Cover picture

Norma A. Stephenson
 North Craven 
 Heritage Trust 

The cover picture was painted by Norma A. Stephenson.

Norma was born in Hawick and brought up in Sheffield where she attended the College of Art. For the past 15 years she has successfully organised painting courses at her home in Keasden. She began painting seriously again in 2001 after many years as an enthusiast inspired by John Blockley.

In 2002, 03 and 04 she exhibited in London at the PS Exhibition and the RI Exhibition at the Mall Gallery, and the RWS at the Bankside. On two occasions she has been a prize winner.

Examples of her work were included in "An introduction to drawing flowers" by Margaret Stevens. The Walker Galleries of Harrogate currently show her work.

Keasden Field Patterns

Keasden Field Patterns