Where our money comes from ... where our money goes

Michael Southwortb

Our editor has asked me to write a short article on money! My response to this has been to do a simplified analysis of our receipts and outgoings over the past two years and to show them in pie chart format.

I have broken down each of the headings of "receipts" and "outgoings" into three simple categories. On the receipts side we have subscriptions (which also includes tax refunds and grants), events (eg. The Christmas Party) and bank interest. On the outgoings side we have the journal, administration (which includes a miscellaneous collection of items, such as insurance, membership cards, cost of lectures etc.) and an item I have called Heritage. In Heritage I have included anything we donate to heritage work.

The Pie Charts speak for themselves, or perhaps they raise more questions than they answer. 1 will leave you to decide for yourselves, but I will just make two simple observations:

  The great majority of our income comes from your subscriptions

  If you count the Journal as a worthwhile "heritage" publication in its own right, to be filed for posterity. 87% of our outgoings in 2001 was invested in 'heritage1!