1 February 2004
Leader - Carol Crellin

The intended walk for the first outing of 2004 was a circular route from Burton-in-Lonsdale to the Low and High Benthams and return, using old established footpaths. But unfortunately the two weeks prior to the event were wet (very wet!), making field walking impossible, so a change of plan to road-walking was made, the new route being the one locally known as the Square Mile (actually 3 miles).

Starting from the bridge over the River Greta in Burton we walked in a southerly direction past Greta House up to Four Lane Ends Road, a ridge road which on a clear day gives superb views of Ingleborough, and then back down into the Greta valley via Burton Moor Road and Skipton Gate. My thanks to the seven members who turned up on the day and whose knowledgeable historical commentaries along the route distracted our attention from the uncomfortable weather conditions (for those who asked about coal mining in Ingleton see NCHT Journal 1993). Hopefully the original walk will take place sometime in the future.