Maureen Ellis

As the articles submitted for publication arrive there is the privilege and excitement of scrutinising them and following the drift of the authors debate and also the personal contact which often accompanies the process of publication.

The main articles are varied. Harold Foxcroft's informative account of the need for more burial space, has brought out the human drama and personalities of some of the buried and some of the buriers. David S. Johnsonís carefully researched article on Nether Lodge records the hard data of past land transactions and within them the ebb and flow of history. North Craven has always been an area for strong walkers and some of them have also been pastors: Jim Nelson draws out some of the characteristics of the Reverend Brown in his article. The archaeology of Mill Dam has fascinated Brian Smith since he bought Miller's Green and his article demonstrates how an evening course can give rise to interesting and important research. In my article on Norman Adams Iíve tried to sketch out the life of the man behind his paintings and his wife Anna has contributed two complementary poems. The Hoffman Kiln is of national importance and Robert White has given a welcome update of the present situation.

Quietly behind the scenes John Chapman imaginatively organises the walks, with his platoon of leaders. He also gently reminds them their task is not finished until they have written an account for the journal. Ordnance Survey copyright does not permit free reproduction of their maps which is why the routes are not also reproduced in map form.

Diana Kaneps has once again generously agreed to the reproduction of some of her drawings, which are a welcome adornment to the journal.

This year a letter page has been started, in order to encourage additional information relating to previous articles, or even to give an additional perspective. Good quality photos are always welcome and they can be masked without damage to bring out a particular feature. It is helpful if the caption is written on the reverse in indelible pen.