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In the recently published 'Images of Dales Life in the 1930s' , excerpts from the diaries of Norman Frankland, there is a list of some old time dances of Craven. In the 19th edition of 'Six Dances of the Yorkshire Dales' collected and described by Leta M. Douglas (of Giggleswick) and pianoforte arrangement by Miss H. Milvain published in 1931 there is the score and description for the dance 'Brass Nuts' mentioned by Frankland.

Brass Nuts.


Longways for as many as will. Duple Minor Set.

A.1. 1-4 1st couple change places giving right hands and change back left hands, continuing round until

5-8 1st man can give right hand to 2nd woman and 1st woman right hand to 2nd man forming a line, the two women facing down and two men facing up. In this position they all step and hop on the foot nearest to the women's wall, swinging the other foot across. Repeat this on the other foot. All this again.

A.2. 1-8 Contrary partners swing. (Polka step.)

B. 1-2 1st man on left of his partner leads her down the middle.

3-8 1st couple turn inwards keeping right hands, and lead back; 1st man passes his partner in front of him, and both cast round the second couple, who move up (progressive).

C. 1- Partners swing (Polka step).

This dance was proposed for inclusion in the collection by Mr Phineas Harrison and Mr Tom Robinson (the local clogger) of Rathmell and other inhabitants of the village.

Courtesy Elizabeth Shorrock and Mr Alan Butterfield of Cross Hills who owns the book.

Brass Nuts

Brass Nuts