Mildred Slater

In April 2001 it was with shock and great sadness that we heard of the sudden and tragic death in a road accident of Mrs Mildred Slater (nee Lamb) who was born in Bentham.

Mildred was one of the original six leaders of Sunday walks for the NCHT. They always had a theme such as geology, botany, architecture, etc., and took place in various parts of North Craven.

Up to her death she was a very active octogenarian and a Churchwarden at Thornton in Lonsdale Church.

In the 1930s she was a scholarship girl from Bentham, attending Settle Girls' High School. The small group of girls from Bentham walked the mile or more to Bentham Railway Station, travelled by train to Giggleswick Station and walked another mile to SGHS, where they undertook a full school day including games and after school sports activities before their return home, their return trip to school taking up to 4 extra miles walking

Mildred became Head Girl in 1937, leaving to go to London University where she gained a B.Sc., later teaching Science subjects until her marriage to George Slater, who later became an Inspector of Police in the West Riding. They had three daughters, and one son who became an architect in Swaziland. George and Mildred retired to Thornton in Lonsdale in the 1980s, and indulged their interest in antique furniture and its restoration until George died. Mildred retained her interest in Thornton in Lonsdale, but returned to live in Bentham.

After George's death Mildred made several interesting trips abroad, one of her last being to the rapidly changing Galapagos Islands to see the Giant Turtles before it was too late.

Mildred's funeral, which was very well attended, was at Thornton in Lonsdale Church on April 19th 2001. She is very sadly missed.

P Houlton