Scosthrop Moor Barn

Diana Kaneps

This beautiful barn was built by a local man, Thomas Pattinson, in 1861. It is now unused, but retains all its old stalls and original features.

The stonework has to be seen to be believed, each stone being hand cut and fitting together, reminiscent of 'Inca' style. The placing of the stones, forming the slit openings is beautiful, particularly on the inside, and such workmanship is rare. The building is on the roadside, over the tops from Settle to Kirkby Malham.



Thomas Pattinson also bought Skellands Farm, ('skell' meaning well or spring) and began to build the present farmhouse in 1874. This house has the same standard of stonework. The house has a well in the cellar, and an attic with windows in the ends of the house, for the housemaids. Building Skellands to such a high standard necessitated Thomas selling more and more land, until he became bankrupt.

The original farmhouse was a traditional long house, with the barn attached. This is where Captain King was born, who was the Astronomer on some of Captain Cook's voyages and was therefore possibly the first white man to see Australia, through his telescope.

This information was given by Peter Sharp from Malham, who was born in Skellands Farmhouse.