From the Chairman:

 North Craven 
 Heritage Trust 

Dr. Sylvia Harrop,

The Fold Farmhouse, Austwick LA2 8BN

015242 51257

I am taking the rather unusual step of writing to all members in the hope of finding someone who is able and willing to take on the post of Secretary to the Trust. Sadly, our new Secretary, Jean Lavelle, has had to resign from her post and from the Committee for personal reasons. No-one currently on the Committee is able to take over from Jean, so it was agreed at the last Committee Meeting that this appeal should go to all members through the Journal.

We need someone immediately, to take us through to the AGM at least. It is necessary that the person should be computer literate, since all our data is now stored on computer and we use e-mail for communication between committee members where possible. For most of the year the job is not particularly onerous, but it is essential to the smooth working of the Trust.

If you feel that you can help and would like to become part of the running of the Trust, please ring me on the number at the head of this letter to discuss the matter. I shall be glad to ' hear from you.

Yours sincerely,

Sylvia Harrop.

By the Airton to Malham road. A gate post with its top broken off. Perhaps it had a higher hole as well - for 2 poles across. It was for cattle as it was too high for sheep. The signpost says Scosthrop 1/4.
Photo: Jill Sykes