Dunsop Bridge

12 April 2000

Leader Clive Bell

Meeting Place Dunsop Bridge

We left Dunsop Bridge, proclaimed by the Ordnance Survey as the point nearest the centre of the British Isles and walked along the Hodder to Burholme which was established in the 14th century. The present farmhouse incorporates two early 17th century buildings and has a barn bearing the date '1619.' The crossing of the moor to Giddy Bridge has lost a lot of the sense of adventure since stone pillars were erected along the route a few years ago. They have weathered in rather well and now look quite ancient.

Beyond Giddy stands Foulscales, a fine example of vernacular architecture. Originally an early 16th century fortified house, it appears to have been altered in the 17th century to provide further living accommodation on the ground floor. Intriguing to young and old alike is the medieval latrine supported on corbels on the west end of the house.

The return route along the permissive path, within sight of the Hodder, took us close to Knowlmere Manor, an imposing house built in the Victorian era, now owned by the Peel family related, I believe, to Sir Robert Peel of 'bobby' fame. C.B.