellis

The 1999 Journal brings an abundance of articles on diverse topics as well as important records of past activities. Most often the leaders write the reports of walks which can give ideas to others for outings. Sometimes writers have a dilemma about publicly disclosing what is more appropriately kept private about matters of heritage. In the case of natural history Elizabeth Shorrock can always be consulted.

This years robust cover is by Bentham artist Gill Barron, who has written an explanatory note for the journal.

The article, Wayside Features Recording Project will give anyone an opportunity to participate in the project and there are details of a meeting to discuss this at the end of the article.

As always many unacknowledged people have contributed in all sorts of ways to this journal by sending interesting snippets of information, borrowing and taking photographs and drawing my attention to important events. These give variety and breadth to the text and quality and interest to the illustrations. All this has helped to bring another attractive and substantial journal onto your doorstep.