Maureen Ellis and Harold Foxcroft

The contents of the 2003 journal speak for themselves on the back cover. The articles range from the scholarly article on the Cans in Langcliffe, through to the article about Giggleswick Limeworks, giving one of the popular accounts of jobs that no longer exist. There are also important reports of outings organised by Trust members. What interests an author is highly personal and the various articles reflect this. Who would have known the origin of the Sweet Lass of Richmond Hill until they read The Gay Day in Yoredale, and the idea of an article on Cattle Creeps was triggered by a happy chance conversation.

Heritage connotes the past, but this Journal aims to stand side by side with journals of the highest contemporary standard. Articles are usually submitted to the editors on paper who then ask for a floppy disc of the text. The editing and collating process then begins. Our aim is not to produce camera ready copy, as the expertise of professional printers, particularly in layout, is beyond our skills.

Although the material we are dealing with is historical, we aim to produce a modern journal which is attractive to look at, accessible and meat)'. The granting of an ISSN number imposes a requirement each year for copies to be sent to the libraries of five universities and one to the legal department of the British Library. We are standing up to be counted and as editors we have a duty to keep abreast of modern writing practices. There have been changes of style particularly in the use of punctuation associated with use of computers. If we arc to taken seriously as a publication we must use modern notation and this is why authors may find some changes to their original submissions. While personal writing style needs preserving, an overall consistency in form and headings is vital. Much debate has taken place within the publication committee about the accounts of walks, outings and other events. While it is true that a record of the state of the weather and number of people attending is a dated record for posterity, it is not in line with the constitutional aims of the Trust.

The idea for the page footings this year on the wonderful gateposts that adorn the countryside came from Jill Sykes. The photographs are Jill's and the three related drawings are Diana Kaneps. If anyone has a story to tell that would adapt pictorially for footings, or a series of related objects that they think would be suitable for a future year, please bear the journal in mind.

The cover aims to be a feast for the eye, as well as relevant to the Trust's aims. Diana Kaneps has provided us once again with a colourful and relevant painting.

The journal is subsidised by its advertisements and thanks are due to Roy Gudgeon for collecting these.

Finally we welcome comments, amendments and opinions which can always be sent to the editors, the Chairman of the Publications Committee or as letters for next year's journal.

North Craven Heritage Trust

which is a registered charity No. 504029